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The –‘Debate of Cults, Religions, & Beliefs Talk Show’ is a Talk Show  that the reader will find informative, interesting, and humorous at times. After Reverend  Loose Cannons briefly answers each topic there is a short rebuttal from a Person who is a believer/member in the religion being discussed.  

Topics briefly discussed are the BELIEFS of:  





HINDUISM & Hare Krishna,  













The Differences between Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists, Episcopalians, and  Methodists?  

Is Joseph Prince good or bad?  

Is Jimmy Swaggart’s Doctrine of” –The CROSS” Good or Bad?  

Are Joel Osteen’s Teachings Good or Bad? 

Can a Christian lose their Salvation? Is OSAS ‘Once Saved Always Saved’ True?  What are Calvinist and Armenian Beliefs?  

Is Hell an Allegory, Fable, or is it Eternal Punishment & Torment?  Is Heaven a fairy tale, pie in the sky fable, or a place of Eternal Happiness?  Is EVOLUTION a Delusion with no proof or is it Factual? 

Is there a RAPTURE of Christians from Earth?  

Can God or Jesus Christ Heal people of Sicknesses and Diseases?  

Was there a Hybrid Race of Giant Humans or Nephilim? 

The Controversial Shroud OF TURIN is it a real portrait of Jesus Christ? Are all the recent Total Lunar Eclipses Celestial Signs that something Cataclysmic  involving much bloodshed is about to happen? 

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Debate Of Cults, Religions, & Beliefs Talk Show 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of Mormonism? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: Mormonism is one of the weirdest and strangest  Cults ever invented or made up by men. It starts out with its founder Joseph Smith in the  early 1800’s claiming that he was visited by God and Jesus Christ one day while he was  praying about what is the right religion to follow. They tell him all religions and  churches are corrupt, but he will be shown what is the true religion or truth. And he will  start and found the real church. 

Joseph Smith prior to this supposed visitation was in the free mason society and did  magic tricks all the time for his family and friends. He was well known for –telling tall  tales and made-up stories.  

He claims that an Angel named Moroni appeared to him and told him that he was chosen  to start the real church. He was instructed by this angel guy to go to a certain area in  Pennsylvania and dig up some Golden tablets that were written in Egyptian  Hieroglyphics and then translate them.  

He goes to the place he was told and finds the golden tablets. He brings them back to his  house. 

He tells a farmer friend about the Golden tablets and his Heavenly visitations. He says  he can translate the golden tablets at this guy’s house by using the (ummin and thummin 

or seers’ stones) and putting on magical spectacles/glasses. He everyday would have a  curtain partition on a table between him and a farmer at his house. And when he was  done translating one page from the tablets by using the seer stones and putting his head  in a hat, he then would pass it on to him verbally –and the farmer would write down  what he said. He does this for months and the Book of Mormon is compiled. 

Obviously, he had made up this story or fable and had written the book of Mormon over  the years Before and –simply smuggled in the pages each day and then acted like he was  interpreting the golden plates.  

This deception obviously worked, and 5,000 copies of the Book of Mormon are printed  up. This new religion grew quickly over the years and had many followers and they  eventually ended up in Salt Lake City, Utah for their headquarters. They also have  millions of followers in many states and also countries around the world. 

The so-called –Golden Tablets were –never seen by any reliable persons outside of this  new cult but Joseph Smith did get 10 people to sign a piece of paper swearing that they  saw with their own eyes the golden tablets. Joseph Smith said that the angel Moroni took  the golden tablets back to Heaven. 

The book of Mormon was written in King James English –the same language of the  original Bible of 1611 –when everybody then spoke in King James language. But when  Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon in America hardly anyone spoke King  James English but rather spoke regular everyday basic English just like people today.  

He also wrote many paragraphs in his book that were very similar to the KJV Bible. He  used the phrase “And it came to pass” –over 2,000 times in his book. 

Mormonism says that there are billions of Planets ruled by gods that were once men, but  they obeyed Mormon doctrines –and got exalted to being a God. One of these gods was  called Elohim who lives by a star called Kolob and one of his planets he ruled over was  

called Earth. Elohim referred to by Mormons as their Heavenly Father –had lots of  wives and billions of spirit children by endless sex. Two of his sons were Jesus and  lucifer. 

Elohim called a council meeting of his sons one day and asked them to find a way to tell  the inhabitants of the earth about his Mormon ways. Lucifer said he would force people  to serve Elohim and Jesus said give people a choice.  

Jesus’s idea was accepted, and Lucifer became  


mad and got 1/3 of the spirit beings to revolt and try to overthrow Elohim but they were  defeated by Jesus and most of the other spirit beings.

So lucifer became the devil. His followers became demons and could not inhabit a  human body. The spirit beings who didn’t join the fight against the rebellion –were  cursed with black skin when they became humans down on the earth. The spirit beings  who fought against Lucifer were born to Mormons with white skin and were called  white and delight-some. 

As the Mormon Fable continues Elohim went to earth –with one of his wives as Adam  and Eve. Thousands of years later Elohim had sex with the virgin Mary and Jesus was  produced with a physical body. Jesus had 3 wives.  

