Sodom and Gomorrah were prosperous towns where there was lots of idol worship, gluttony, sexual sins of all types but mostly those involving homosexual men. The citizens were proud and arrogant, didn’t help out the poor and elderly much, and had nothing to do with the God of the universe. A man named Lot called righteous by God lived among them. “The people bought, they did business, they married and they Loved Pleasures–more than God.” Luke 17:26-30

Some Angels visited Lot and told him God was going to destroy the cities real soon and to get out of there right away!—Before Lot left the city for good he tried to Warn his sons in laws of the Soon Impending Destruction of the cities, but—–they laughed and told him he was crazy.

—Soon after Lot left the city with his wife and two daughters fire and brimstone (sulfur) rained violently down from the skies and Destroyed everybody, animals, and all buildings and homes.—-

In Jeremiah Chapter 23 God talks about how he is against Pastors, Bible teachers, Evangelists, and so-called Prophets who help destroy and scatter his followers. They commit Spiritual Adultery (the pride of life is taught and lived, friendship with the world and love of money are coveted after), walking in lies, they give people a License to Sin through Eternal Security—-that no matter how much they sin and Don’t Repent they are still saved and going to heaven.

There is No Fear of facing God for their living a lie and serving the world and Not Repenting of it. They tell people “The Lord has said you will have peace, they say to everyone who walks after the imagination of their own hearts “No Evil shall come upon you.” In verse 14 God says “These pastors, prophets, teachers that teach lies and Sorcery (some Bible truth mixed in with lies), and all peoples who say they know God but Won’t Repent are all of them unto me as Sodom and Gomorrah.”

–2 Peter 4:6 says “Sodom and Gomorrah and their haughty arrogant uncaring spirit and deviant gross sinful actions are Examples of the consequences to anyone who is or wants to live a disobedient ungodly life.” The same sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are rampant in the USA.

Pompeii Italy was a very prosperous commercial seaside port that had lots of rich people who lived or vacationed there. It was a party town where rich Romans would drink and eat excessively, and have lots of sex in the temples dedicated to different gods and goddesses.

–In those ancient days this is where the pornography and fornication/sexual sins took place on a regular basis. Idols were everywhere in homes and businesses. They like most Americans were living it up all the time. They had it made. The town was situated right below Mt. Vesuvius, and from time to time there would be minor tremors in the town caused by the mountain but they thought nothing of it.

One day they had a big festival called Vulcanalia which was a big party and occasion for ‘The Roman god of Fire’ (including that Fire which comes from a volcano). Sometime the next day the mountain above them erupted and before anyone could escape: For the next 6 hours hot Lava covered people, animals, and buildings in over 70 feet deep.

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