Is It Once Saved Always Saved? Or Whoever Endures Faithfully After Salvation Is Saved?  

 This— FREE Digital Book–“OSAS Talk Show Debate” book is a made-up Talk Show that discusses the above topics which are the most asked questions on any Christian Talk Shows. Since 90% or more of all Christians believe in OSAS (Once Saved, Always Saved) we will have 3 people on the Talk Show panel: Pastor Eternal Security, Pastor Never Repent, Reverend Karma Universe who always disagrees with Reverend Loose Cannons because he is against OSAS. After Reverend Loose Cannons finishes speaking the rest of the panel verbally beats up on him because they despise him.  

On this very lively Talk Show: Sparks fly as–The deck is purposely stacked against Reverend Loose Cannons to reflect how most people who call themselves Believers or Christians feel about anyone who disagree with their OSAS feelings and/or Universalism Salvation beliefs. The author of this book–William Charnow–takes no personal sides with any of these made up created talk show people. I have done massive exhaustive research over the years on these different biblical views and the Reader can decide for themselves who they want to believe or disbelieve. 

 Anyone can get  This— FREE Digital Book–“OSAS Talk Show Debate” book at