Joseph Smith said his lineage came from Jesus and one of his wives. Jesus came to the  Americas after his Resurrection around 421 AD to establish his church and he preached  to Jewish Israelites who were American Indians back then. 

There were two races of people. One was the Lamanites who were black skinned and the  Nephelite’s who were white skinned. War broke out and the Lamanites destroyed the  Nephelite’s. The angel Moroni then takes some Golden Tablets that he had written a  history story about –and then buries them in a mountain.  

Then around 1,400 years later Joseph Smith finds them and translates them into the  Book of Mormon. There is no archaeological evidence for any of these supposed lost  races, and the DNA of American Indians today is Not anything like—the Jewish race. 

Some of the goofy far out stuff Mormons Believe –are the following: The Mormon  church is the only true church. Heavenly Father is not a spirit but has a flesh and blood  body just like a human being. He is a glorified perfected man. One of their favorite  sayings is “As God is –Man shall be –as Man is –God once was”. 

To be perfected a Mormon must Not drink alcohol, coffee, tea, or caffeine drinks or  beverages, they must go to church 2 hours a week, tithe 10% of their income, wear  special magical underwear 24/7, and don’t shop on Sunday. At their temples Mormons  do special handshakes, passwords, and rituals and are given a special unique name that  they will be called in Heaven.  

The Mormon Church has over 175 billion dollars surplus that keeps getting richer every  day. Imagine all the poor people that money could help out. 

Mormons believe Joseph Smith died a martyr for them and shed his blood so that they  could become Gods one day over their own galaxy and planets. At Judgment Day they  will be judged by Elohim, Jesus, and Joseph Smith to see if they are worthy of either  becoming a God if they are a man.

Or if they are a woman become a celestial wife forever to their husband who they have  wed here on the earth. 

–Mormons are Not Christians— 

Boney-Maroni the Marvelous Mormon: 

“As you can clearly see we are the best church around. We are of excellent linage, most  of us are honest, prosperous, and we help our own out a lot. We are the one and only true  church, and we guarantee the Best Deal when you die to become just like God. And if  you are a man –have lots of wives, endless sex, and rule over billions of planets and  peoples in your own private galaxy.  

You can’t get a better deal anywhere else so come join us and become great rich  Mormons and you can become just like God and all of us when you die.” 


TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: Almost everybody in the USA knows Jehovah’s  Witnesses or (JW’S) by their men wearing suits and ties and their women in long dresses  coming up to homes, apartments parked cars, bus stops, with satchels and purses to give  someone their literature. They also stand on street corners with displays of their booklets  and literature from their Watchtower Society. 


They were founded by Charles Tase Russells and grew fast as a new religion and cult. In  their beginnings they always claimed to know when the earth would End and a –new  world like the Garden of Eden would begin.  

Charles Tase Russells by doing calculations from dates in the Bible and from  measurements of the Great Pyramid. Said that in 1874 that Jesus Christ would come  back. But when that didn’t happen, he then changed the date to 1914 and preached this  with much success to lots of new converts that the end of the world would come then. 

When the End of the World Didn’t come –he changed the end time to 1915. Then when  that date didn’t materialize, he and fellow JW’S said it would be 1918 when the world  would end.  

The second guy in command after Mr. Russells died was Judge Rutherford and he said  that that the End of The World would be in 1925 and he died in 1942 and his prediction  didn’t happen.  

So, JW’S waited decades and then said for sure –the End of the World –would be in  1975. When that didn’t happen, they said Jesus came back –Invisibly in 1914. 

Nowadays, JW’S don’t set any end of the world dates but instead insist that the War of  Armageddon and the end of the world is near.  

The following are most of –the Beliefs of the JW’S –and their governing body  which is called –The Watchtower Society: 

What the Watchtower Society says –is the Word of Jehovah and whatever their  organizational policies are –always trumps over anything found in any Christian Bibles. 

To JW disciples –the Watchtower Organization is –their whole life –the Voice of God  to them. 

They say Jesus Christ came back invisibly to the earth in 1919 and decided all churches  are bad except JW’S and that Jesus put them in charge of all his works. They are the only  true religion and all others belong to the Whore of Babylon and –only Jehovah’s  Witnesses inherit Heaven.  

They also believe they will be the only ones to inherit the new restored earth or paradise  that will be just like the Garden of Eden was. 

Their official green colored Bible is called –The New World Translation (NWT). In  place of –Lord –or God –the word Jehovah appears instead over 7,000 times in their  NWT Bible –instead of just a few times in all Christian Bibles. 

In their NWT –in St. John 1:1 the Word (or Logos referring to Jesus Christ and his being  part of the Godhead) is translated as a god with a small ‘g’ and not as –God– as is in all  other Christian Bibles and also in the literal Greek language that the New Testament  Bible was originally translated from. 

Their NWT John: 1:1 –reads “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was –a god  and it became flesh and dwelt among us.” They believe there is No deity in Jesus Christ  but that he was a created Angel –called Michael the Archangel.  

JW’S believe Jesus is the son of God the 1st created being and a high-ranking Angel.  That Jesus was only a man on the earth but when he got baptized, he became the Christ. 

