Jesus Christ said that a person should consider the COST of following Him. He said “Anyone who comes to Me must hate by comparison any of the following: their father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, grand kids, dog, cat, pet, and their own life.” Luke: 14:26-27.

Jesus said “Whoever does Not Forsake or give up All they have for my sake and the gospel’s they Cannot be my disciple/follower.” Luke 14:33.

He once told a very wealthy righteous man that he had to sell all that he had and give it to the poor before he could follow him. Jesus said no one should try to build a house or tower without first finding out if they have the manpower, funds, materials, and time to get it finished. And in the same manner Christ wants a person who would like to Follow Him to know what that Cost or journey really is. He said no king should go to war without first finding out if he has the troops, weapons, etc. to win otherwise he is better trying to get a peace treaty signed. Luke 12:28-33.

—Many Christians say-Once you are saved you can never Lose your Salvation. That nobody can take you out from the hands of Jesus. I tell them you say—it’s Okay for you to do sexual sins, lying, or stealing and Not Repenting or Stopping from doing them–And that if you died right now you would go to Heaven because you are Eternally Sealed.

But I say–I am not going to do lying, stealing, or sexual sins and take the chance of going to Hell and missing Heaven. So, if you are right and I am wrong then let’s say you become either a liar, thief, or doing sexual sins and then die you still go to heaven and so do I.

However, if I am right about eternal consequences for willfully doing unrepentant sinning: I still make it to heaven but you would go to hell or outer darkness.– So, I am not going to take a chance by Not Repenting/and keep sinning and end up in hell. Jesus said: “Except a person Abides in me, they will wither and Die.” John 15:6

In Revelation 3:11 Jesus says “Hold tightly to what you have that nobody steals—your Crown/of Righteousness that you have coming.”

“The wages of anyone’s Sins is death and eternal separation from God, but the Gift of God is Eternal Life.” Romans 6:23 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son as a Sacrifice for everyone’s sins”. John 3:16

But it does a person no good unless they get it right with God through Christ. –Everyone has a Free Will to draw close to God through Jesus Christ or go away from God and do their own thing without him. When they reject God’s extended Love offered to them and they die there is no purgatory and they don’t get another chance to be with God forever.

The REWARDS God has for those that Love Him and Overcome—their flesh, the things of the world, and the devil are mind boggling.–Some of the REWARDS for those that Overcome are: A new Name. Inherit all things. Ruler over all that God has. Have a Throne next to Jesus’s. White Robes. The Crown of Life. Eat of the Tree of Life. Get Hidden Manna. Have Rule and Power over the nations. Revelation Chapters 2 & 3.

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