Back in the ancient world there was a nation called Babylon that was the superpower of it’s day and reigned over the known world. So great was this city that the term Babylon is used centuries later still as a term for greatness, wealth, and wickedness, and also for a great rich powerful city or country such as is found in Revelation 17 and 18.

The old Hanging Gardens of Babylon was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.–Babylon was so rich in gold and silver that it was called the Golden Empire.

Nebuchadnezzar was a King in Babylon and he was so arrogant and proud that he had made a custom designed Idol of himself constructed of gold and built 90 feet high.–This idol image was erected in a large desert clearing and when special music was played everybody had to bow down to the ground to this golden image. If you didn’t bow down you were cast into a fiery furnace.

3 people didn’t bow down and were thrown in the fiery furnace and by God’s protection survived unharmed. Then a decree was made throughout the kingdom by the humbled King that whoever didn’t honor God would be punished.

–The king humbled himself for a while but then one night he had a dream and it troubled him. A man of God named Daniel interpreted his symbolic tree dream. Daniel basically said the dream’s interpretation is—-“That you exalt yourself too much and don’t give God the credit or thanks for exalting and prospering your kingdom.” (Sounds just like America is).

–So, not long afterwards –Nebuchadnezzar is looking out over all the Kingdom of Babylon and says to himself —“All this by myself and my might has made me the mighty King of Babylon the great.” Immediately God makes his heart like a wild animal and he eats the grasses of the fields and sleeps outside with wild beasts and animals and endures the elements.

Finally, after God made him stay 7 years in this condition and predicament. He Repents and God restores him back as the Ruler of Babylon again. He then Humbles Himself by saying to all the peoples “I know that God reigns on high and He gives kingdoms to whoever He wants to, and those that exalt themselves He is able to remove them.” Daniel 4:34-36. This is a good warning the USA should heed but unfortunately it doesn’t!

–After Nebuchadnezzar died a new King named Belchezar ruled Babylon. Belchezar had a great feast where he had over 1,000 of all the rich and famous people in the kingdom of Babylon attend. It was a drunken, glutton, sex orgy feast. Most everybody got drunk including the king. Everybody was laughing and having a good time.

Then out of nowhere a hand appeared and wrote something on the wall and the king and his guests got real serious and scared of the handwriting on the wall. Daniel was called in and he told the King–“That he had been weighed in the balances by God and found wanting” (rebelling against God etc.) and “That the Kingdom has been taken from you and given to another.” ——That night in a Sneak Attack and the next day the Meades and Persians with a massive army invaded and killed the king and took over the empire. Daniel 5:25-30.

—–Unless the USA Repents to God it can be destroyed–just like Ancient Babylon the Great.

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