They believe Jesus didn’t die on a Cross but instead died on a Stake having both hands  tied together behind him. 


At the battle of Armageddon prophesied in the Book of Revelation everybody is  destroyed but JW’S. 

The144,000 Witnesses described in the book of Revelation/chapter 7 rule with Jesus  from Heaven, and only they see Jesus in physical form. 

JW’S believe they are the chosen 144,000, even though the Text in the Book of  Revelation clearly says the 144,000 –are from 12 Tribes of Israelites. 

JW’S get their Salvation from doing either door to door Witnessing –or standing on  street corners Witnessing. They must turn in an active monthly witnessing card or report.  JW’S witnessing is driven by Fear of not showing you are worthy to Jehovah. 

They must go to regular meetings at least 5 hours a week to prove their worthiness.  

They are Baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and the Watchtower Organization and  make a commitment to do everything –their cult leaders tell them for the rest of their  lives. 

They Can’t –vote, hold public offices, salute the flag, join the military, celebrate  holidays or birthdays, sing the national anthem, or read anything –critical of The  Watchtower Society. 

They Can’t –have any blood transfusions, attend any other churches, or fellowship with  anyone who is not a JW. This is especially hard on their kids growing up and as a result  they get ostracized and made fun of at school. 

I know a former JW that got kicked out of Fellowship of JW’S because he smoked  cigarettes. Someone reported him to their superiors because –they saw him smoking.  What an evil sinner because –he smoked cigarettes. 

Any infractions that a JW does that is seen or reported causes them to have to face a  governing JW committee and they can be excommunicated and shunned as being evil. If  a member leaves the JWS or they are excommunicated—then all JW’S believe that  person is serving the devil. 

Stan The Witnessing JW Man: I get my Power –from the Watchtower. We are the only  true church with the correct Bible. Of course, only us JW’S are in Heaven and will be  living on the new paradise remade on the earth.  

Anyone who is Not one of us has no chance of going to Heaven or paradise, but they  shall be destroyed forever. The Watchtower Society and all JW’S are Jehovah’s only sons  and daughters. 

All Catholics, Christians, and anyone of any other Beliefs than ours –is crazy and  deceived. So, before it is too late come and join up with us and get baptized and pledge  allegiance to Jehovah, and the Watchtower Society.



The following are most of the Beliefs of The Christian Scientists: All their Teachings and Spiritual Laws of God that they teach, and follow are from their  founder Mary Eddy Baker who said she got them as divine revelation from studying the  Bible. They are called –Keys to the Scriptures. 

They deny that Sin exists –or that Sickness exists. 

Everybody is good –but Evil People don’t realize –their true identity from God –so that  is why they act the way they do. Once they know their true spiritual identity they can  and will change to good loving spirits. 

They believe in God as –Our Father-Mother God –and say it in all their churches when. quoting The Lord’s Prayer. 

Everybody makes it eventually to –being just like God.  


Everything is God’s Love and –there is No Hell. No Judgment –for Sins. We can Never be separated –from God or his love. 

We are made in God’s Image. We are the reflection –of God always. There is no physical place of Heaven or Hell. Heaven and Hell –are experiences. 

The Kingdom of God is within us. 

There is no death. Spirit lives on. Heaven is right now. Heaven is –a divine state of mind  and spirit. 

Jesus was the Christ. His message was all about Love. 

Sin is a Feeling of separation –from God. 

Salvation is realizing you are the pure Image of God. So, act like it. 

The Book “THE SHACK” –has the Theology of Christian Science all throughout its  pages. Millions of people believe the theology in the Shack book as being the same as in  the Bible. Others believe the Shack book’s portrayal of the Trinity –is blasphemous.

The Ghost of Mary Eddy Baker: “Like I told you all when I was on the earth in a flesh  and blood body that we are all spirit –and that is what I am today. Our Father-Mother  God wants you to realize you are sinless perfection and there is no Hell or punishments  for anyone. Everyone is loved by God and makes it into Heaven.  

The Shack is my favorite movie. Become a Christian Scientist and become who you  really are –a spirit that is loving, kind, sinless, endless, and forever with our Father Mother God in Heaven.” 


TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of ISLAM & MUSLIMS? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of ISLAM & MUSLIMS: 

Mohammad who was the founder of Islam was born in Mecca around 570 AD. He  became a merchant and after a while he notices 360 idols at the temple that people made  sacrifices to. Around 610 AD he goes to sleep in a cave. He prays to Allah (which means  God in Arabic).  

The Angel Gabriel appears to him and says that your God made man from a drop of  blood. He is told by the angel Gabriel to get on the back of the winged horse (called  buraq) that is in Mecca. And so, he does and from there he flies up to where the Dome of  the Rock is nowadays in Jerusalem. 

Mohammad then goes to the 7th Heaven and is told to pray 50 times a day by Allah. He  then goes down to the 5th Heaven and meets Moses who tells him to ask Allah to pray 45  times a day. He then goes back up to the 7th Heaven and gets his request and then  constantly goes back and forth to Moses and Allah and finally –5 times a day Prayers  are accepted for any follower of Islam.  

