What is?–‘GOD’S Digital Bible’?

–This is the Easiest Bible Format–to Read in the World.

–This is a great Bible for those who want to read the pure Word of God without commentaries, footnotes, or cross references.

–This is the Easiest Bible–to Understand Scriptures. Many words and sentences have similar meaning words/next to them–for better understanding of the text…

–5 different Bible Translations (King James, New King James Version, New International Version, English Standard Version, Amplified Bible Version) were looked at when doing this—’God’s Digital Bible’–and the best translation was used where best understood for the reader’s benefit.

There is No Old English language such as (thee, thou, thy, saith, etc.) in this Bible. Any references to satan, are always in lower case.

Over 1,000–!–exclamation points were taken out for easier reading.

There are no long paragraphs. Instead the paragraphs are easy on the eyes and formatted nicely.

There are No Commentaries. There are no footnotes such as {a},{b}, etc.

Wherever a text/scripture says something such as–“He that Believes will be saved” In this Bible it reads instead–“Whosoever Believes will be saved”. Or–“He that hath clean hands shall abide with the Almighty” In this Bible it reads “Whoever has clean hands shall abide with the Almighty/God”

All masculine references about peoples such as (he, him, son, man, etc. used in translations)–when appropriate–are written as (they, their, them, whosoever, people, etc). The reader will find this refreshing and more truthful (of including women also in the text’s meaning when appropriate). This was done hundreds of times in this Bible.

Some scriptures are Highlighted (by underlining or are in bold print). This is for easy remembrance, and memorization for the reader. Any scriptures highlighted were done after Prayer to God—asking if those scriptures were one’s He wanted emphasized. The author told God, “This is your Book, and please help me to format and highlight it–how you want it done.”

This ‘God’s Digital Bible’ was done as a Labor of Love for God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and all the Saints of the Most High. It was also done in the Fear of God to do it as He would want. It took me over a year of lots of hard work to complete God’s Digital Bible.

Anyone can—Print—any or all the Contents from ‘God’s Digital Bible’ and use it, or distribute it anyway they want to.

This ministry gives ‘God’s Digital Bibles’ away for Free when we can to anyone. We receive Donations to be able to keep doing this.