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What are the Teachings and Doctrines of BUDDHISM?

According to legend Buddha was born out of the side of his mother. His name at birth was Siddhartha and he was raised in a very rich home. Some wise men or seers of the day said to his parents “He is the Chosen One and he is never to leave the palace.” His parents do as they are told and he never sees pain, sickness, or death around him.

He is married at age 16. Later on at age 29 he finally gets to go outside and see the real world. As a result he sees a sick person for the first time and it affects him a lot. He also sees a real old fragile man and a dead man. Seeing these sufferings so affects him that he leaves his wife to go out and find a cure for all the suffering in the real world.

Siddhartha decides to live with 5 ascetics in the woods.The legend says–He does 6 years of fasting eating nothing but seeds which fall in his lap once in a while. He sits under a fig tree for 49 days waiting for an answer. At 35 years old he becomes the Buddha (or ‘Awakened One’). He wanders around different places for 45 years and gets all his knowledge doing so and then teaches his knowledge and wisdom to many. He dies at 80 years of age. Before he dies his teachings are written down.

The 4 Noble Truths he discovers were-– #1 Life is Suffering. #2 Craving or Lusting will cause Suffering. #3 We can escape Suffering. #4 The Noble 8 Fold Path is how we escape Suffering.

The Noble 8 Fold Path is- Right View, Right Intent, Right Speech, Right Action which is don’t harm living creatures, don’t steal, no sexual misconduct, no lying or harming people with words, don’t take intoxicating substances, Right Livelihood get an honest job not a criminal one, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness live in the moment, Right Concentration such as focus on a rock or cat etc. How groovy.

–Buddhists believe if a person exterminates all wants and desires then they are in a Nirvana state. There are over 490 million Buddhists and over 90% of them are in Asian countries. –The old original Buddhist teachings are only monks can achieve Nirvana, but in the newer Buddhist version called ZEN–adherents believe anyone can achieve Nirvana in this life.

–Buddhists believe by doing all their meditations and chanting that they will be reincarnated to a higher level and then to Nirvana which is their idea of what heaven is. They say all people eventually make it to higher levels of consciousness and eventually nirvana through many Reincarnations and that there is no eternal punishment in hell.

Jesus Christ said he was the only Path to real spiritual enlightenment and eternal fellowship with God in Heaven. Jesus said“I am the way, the truth, and the life, no person can come to Father God without me.” What do you think: “Is Buddhism the way to Heaven or is Jesus Christ?

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