After that time in the Heavens, he flies away on the winged horse back to Mecca. Then  he and 10,000 men smash all the idols at the main Temple. 

Muslims Believe —Muhammad was a Prophet just like the Israel prophets of old, but he  is the greatest one and is even greater than Jesus Christ. All other prophets had  problems. The Bible has been corrupted. Islam is the final Religion. 

He wrote the Quran (Muslim’s Bible) from 610-632 AD. 

He dies in 632 AD and his friends publish it in 635 AD. 

Islam means –obedience to Allah.

Muslim means –someone who obeys Allah.  

The 5 Pillars of Islam: 

1 –No god except Allah and Muhammad is his prophet. 

2—Followers must Pray 5 daily prayers while bowing towards Mecca. 3—They have to give to a charity every year. 

4—They must do Fasting the month of Ramadan. 

5—They must go to Mecca and perform the pilgrimage once in their lifetime. 

1st question Allah asks at judgment –Did you pray 5 times a day and mean it? There are over 2 billion Muslims in the world –and Islam is the fastest growing religion. 

Muhammad Ramen: “We are the only true religion with the true Allah god and  everybody else is an infidel and if a Muslim kills someone for not being a Muslim. That  follower of Allah that kills them will go to Heaven –and have many beautiful virgins do  their every wish and command. 

Only Muslims go to Heaven –and every other kind of religious persons goes to Hell. My  advice to anyone not yet a Muslim, “You are an idiot and you had better join Islam –you  dirty infidel and enemy of ours.” 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of HINDUISM & Hare  Krishna? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of HINDUISM: 

Hinduism claims to be the world’s oldest religion. They say around 6,000 years ago is  when it started. It is the 3rd largest religion in the world with over1 billion Hindus in  over 100 countries. Most Hindus live in India. There are millions of Temples in India  and Swamis are the leaders of them and some of them become Gurus with millions of  followers. 

They have sacred texts with –Raman, Hare, and Krishna –their main or supreme gods.  They make incantations and chants to them on the earth. They worship different gods in  female and male forms. 

They believe a lot in Karma or –” Reap what you Sow” etc. Reincarnations are also  their main beliefs. The soul is reborn in many reincarnations. 

Every soul achieves salvation or oneness with their main gods eventually as a person  spiritually grows and matures in each of their reincarnations.

They say every person has a divine soul in them. Every Hindu is free to worship  whatever Hindu deity they want. Hindus have family altars and worship at them every  day doing chanting and offering food and flowers to their deities. 

Hare Krishna is a separate sect of Hinduism in India, some other countries, and also in  the USA. They devote and worship their god Krishna who they claim was incarnated in  different bodies on this earth at different times –Their “hare krishna rama” –Chant is  the main thing that devotees do day and night, and they believe that this praise puts them  in Krishna’s presence and favor. 

They are told to chant this mantra upon waking and before going to sleep over 1,000  times a day. Many devotees try to do it 1,700 times a day. It’s easy to see that anyone  chanting and saying the same thing over and over day and night –will believe it is so.  They seem to be under some kind of spell or bliss when they do constant chanting. 

Krishna devotees are strict vegans and don’t kill any animals at all. A cow is a sacred  animal. To them killing a cow is the same as killing their own mother. They act and live  similar to most Hindu teachings. They shave their heads to show they are devoted to  Krishna. They wear a piece of cloth robe like clothing tied a certain way around them. 

They eat with their hands and tongue but don’t use eating utensils. They have hardly any  possessions, sleep on a mat on the floor, get up at 4:30 am and start chanting and attend  up to 4 services a day. They put a mark of clay on their forehead to show Krishna’s  footprint on their head. They have a ponytail in the back of their heads where they  believe when they die there is a Hole that appears –so that their soul can escape out of  their bodies through this hole in their head. 

They believe if they do enough chanting and serving Krishna on this earth that they  won’t have to do endless reincarnations after they die –but will have achieved enough  enlightenment and progression to be in Krishna’s presence all the time. 

They have altars in all their temples to Krishna and also to other Hindu gods and they  give special drinks and foods and prayers to these idols. They offer free vegan dinners  to lots of different peoples to try and get them –to come to their temple and then become  devotees to their Religion. 

Hoo-Roo-Guru: “I get up at 4 in the morning or sooner every day, and the minute my  eyes are open –I am moving my tongue and gums and chanting away to Krishna, I chant  over 1,700 times to Krishna daily. 

I am totally devoted to my god way more than stupid Christians. So, everybody come 

and be a follower of Hinduism and worship our gods and when you die you won’t have  another earthly reincarnation as an animal, bug, or human –but instead will be chanting  with all of us holy divine people in Heaven.” 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of SCIENTOLOGY? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of SCIENTOLOGY: 

Scientology was created and founded by L. Ron Hubbard a well-known science fiction  writer of 60 novels. He officially founded Scientology with his bestseller book in 1952  called –Dianetics.  

It claims to be the Modern Science of Mental Health which is a Cure for every ailment known to mankind. All Illnesses/Sicknesses are psychosomatic and can be cured by  Scientology. 

