So many Christians want to know if it is God’s Will to heal them? In Mathew 8:1-3 a man asks Jesus Christ if he is willing to Heal him? And Jesus said, “I am willing Be Healed and the man was cured of his sickness.

Acts 10:38 says “Jesus Christ went about doing good and Healing All who were oppressed from the devil.

God allows sicknesses or diseases in people’s lives when they habitually Sin and Don’t Repent /Stop doing it.

Jesus after healing lots of people would say—– “Go and Sin No More—lest a worse sicknesses or thing come upon you.” John 5:13-14 We can get sicknesses and diseases from bad health choices of overeating, and from being fearful, worried, hateful, unforgiving, and stressful. We can get sick or get adverse physical and mental side-effects from medical tests, procedures, and drugs. PSA tests for men, and Mammograms for women have high risks of False-Positives of something not harmful being treated as a cancer. Mammograms and the high radiation they put in the body can create cancers.

–We can be Healed by others praying for us by praying the Prayer of Faith according to James 5:14-16. We can be Healed by saying “By Jesus Christ’s stripes (whippings) I am Healed”. Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24. We can be Healed by saying “He himself (Jesus Christ) took my infirmities (illnesses, diseases, ailments) and sicknesses in his body Mathew 8:17– therefore I am Healed.” We can be Healed by commanding sickness, disease, pain etc. to leave our bodies in the Name of Jesus Christ (the Name above all names). Mark 16:15, Philippians 2:9.

–To be Healed of Fear and Worry thoughts, anxiety, stress, and depression a person needs to confess and forsake any Known Sins in their lives. They need to have Faith in God completely. Proverbs 3:5-6. God’s promise of Perfect Peace comes by trusting him completely and keeping our thoughts and minds on God and the Bible.

–Isaiah 26:3 says “You (God) will keep in Perfect Peace anyone who’s Mind is stayed or fixed on you and Your Word and who Trusts in you completely.”-—– For God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of power, love, and a Sound Mind.” 2nd Timothy 1:7.

–Fear doesn’t come from God in fact 365 times in the Bible it says Fear Not. –The Fear of God is a different kind of fear than what these passages are talking about. The Fear of God is healthy and means a person respects God and doesn’t want to disobey him.–People, the devil, and our own minds can bring bad fearful, anxious, stressful, and worrisome thoughts and it is up to us to refuse those negative thoughts and trust and thank God instead and wait patiently on him for the answer(s)/our Healings.

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