By William Charnow and

We often hear someone say or in an article it is written “Such and such a person is worth this or that amount of money”. Some people have an estate of $1,000.000 so people say they are worth a million dollars. Some people are homeless and have an estate of $150 so people say they are worth one hundred and fifty dollars.

Kind of sad to think that is how so many are said to think towards another person. But when a person worth a million dollars or one hundred fifty dollars Dies–what are they worth?

Jesus Christ said “What shall it profit a person if they gain the whole world and Lose their Soul?” According to Jesus a Person’s Soul is worth more—than all the money and possessions in the entire world–

If a person Dies such as Atheist billionaires like Steve Jobs and Paul Allen–and they go to Hell how much are they worth now? If a person dies who didn’t have much money or possessions but they were a born again Christian and went to Heaven for eternity. How much is a Christian person such as this worth now?

—-How much is Your Life—-Worth to you?—

Ever wonder: What it would be like to have millions or billions of dollars to spend? What it would be like to be a king or queen of a rich country or nation and everybody does whatever you tell them to do? You can have all the money, possessions, sex, massages, foods, alcohol, drugs, and people to do your every wish anytime you want? Sounds good?

This is what most people want and/or fantasize about. So many people had and/or have great earthly riches, possessions, and popularity but— they have No Peace of mind or spirit. A person can have Peace of mind and spirit all the time by getting their Sins Forgiven, and know without any doubt whatsoever when they die they are going to Heaven forever. A Christian can have Peace of Mind and Spirit by keeping their Mind on God, Jesus, and the Word of God in the Bible and having Faith and Trust completely therein.

–There was a King named Solomon who had the most wisdom, riches, servants, gold, silver, wives, and mistresses of anyone. He indulged himself in partying all the time and building a great city for decades. Anything he wanted to do he did it, Ecclesiastes 1:10. Every pleasure or lust he did it.

Solomon said–“All my works and indulgences in the end were a Vapor, worthless, and gasping for the wind.” Ecclesiastes 1:11. “There is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9.

James 4:14 Your life is a Vapor that appears for a little while then vanishes away. Our lives on earth compared to an Eternity living with God Forever is like the steam coming from a factory pipe that appears and then disappears into the air. Yet in this time on earth we can either accept or reject Jesus Christ.

Jesus was either a liar and crazy person or—everything he said and did in the Bible is True? There is no middle ground. Every person has a Free Will and they can go to God and Jesus Christ or they can go away from them.

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