Kelly Preston a Scientologist and actress was an 

–8th degree ‘Operating Theaten’ (the highest level in Scientology) and she died recently  of breast cancer and the chemotherapy treatments. 

Scientology is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. 


  1. Ron Hubbard did satanic rituals in his younger years and was a hypnotist. He hated  psychology and Sigmund Freud. He believed only the neurotic or insane get psychology  treatments. He said, “If you want to make a lot of money –start a new religion.” 

Scientologists Believe –we all have –past lives. That Jesus Christ was just a man, and  you can be greater than him. Scientology has 8 levels of higher enlightenment. A person  pays a lot for Audits where their past lives are wiped out. Files and recordings are kept  during auditing sessions of Scientologists.  

This is done so no one can sue them later because they don’t want people to know — about their pasts that they gave up all secrets about. CD’s, courses, books, lectures and  memberships have to be purchased to –go up the ladder of enlightenment Levels. The highest goal is what they call ‘Operating Theatan’ which costs over a $130,000 and is a  mental state of being completely ‘Clear’. 

To become Clear –you reach a Super-Mind –where your harmful subversive mind  doesn’t control you and as a direct result you can go for your goals in life without  restraint from your subversive mind which always messes up. The clear analytical mind  never makes mistakes. It’s easy to become Arrogant and Egotistical in this religion and a  person to really think they are on such a higher level than mere mortals –who are Wogs.

Scientologists believe in a Galactic war 75 million years ago where some Xenu guy  superhero put billions of humans in the earth’s volcanoes and then kills them with  hydrogen bombs but their negative subversive spirits live on –and inhabit humans. 

Sea Org –is the Scientologists main headquarters in Hemet, CA where most of their  leadership lives. The Scientologists there –sign billions of years Contracts –of Servitude  Work for the present time –and for all their reincarnations to come. And after faithful  service at Sea Org –they move up the higher governing body positions. 

People at Sea Org who Don’t Obey –can have cold water poured on them –be slapped  and punched in the face –and be put in The Hole a special detention place in 2 trailers.  They can’t leave as a guard is at the door. 

In 1986 after L. Ron Hubbard died David Miscavige became the new head of  Scientology worldwide.  

By the way –his own dad that brought him into Scientology –is against him and they  don’t ever talk-or see each other. David Miscavige’s wife has not been seen in public for  a long time.  

Scientology is big in Hollywood with actors Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kristie  Alley for many years telling everybody and the media how great Scientology is. 

Scientology owns a lot of major buildings in Clearwater Florida which is their east coast  headquarters. The Scientologists people who work there are just like the ones at Sea Org  who appear like –programmed robots or act like people with –alien implants. 

These workers just like all Scientologists feel like they are super-superior minds over  regular people or Wogs (people with subversive minds controlling them). 

Mr. Theatan Super-Mind Scientologist: “We Scientologists are the masters over our  subversive minds, but you idiot Wogs are slaves to your subversive minds and are all a  bunch of low-level Losers—who are lucky if we allow you to kiss our butts. We are the  smartest people on the planet!  

With my mastery of my analytical mind, I am more powerful than Jesus who should  have been a Scientologist. Us Scientologists after we die go to a higher level in the  universe and rule over planets.  

So, all you wogs out there get over $100,000 together and pay for all our audits and  resources and become an Operating Theatan and master of the universe, the earth, and  over all the dumb nut-ball wogs around you.”

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of The ROMAN  CATHOLIC Church? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of The ROMAN CATHOLIC Church: After the Jews were scattered and their temple was destroyed. Most of the original  Christian church started by the apostles –was based mostly in the Roman Empire. 

–An emperor named Constantine came to power in the Roman Empire. He had a dream  and a vision where an Angel said to him –“Conquer in the name of the Cross –by this  sign I will be with you.” And so, he did and took over by force/wars most of the known  world at the time. 

Under his leadership around 390 AD Christians were no longer persecuted and became  involved in the government of his. Christianity becomes the religion of the state and  priests got big roles and power. 

But pagan beliefs and rituals in this New Religion became intertwined –with those of  Christianity. The original early 1st church was fading out in its influence.   

In this new Roman Empire-Christianity-Religion –graven images were common  everywhere such as Statues of Mary holding the Jesus child. Other statues were Apostle  Peter, and even of Jesus Christ as a man. People would bow down to these statues and  pray to them. Some would also light candles to them. Thus, Mother Mary becomes a  goddess and co-mediator with the Jesus child. 

The Roman Catholic Church was strong in power and influence and had a Council of  Nicaea around the start of the 4th century. Some ordinances became the norm or canon  law such as sprinkling water on a baby or infant to be Baptized into The Roman Catholic  Church. 

The Lord’s Supper or Communion –becomes –the Eucharist where the host (or wafer)  and the wine –changes into the literal body and blood of Christ –even though physically  it still looks like a wafer and wine. But their belief is that when a Priest does a special  blessing over the wafer and wine –it makes them become this –Transubstantiation. 

Also, the Roman Catholic Church adopts 7 Tenements of Baptism, Confirmation, the  Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. 

