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This Free Digital Booklet–is About a Fictional Talk Show. It features–Reverend Loose Cannons and 

–Pastor Lukewarm who disagree on every single Topic discussed.  

Topics debated are:  What people Believe about Heaven.   Who is the Least and Greatest in Heaven?   Who are Overcomers, and what are their special Rewards?   What do God and Jesus look like in Heaven?   Are Near Death people’s Trips to Heaven real or bunk?   Is Heaven an actual Real Place?   Is Hell a myth or an actual place?   What is Hell Like?   The Parable of the Talents. What will the End of the World be like?   5 Foolish Virgins Parable.   Descriptions of Heaven.   What is the Final Judgment in Heaven?   What did Jesus Christ say about Heaven, and Hell? 

The reader can learn a lot, and get some chuckles from some of Pastor Lukewarm’s comments.  

Read or get “The HORRORS OF HELL & THE GLORIES OF Heaven TALK SHOW” at godsdigitalbible.com

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