Can a Christian lose their Salvation? Is OSAS ‘Once Saved Always Saved’ True? What are Calvinist and Armenian Beliefs?

If you listen to any Christian Talk Show and there are questions from the TV, Radio, or Online audience the Number One Question that is always asked or some version of it is: “Can a Christian or Believer lose their Salvation?” A 100 years ago 90% to 95% of Christians or Believers would say Yes a person can Lose their Salvation in Christ. 50 years ago 55% of Christians and Believers would say Yes a person can lose their salvation.

Nowadays about 95% of Believers and Christians would say a person can Never Lose their Salvation in Jesus Christ or OSAS(‘Once Saved, Always Saved’)

OSAS wasn’t taught until around 1,500 years after Christ’s resurrection with John Calvin being the 1st person to teach it. He called it–Reformed Theology. It is the most Popular modern churches doctrine now for about 80 years.

CALVANIST Teaching is: Only the Elect can be saved or are predestined from God. Unconditional Election. Only God decides before a person is born whether he will save them or not. It has nothing to do with the person choosing God first but rather God choosing them before they were born on the earth. A person is a sinner in Total Depravity and can’t come to God on their own, they need help from God. There is Limited Atonement in that only for the Elect–did Jesus Christ die for, and not for the whole world. There is Irresistible Grace that there is nothing you can do to resist God and Jesus for salvation if you are the Elect. There is the Perseverance of the Saints–where only those truly born again will persevere and that is why an unrepentant backslider Calvanists believe was not really saved to begin with.

ARMINIAN Beliefs started in the 15th century, and these Beliefs are: God desires everyone to be saved. Jesus died for the Elect’s sins and also for the sins of the whole world. Everyone gets some grace to be saved and everyone is dealt a Measure of Faith. God has foreknowledge and knows everything so he knows who won’t come to him or stay with him. A Christian can Lose their Salvation with willful rejection of Jesus by Never Repenting and Not Obeying Him. God gave free will so he knows many won’t be saved, and others that won’t continue with Him or serve Him. Knowing that, God still desires a person to use their free will to come to know Him and then want to serve Him.

-John Wesley (founder of the Methodist Church) believed a person could Lose their Salvation and they are not really saved until they Quit Sinning all the time. Some people have said the biggest Colossal Mistake Billy Graham made was that he didn’t have at all his thousands of crusades a Separate Alter Call for Christians–to Repent of their Sins that they know are wrong but keep on doing. Billy Graham the great soul-winner of formerly lost souls assumed all Christians were eternally saved and sealed so he didn’t want to offend them to even suggest that they needed to Repent and turn from their sins after they know Christ as their savior or else they will be cut off.

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