The Pope is the Vicar of the Church and takes –the place of Jesus Christ on the earth.  Purgatory is believed in as part of church doctrine as a Place –that is not Heaven or Hell 

but instead a place for those that die who are not worthy of Heaven or Hell but if they  believe in the Catholic Church and obey its teachings while in Purgatory –then they can  go to Heaven.  

In 1274 The Roman Catholic Church had the 2nd Council of Deleon. Some of the things  that happened were giving money to the Church and other acts of Penance could be done  to get out of Purgatory and go to Heaven. The Bible is phased out so much that only  priests can read or teach it from the 5th century to the 15th century. 

–This is the Dark Ages of 1,000 years –Almost no Light of the real Word of God from  the Bible. 

The Catholic Church was the main and, in most cases, the only church before  Protestantism came on the scene. People had no Bibles. Any Bibles around were only  available in Latin and only priests had them. 

The Roman Catholic Church from doing their Crusades had millions of peoples tortured  and/or killed if they didn’t believe –in their church only and its beliefs. The Papacy  owned over 1/3 of all the lands then. The Pope claimed power over all the world powers  as the successor to the roman empire. 

Nowadays: The Catholic Church is by far the richest and most popular Christian church  in the world. The pope, cardinals, bishops, and some priests live like Kings in  extravagance and comforts. The church owns so many properties and has an abundance  of surplus gold and dollars. Sex scandals past and to the present are rampant in the  church, and most involve molestation. A person can go to a Catholic Church and see  traditions and rituals done with some feelings of Jesus Christ, his sacrifice, and  communion. 

But sadly, most Catholic parishioners never get born-again and have a personal  relationship with Jesus Christ on a deeper and daily basis. Most peoples who go to  Catholic churches will say they are Christians and going to Heaven. Most practicing  Catholics I have met are good honest humble ethical people who respect the Bible, but  they believe going to a Catholic church and being baptized and doing the Eucharist  makes them saved and on their way to Heaven. 

Vinny Vatican’s: “I was raised a Catholic and have been going to mass for 40 some  years now and we are the only true church founded upon the apostle Peter of whom  Jesus said, “Upon this rock I shall build my church.” Peter was our first Pope. All of our  Popes take the place of Jesus Christ on the earth. I have kissed the rings of three  different cardinals over the years. I pray to Mother Mary all the time and recite the  rosary lots of times a week. I light candles to other catholic saints and go to mass 3 times  a week.

Because of what I do and also due to the fact that I am a Catholic –when I die Heaven is  where I’m bound for. Come join us and take the Eucharist and be part of the Catholic  Church that is the most blessed and richest and popular.” 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of BUDDAISM? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of BUDDAISM: 

According to legend –Buddha was born out of the side of his mother. His name at birth  was Siddhartha and he was raised in a very rich home. Some wise men or seers of the  day said to his parents “He is the Chosen One and he is never to leave the palace.” His  parents did as they were told, and Buddha never sees pain, sickness, or death around him  sequestered in the palace. 

He is married at age 16. Later on, at age 29 he finally gets to go outside and see the real  world. As a result, he sees a sick person for the first time, and it affects him a lot. He  also sees a real old fragile man, and a dead man. Seeing these sufferings so affects him  that he leaves his wife to go out and find a cure for all the Suffering in the real world. 

Siddhartha decides to live with 5 ascetics/mystics in the woods. The legend says Buddha  does 6 years of fasting eating nothing but seeds which fall in his lap occasionally. He sits  under a fig tree for 49 days waiting for an answer. At 35 years old he officially becomes  the Buddha (or Awakened One). 

He wanders around different places for 45 years and gets all his knowledge by  observation of different peoples and events he encounters. He then teaches his  knowledge and wisdom to many. He dies at 80 years of age. Before he dies his teachings  are written down. 

The 4 Noble Truths Buddha discovers were –#1 Life is Suffering. #2 Craving or  Lusting will cause Suffering. #3 We can escape Suffering. #4 The Noble 8-Fold Path  is how we escape Suffering. 

The Noble 8-Fold Path is –Right View, Right Intent, Right Speech, Right Action (which  is don’t harm any living creatures), Don’t Steal, No Sexual Misconduct, No Lying, No  Harming People with words, Don’t take Intoxicating Substances, Right Livelihood (get  an honest job not a criminal one), Right Effort, Right Mindfulness (live in the moment),  Right Concentration (such as focus on a rock or cat etc.)

Buddhists believe if a person exterminates all wants and desires –then they are in a  ‘Nirvana State’. There are over 490 million Buddhists and over 90% of them are in Asian  countries. 

The old original Buddhist teachings are that –only monks can achieve Nirvana, but in  the newer Buddhist version called ZEN adherents believe anyone can achieve Nirvana — in this life. 

Buddy Buddhism’s: “All roads lead to enlightenment and Nirvana eventually but by  being a practicing Buddhist you can avoid lots of reincarnations and reach high levels of  enlightenment faster. I enjoy Chanting in my robe after drinking two cups of green tea. 

I love crossing my legs in a lotus position and focusing for hours –on a spider in a web  or chanting my own private mantra words. I have no wants or desires when I meditate or  do chanting. I even feel peace and bliss sweep over me. 

