The Shroud of Turin–to scientists, skeptics, and the news media is the World’s Biggest Mystery and it is the most examined artifact, or thing ever. To Christians who have thoroughly researched the evidence for and against the Shroud of Turin the overwhelming evidence clearly shows it was the Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ. The 14′ 3” x 3′ 7” cloth when first photographed in 1898 didn’t show any image. However, when a Negative of the photo taken–was developed it showed the outline of a man embedded on the cloth. 

Science can’t explain how the Image was made. Even lab-induced radiation, and electro magnetic imaging–can’t duplicate the Shroud. Putting some kind of image on a cloth in an oven doesn’t work. Thousands of humans have tried to duplicate it–but to no avail.  

Christian research scientists conclude it would take several billion watts of energy to create the burial cloth Image–And do it in a billionth of a second’s time. It’s amazing the Shroud cloth–didn’t catch fire or be vaporized by this intense powerful light. When Jesus Christ was raised from the dead the intense powerful x-ray or radiation came from the power emitted from the Eternal Life in Jesus’s new Resurrected body.

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