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What are the Teachings and Doctrines of ISLAM & MUSLIMS?

Islam means obedience to Allah. Muslim means someone who obeys Allah.

Mohammad who was the founder of Islam was born in Mecca around 570 AD. He became a merchant and after a while he notices 360 idols at the temple that people made sacrifices to. Around 610 AD he goes to sleep in a cave. He prays to Allah (which means God in Arabic). The angel Gabriel appears to him and says that your God made man from a drop of blood. He is told by the angel Gabriel to get on the back of the winged horse (called Buraq) in Mecca and so he does and from there he flies up to where the dome of the rock is nowadays in Jerusalem.

He then goes to the 7th heaven and is told to pray 50 times a day by Allah. Then he goes down to the 5th heaven and meets Moses who tells him to ask Allah to pray 45 times a day. He then goes back up to the 7th heaven and gets his request and then constantly goes back and forth to Moses and Allah and finally 5 times a day prayer is accepted for any follower of Islam. After that time in the heavens he goes on the winged horse back to Mecca and to the temple with 10,000 men and they smash all the idols.

Muslims believe–Muhammad was a Prophet just like the Israel prophets of old, but he is the greatest one and is even greater than Jesus Christ(This proves they are insane.) Muslims believe–The Bible has been corrupted. Islam is the final religion.

Muhammad wrote the Quran from 610-632 AD. He dies in 632 and his friends publish it in 635.

The 5 Pillars of Islam:

1—No god except Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

2—Must pray 5 daily prayers towards Mecca.

3—Give to yearly charity.

4– Must do fasting the month of Ramadan.

5—Must go to Mecca and perform the pilgrimage once in your lifetime.

1st question Allah asks at Judgment. Did you pray 5 times a day and mean it?

There are over 2 billion Muslims in the world and Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion.

As you can see Muslims insist their religion and holy book is the only way to God. Whereas Christians believe that there is only Salvation through Jesus Christ to be right with God and go to heaven. Jesus Christ said : “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, No Person comes to Father God without me.”

What do you believe: Are there many ways to God? Or is Jesus Christ the only way to God and eternal life?

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