The Dali Lama is who I want to be like. So, everybody quit your religion, and become  one of us and start chanting and be compassionate by giving us as much money as you  can –and we will use most of your donations for our monks in monasteries –who  mostly sit around all day and do chanting and meditating, and also begging for alms and  handouts.” 


TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of JUDAISM? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of JUDAISM: 

Judaism that is called –Orthodox –is the teaching of the first 5 books of the Bible called  the Torah. Then there is a blend of –orthodox and teachings of the Talmud –for — Reformed Judaism. Then there are teachings from –liberal rabbis and the Talmud –for — Liberal Judaism. 

–Most Jews don’t believe that Jesus Christ was divine or God walking on earth in the  flesh. Or that He was the promised Messiah or the Christ. 

Many Jews say Jesus was a failed messiah. They say when the real Messiah comes, he  will be a powerful king, who establishes world peace. He will be charismatic, and a  great warrior who will defeat all their enemies. 

In the nation Israel to become a Citizen you –must Deny that Jesus Christ is, –or was  the Messiah. No one can Evangelize Christianity or pass out gospel tracts or New  Testament Bibles to people in Israel.

Tel Avis in Israel is the #1 gay city in the world where you can talk and do all kinds of  debauchery, but it is against the law to tell people about Jesus Christ and how he can  save them from their sins. 

Most Christians are taught that they and the USA must bless Israel, or they will not be  blessed or prosperous. Most Jews are raised in part or in whole by the teachings of the  Talmud which has 36 volumes. 

Some of the things the Talmud says are that –Mary the mother of Jesus played the  whore with carpenters. That Jesus was born a bastard; Jesus spent his early life in Egypt.  He was a blasphemer and idolater and he deserved death; He was a heretic, impostor,  and is in Hell. 

The Talmud also teaches that Evolution is the truth. Adam and Eve are symbolic. There  are no absolutes. There is not just one path to God; There is no Hell or place of eternal  suffering. Just be a good person and you will go to Heaven. 

The following are most of the Beliefs of MESSANIC JEWS who emerged in the  1960’s and 1970’s: 

They believe Jesus Christ was and is the Messiah. They call him Yeshua and believe He  is one person of the Godhead Trinity. They believe only Salvation is in Jesus Christ, but  they still do Jewish Laws. They worship on Saturday or the Sabbath. They kiss the  Torah, wear skull hamas, wear prayer shawls, do kosher regulations, and circumcisions. 

–Their emphasis is that Jews are still the chosen people of God. They observe all  Jewish Holidays. The 2 Messianic Services that I went to –it seemed like they put more  emphasis and teaching on the Torah –than with the New Testament. 

The following are most of the Beliefs of CHRISTIAN ZIONISM: Over 60 million Christians are disciples of Christian Zionism. Christian Zionists always  say before giving or receiving offerings or donations “They will prosper who love  Jerusalem.” So, the more money you give to Israel will make you wealthy—they imply. 

Christian Zionism is a doctrine of The Scofield Bible which was written by C.I Scofield.  He was convicted of fraud and forgery and as a result he spent 4 years of exile in  Geneva Switzerland. It was there that he wrote his Bible and commentaries. The  Scofield Bible was published in 1908 by Oxford University Press. 

It has the KJV translation and lots of C.I Scofield’s personal commentaries. Moody  Bible Institute used it a lot, so it quickly became reputable and widely accepted.  

In The Scofield Bible commentaries it says the Jews are always God’s chosen people.  That they will be gathered in Jerusalem again. And when it happened in 1948 most  Christians believed it as a prophecy fulfilled. They said Dispensation was the certain  order or way that had to be by God ordained for the Jewish people. Christian Zionism  believes –Scofield Bible Commentaries rule over any different contrary literal Bible  Scriptures. 

Christian Zionism believes in the Biblical Fig Tree Parable Prophecy which they say  was fulfilled in 1948. They believe God deals with all nations as regards to how they  deal with Israel. The Left Behind Books –which sold millions of copies have helped  spread the Christian Zionism movement. 

Brian Zion: “We Jews are the chosen people and are the smartest and most blessed  people ever to live. You had better bless us and never say anything wrong about us  otherwise God will hurt you. Jesus Christ was a good person or rabbi maybe –but who  knows maybe not. 

But he certainly wasn’t the chosen one or the real Christ. All Jews who either do the ten  commandments or are good people will go to Heaven, and we don’t need or want Jesus  Christ to help us get there. 



The following are most of the Beliefs of PENTECOASTALISM: Pentecostalism has about 500 million adherents/believers around the world.  Charismatics –are the Catholic version of Pentecostalism. Pentecostalism involves  doing the Gifts of the Spirit, such as speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, healings  of sicknesses and diseases. Rebuking and casting out demons, prophecies, Word of  Knowledge and Wisdom, and working of miracles and/or signs and wonders.   

I believe in the Gifts of the Spirit but unfortunately most people who claim(ed) to have  them either misuse them or don’t have them to begin with. There have been so many  false prophecies and false healings by phony prophets and healers and money hungry  evangelists that it is extremely rare to see the real Gifts of the Spirit manifest. In the  Book of Acts and on the Day of Pentecost are where the Holy Spirit Baptism and Gifts  started. 

