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Additional Books by William Charnow for Free are: “The Shroud of Turin–is it real or fake?”
“The Glories of Heaven & The Horrors of Hell Talk Show.” “Medical Health Talk Show”. “Economic Avalanche Talk Show”. “Happiness or Depression Is it a Choice.” “Phony Cults, Gospels, and Doctrines.” “Health Talk Show”

— All Books are by William Charnow and are Free to anyone at the Website godsdigitalbible.com

The “The Shroud of Turin–is it real or fake?” booklet is about whether the Shroud of Turin is for real. Compelling

scientific evidence is given. A page turner and eye-opener.
“The Glories of Heaven & The Horrors of Hell Talk Show.” is a fictional Talk Show where Reverend Loose Cannons and Pastor Lukewarm disagree with each other on every topic discussed? Very Informative and funny at times.

Medical Health Talk Show”–discusses all kinds of topics from Cancers, diabetes, drugs, doctors, etc. and how to get Healed without medical help. Sparks fly between guest panelist in this fast-paced super informative book.

“Economic Avalanche Talk Show“–is a very informative fast-paced booklet about the coming Economic downfall of the USA. It features Average Middle Class persons versus Richie Rich Individuals and Banks. Funny at times.

“The Health Talk Show”–is the World’s most complete Losing Weight and how to keep it off book. Lively, and funny at times. Very informative and full of funny real life stories.

and it has everything to help the reader get in great shape for their age.

Happiness or Depression–is a small little Booklet that guarantees the Happiness that lasts and how to avoid Depression.

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