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The Health Talk Show is a Fictional Talk Show with the very knowledgeable and entertaining Bob the Bodybuilder. He shares a lot of interesting and even funny at times stories. I believe anyone who reads this book through and absorbs all the nutrition, diet, exercise, and motivational information—will be able to never get fat, obese, or out of shape if they really don’t want to. All the ammunition and more so than any book around is here for the reader to be healthy, and stay that way–the rest of their lives on planet earth. 

Topics are discussed at an upbeat pace. Some of the Topics are:–What is the general Health of Americans today? Why are so many kids and teenagers overweight? Why is Fast Food Eating causing overeating? Is Eating Movie Foods good for you? Why do people Overeat? Women and Men’s favorite comfort foods. Spiritual Inventory is needed to keep weight off. Every kind of Diet is evaluated. Most all the Ingredients and Foods available are analyzed for calories, nutrition, fat content, sodium, sugars, etc. Lots of eating and dieting strategies, with psychology. How to overcome sugar addiction and sweets. Any and every Exercising Tips for the gym or at home are given. Walking and Running Tips. Anorexia and Bulimia causes and cures. Alcohol Drinking tips. Hangover Cures. Lots of powerful—Motivational Sayings to achieve and keep your Fitness/Weight Goals.

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