What are the Teachings and Doctrines of SCIENTOLOGY?

Scientology was created and founded by L.Ron Hubbard a well known science fiction writer of 60 novels. He officially founded Scientology with his bestseller book in 1952 called–Dianetics. It claims to be the Modern Science of Mental Health which is a cure for every ailment-known to man. All illnesses are psychosomatic. Scientology is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.

–L. Ron Hubbard hated psychology and Sigmund Freud. He believed only the neurotic or insane get psychology treatments. He said “The best way to make a lot of money is form a religion.” Scientologists believe we all have past lives. That Jesus Christ was just a man and you can be greater than Him. –Such Hubris!–

Scientology has 8 levels of higher enlightenment. A person pays a lot for Audits where their past lives are discussed and then wiped out. Files and recordings are kept during auditing sessions so no one can sue them later because they don’t want people to know about their pasts. CD’s, courses, books, lectures and memberships have to be purchased to go up the ladder of enlightenment levels.

The highest goal is what they call ‘Operating Theatan’ (costs over a $100,000) which is a mental state of being completely Clear. To become Clear you reach a Super-Mind where your harmful subversive mind doesn’t control you and as a direct result you can go for your goals in life without restraint from your subversive mind which always messes up. They say–The clear analytical mind never makes mistakes. It’s easy to become arrogant and egotistical in this religion and a person to really think they are on such a higher level then mere mortals who are wogs.

–Scientologists have Alien Origins–They believe in a Galactic war 75 million years ago where some Xenu guy put billions of humans in the earth’s volcanoes and then kills them with hydrogen bombs but their negative subversive spirits live on.

–Sea Org is the Scientologists main headquarters in Hemet CA where most of their leadership lives. The workers that live there–sign billions of years Contracts of servitude/free slave labor–or work for the present time and for all their reincarnations to come. And after faithful service at Sea Org they move up the higher governing body positions.

People at Sea Org who Don’t Obey can have cold water poured on them, be slapped and punched in the face, and be put in The Hole–a special detention place in 2 trailers. They can’t leave as a guard is at the door.

-In 1986 after L. Ron Hubbard died–David Miscavige–becomes chairman of the board. By the way his own dad that brought him into Scientology is against him and they don’t ever talk or see each other.

-Scientology is big in Hollywood with actors Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kristie Alley for many years telling everybody and the media how great Scientology is.

Scientology owns a lot of major buildings in Clearwater Florida which is their east coast headquarters.—The Scientologists people who work for them are just like the ones at Sea Org who appear like programmed robots or act like people with alien implants.

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