Years ago the biggest cruise ship in the world was built. It was called the Titanic whose name came from the Titans who were mythological Greek gods of tremendous strength. It was boasted about as the biggest fastest ship on the ocean and Indestructible. Some of the people involved in building and speaking about the great ship proudly proclaimed—“Even God himself couldn’t sink the Titanic.”

–Before it’s maiden voyage to cross the Atlantic Ocean in record time there was great fanfare and media outlets from around the world on hand to see it depart. On board the ship was mostly wealthy people-some of the richest in the world.

–The passengers were living it up on the ship for 4 days after departing. They drank all they wanted, ate all the food they wanted, and danced the night away without a care in the world on this Unsinkable Ship. They had it made, the envy of most people who wished it was them cruising along and enjoying all the pleasures.

–The Titanic was speeding along trying to set an Atlantic Ocean crossing record. Warnings came from other ships via Morris Code. The Warnings said “You are going too fast”, “Slow down”, “Big ice field ahead”, “Two very significant Icebergs ahead!” The irritated proud stubborn captain of the Titanic Ignored all the Warnings and his last reply to the people who had warned him was—-“Shut Up, shut up, I’m busy!”–This is the thinking and mindset of most people in the USA concerning any possible destruction, and the coming of the Great Tribulation.

They say or think–“Shut Up, Were good, were blessed, leave us alone”, “I have to go make some more money and/or indulge in this or that pleasure.” –“Hey, this is my life and I’ll pleasure myself anytime I want anyway I want. And the USA will never be destroyed it’s impossible, even God couldn’t hurt America!”

-Around 11:30 pm one night the great ship Titanic hit an iceberg and immediately water gushed in through big holes without restraint and over 3 hours later the unsinkable ship went to the bottom of the ocean. 1,500 people drowned.

America nowadays is similar to the Titanic story: People mostly want to go to school and/or their jobs; they want to make as much money as they can, accumulate lots of things, be real popular, and party any time they desire. Any talk of impending doom from God’s Judgment on America is quickly thought of as something that could never happen just like the Titanic was unsinkable.—A Sneak Attack someday soon of hundreds of missiles with nuclear warheads coming from Russian/Chinese submarines, hyper sonic missiles, and bomber jets and landing in the USA could wipe it out within an hour.

Many great Empires have fallen such as the Roman Empire, British Empire, Greek Empire, and Babylonian Empire. America is eerily similar to Sodom & Gomorrah, Pompeii, and the Titanic before unexpected annihilation happened to them.

In the Bible it says in the Last Days–“They ate, they drank, they married, they did business, they had pleasures, and knew not of their sudden destruction!” Luke 17:26-30

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