There was a period in American history called “The ROARING TWENTIES” and it’s eerily similar to the USA nowadays. This time and place was a feeling of –“Out with the established morals and ways of the old Bible past and in with the new ways.” So in the new ways:–Fast-paced music and bands played on and on, people danced all the time, partied, and debauchery/sexual sins took place everywhere. God was pushed aside as Evolutionary Theories took His place in public and private. God was looked at as ancient, old fashioned, puritanical and was a kill joy to any fun.

–Boundaries were pushed as to women’s dresses etc. getting more revealing; cars driving faster; and drinking large amounts of alcohol. Entertainment was everywhere from movies to Broadway shows packed out and Wall Street was roaring. Wall Street brokers would tell out of town clients to “Come on down to Wall Street it’s paved with gold come invest you can’t lose!” There were Greed and excesses everywhere from fancy homes, clothes, yachts, and cars. Advertising was everywhere and everyone was influenced by it to get it now and pay later. Around 75% of household goods was bought on Credit.

–Everyone wanted the new media sensation the Radio. Millions listened to radios all the time listening to the same programs and now these people were easily influenced to think and act the same morally and without restraint, and were easily persuaded to buy different products by constant advertising. People started to cuss more especially in public.

So the Stock Market kept roaring higher and higher so much so that people bought shares on the margin or credit, and every day most stocks kept going up and up. The general mood of the country then and now was “It is good boom times forever and we are so blessed and prosperous.” “Were the richest country in the world”.

–But then without warning on October 29, 1929 right from the opening bell at the Stock Market a selling panic set in and the stock market went into a free fall and quickly wiped out most people’s money that was invested. Some said it felt like a bomb fell!

–The greatest financial Depression in USA history followed and went on for many years.

–There appears to be certain conditions that take place in all empires, kingdoms, nations, peoples, and cultures that eventually Provokes/causes God to Judge them and he either humbles them severely or destroys them. These conditions that lead up to Judgment from God: Having widespread idol, god or goddess worship, astrology, love of gold and/or money, some form of Evolutionary Beliefs and/or no God exists or God is irrelevant; pride of life, arrogance, excessive indulgence in alcohol, drugs, food, pleasures or luxury, conspicuous displays of wealth and possessions, over emphasis on sports and entertainment, Inflation out of control. (The National Debt is now over 28 Trillion Dollars). America if weighed in the balances of God–may go down just like the Old Roaring 20’s.

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