The story of Samson in the Bible and the destruction of the Philistines elite ruling government have uncanny parallels to the USA. Samson was chosen by God to be a judge and deliverer for Israel from birth. He was told to Not drink any wine, and Not fellowship with the heathen nations or peoples. He was strictly warned that if his Hair was ever Cut -Off —he would lose his great physical strength.

God had given Samson supernatural physical strength so much so that he killed over 1.000 philistines by himself using the jawbone of a donkey. The USA is a chosen nation and that as long as it remains Faithful to God–He will protect it from harm. But if the USA Forgets God and relies on it’s own strength it will be destroyed by enemies.

It already has lost wars in Vietnam, and Iraq without God helping it win but still Refuses to Humble Itself and Repent and say as a nation we are nothing without God helping us out, and without Him we will be destroyed. But instead the USA won’t admit it is wrong just like Samson would not do so either and like a “Fool rages on and is confident.” Proverbs 14:16

Samson began to have fellowship only with Philistines instead of his own countrymen, drinking lots of wine and getting real drunk, and regularly having sex with a Philistine prostitute.

–One night when the mighty Samson was real drunk he told the prostitute about how if his hair was ever cut off he would lose his supernatural strength.–She betrayed him and for lots of silver and presents she told his enemies the secret of his strength.

In a quick Sneak Attack they cut his hair off and bound him with ropes—while he was passed out. They woke him up and they said the Philistines are upon you. He went out to meet them but he Knew Not that the Power of God and the source of his great strength had left him. He couldn’t break the ropes tied on him and his enemies captured him and put out his eyes and made him day after day be put to forced labor in the main marketplace and he was constantly ridiculed.

The USA is like Samson because of God and His blessing to it. It has been the world’s greatest economic and military superpower for a long time. However because of it’s present day drunken asleep Spiritual-State America has pushed God and Jesus Christ, and the Bible aside and replaced it with godless Evolution; and–loves money and pleasures way more than God.It’s Protection from God will be gone if it is Sneak Attacked with nuclear missiles from Russia/China(and maybe other nations also) and it will be injured greatly just like Samson and be destroyed just like Samson.

–One day the Philistines held a great party at the temple of their god Dagon. Over 4,000 of the richest and greatest elites of the people were having a big party on the roof of the temple.–While laughing sadistically at Samson and his God, little did they know that Samson’s hair had grown back and he had his supernatural strength back.

—He had a young man lead him to the 2 main pillars that held up the entire temple roof. Samson got hold of the two pillars and pulled them together and the whole roof caved in and fell and all the Philistine elites and king, and Samson died. If arrogant, super proud America doesn’t turn back to God–will it be destroyed just like Samson and the evil wicked Philistines?

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