What are the Teachings and Doctrines of JUDAISM & Messanic Jews?

JUDAISM that is called Orthodox is the teaching of the first 5 books of the the Bible called the Torah. Then there is a blend of orthodox and teachings of the Talmud for Reformed Judaism. Then there is teachings from liberal rabbis and the Talmud for liberal Judaism. Kabbalah is a mystic form of Judaism

Most Jews Don’t believe that Jesus Christ was divine or God in the flesh. Or that he was the promised Messiah or the Christ. Most Jews believe Jesus was a failed Messiah. They say when the real Messiah comes he will be a powerful king, who establishes world peace. He will be charismatic, and a great warrior who will defeat all their enemies.

In the nation Israel to become a citizen–you must Deny that Jesus Christ is, or was the Messiah. No one can evangelize or pass out gospel tracts or New Testament Bibles to people in Israel. Tel Avis in Israel is the #1 gay city in the world where you can talk and do all kinds of debauchery/sexual sins but it is against the law to tell people about Jesus Christ and how he can save them from their sins.

Most Christians are taught that they and the USA must bless Israel or they will not be blessed or prosperous. Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and now Iran are fought mostly because Americans want to fight the enemies of Israel. Trillions of dollars and lots of dead Americans are the costs of fighting these wars for Israel. Most Jews are raised in part or in whole by the teachings of the Talmud–Some of the things it says are: Mary the mother of Jesus played the whore with carpenters; That Jesus was born a bastard; Jesus spent his early life in Egypt; He learned magic and performed his miracles by it; Jesus was a fool; a blasphemer and idolater and he deserved death; He was a heretic, impostor, and is in hell. The Talmud also teaches that Evolution is the truth. Adam and Eve are symbolic. There are no absolutes. There is not just one path to God; There is no hell or place of eternal suffering. Just be a good person and you will go to heaven. Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, No person comes unto Father God except by me.” John 14:6

MESSANIC JEWS who emerged in the 1960’s and 1970’s are a Christian and Jewish sect, They believe Jesus Christ was and is the Messiah. They call him Yeshua and believe he is one person of the Godhead Trinity. They believe only salvation is in Jesus Christ but they still do Jewish Laws. They worship on Saturday or the Sabbath. They kiss the Torah, wear skull hamas, wear prayer shawls, do kosher regulations, and circumcisions. Their emphasis is that Jews are still the chosen people of God. They observe all Jewish holidays. The 2 Messianic Services that I went to, it seemed like they put more emphasis and teaching on the Torah than with the New Testament.

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