When it started out as a new nation America was founded on a belief in God as the supreme sovereign Creator of the universe, the earth and every living thing. Most people believed the Biblical account of Creation in 6 literal 24 hour days that God made everything on the earth. This can be proven by Simple Logic that if you take any living thing on the earth for it to come into being it had to be made the way it is all at once. For instance a bird had to know how to fly, make a nest, find a mate, and find food. It could have never evolved over thousands or millions of years learning to fly with partial wings that were evolving.—

At the same time a bird was created there had to be good clean air in the sky, the sun had to be perfectly created and held out in space to shine warmth and light on the earth, water had to be pure for the bird to be able to drink it, and food or plant sources the bird used for making a nest with and eating had to be good and not poisonous. Both a male and female bird had to be made at the same time originally the way they are nowadays, or they could never mate and have eggs that hatch out new baby birds cloned or created just like them. This same simple logic can be done with all living things such as any plants and trees.

——Evolution was taught only in a few public universities and schools until 1968 when it was allowed to be taught in all public schools and colleges. Nowadays Creationism is forbidden in all public colleges and schools.—–Evolution has become the #1 Religion in America—-and is taught in all public schools and colleges as a fact/and not as a Theory.

I have read and researched hundreds of books and articles about Evolution over the years and I find No Proof for it. I believe that in a 6 day Creation of literal 24 hour days God created the heavens and the earth. I have debated different people over the years about evolution Is it true? Or is Creationism the truth? I give all the facts about the universe, the earth, atoms, DNA, and the human body etc. and how it is Impossible that they all just evolved over time. And the atheist or believer in evolution will say to me I am wrong. No matter what proof I give for Creationism they don’t accept it. Then I disapprove all their Evolutionary Theories they talked to me about and they still say I am wrong.

Romans 1:28 says all of God’s Creationism can clearly be seen and displayed everywhere.— God holds anyone Guilty who believes in Evolution because they are calling him (God) a liar.

–Atheist/evolutionary scientists believe: There is No God, heaven, or hell. These are imaginations of weak people that are way too superstitious. Evolution is believed by most all scientists and academic people and they say: Only ignorant stupid people believe in that crazy Bible Creationism lies. They say–Evolution is a fact and is supported by all the scientific evidence and fossil records etc. Heaven is pie in the sky and Hell is made up to try and scare people. When anyone dies that’s it they are dead and gone, end of story.

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