There are some churches that claim to be Pentecostal, and they have way –too loud of  services for me. The singing is really loud, and the sermons are yelled out instead of  taught with a pleasant, nice volume and tone.

Manny Miracles: “I’m a tongue talking, holy roller loud fanatic. I like loud music and  preaching, the louder the more anointed it is. At my church everybody dresses up on  Sunday, we speak and sing in tongues and people sometimes claim to be prophets and  interpret tongues or give prophecies which we always believe are from God’s mouth. We  lay hands on people, and they go down to the ground not because anything’s fake, or that  they are pushed down but brother and sister they go down to the ground under the  power! 

We all are Rebuking Machines always rebuking the devil many times daily. Come to our  church all you frozen chosen people and we’ll have you yelling, falling down, and doing  rebuking. Brother and sister come to our churches and get a fresh filling from God and  then cut loose and dance around in the spirit.” 




The following are most of the Beliefs of CHRISTADELPHICIANS Christadelphicians were formed around 1864 by a group of people who were like minded in different prophecies. They reject the Trinity and the immortality of the soul.  God is separate from Jesus Christ. They don’t believe in Christ’s Pre-Existence. He is the  Son of God but not God himself. 

The devil is Not an independent spirit being or fallen angel. Instead, the devil is the  inclination or force within people to commit sin. They say Hell is not a real place. They  believe in eternal death or annihilation. They believe in soul sleep after dying. 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of The BAHAI FAITH? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of The BAHAI FAITH: 

The BAHAI FAITH says that all religions are good. They were established in 1863 from  the middle east somewhere. They have about 6 million disciples today. They claim there  is one God but that Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed etc. all bring different right paths and good  teachings to finding God. 

They believe all nations, and peoples should be one and no religion or person is better  than another religion or person.

All paths, ways, and beliefs lead a person to God. They believe in the Unity of God,  religions and humanity. You would think this would be one of the biggest religions in the  world because it welcomes all religions and different kinds of peoples. 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of SIKHISM? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of SIKHISM: 

SIKHISM is a major religion in India, and the 5th largest in the world. It is based on Gurus who are the teachers, guides, and mentors of it. They honor only one supreme  being or God and do meditations to him. 

They believe in transforming the 5 Thieves of –lust, rage, greed, attachment and ego — And instead do truthfulness, fidelity, self-control, and purity which is the way to know  God they say. The traditions and philosophy of Sikhism were established by 10 gurus  from 1469-1708. Each guru added something to the previous ones. 

ECKANKAR is a way out there religion that is part of Sikhism. Its adherents believe  they are co-workers with God, that they can travel out of the body just like Edgar Cayce  did in trances. Mantras and chants are used all the time by devotees. 

The word HU is the main chant which they believe is the love song of God. 

It is sung alone or in groups. They say it brings you close to God. They believe dreams  are soul travel, and that karma, and reincarnation is a fact of the universe. A person can  have any other faith or belief to join this spacey religion. Its roots go back to Hinduism. 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of TAOISM? 


The following are most of the Beliefs of TAOISM: 

TAOISM is a way out there kind of cosmic karma philosophy. The Universe came from  TAO (which means The Way). Tao is not God or a god but many deities. It is a  governing principle of the universe. 


There are secret writings of the Tao. But not all agree what that is or how to interpret  them correctly. 

Taoists try to daily focus on living in the moment –a simple and balanced life in 

harmony with nature. 

They observe Yin and Yang. Things that are similar, or things that are the same. Or  things that are opposite –all interconnect –in one way or the other. Yin and Yang, male  and female, light and darkness, old and young. Everything is relevant to its place and  space in time. When you die you still go on as part of the Tao. 

The Afterlife and right now are all the same. And Tao is the natural order of the universe. It is a Chinese philosophy. Tao TE Ching’s of the 3rd century writings and books are the  main foundation of it. 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Beliefs of 



The following are most of the Beliefs of 7th DAY ADVENTISTS: 7th Day Adventists were founded and based primarily on the teachings of Ellen G.  White. 

Ellen had a 3rd grade education and was raised in a Methodist church that was part of a  group called the Millerites. The Millerites said and taught –that Christ would return in  1843, and then when He didn’t –they and Ellen White said 1844 would be the year of  Christ’s return. Ellen said she would be alive at Christ’s Second Coming. 

And she said old Jerusalem would never be built up again. In 1862 she said England  would declare war on the USA. None of these prophecies of Ellen White’s came true but  still her disciples then and –all 7th Day Adventists nowadays –Hero-worship her as their  special true Prophetess from God. 

During trances Ellen G. White said –I traveled to distant planets, flying with wings like  an Angel’s. She said she met Enoch. Her Sabbath teaching is that you –Can’t go to  Heaven if you knowingly go to church on Sunday –instead of on Saturday only. And  you must also observe the Sabbath day laws and keep it holy. 

Ellen was a proud vegetarian who also believed if you are –Not a Vegetarian when Jesus  comes back you can’t go with Him to Heaven. 7th Day Adventists was founded on Fear  and nowadays it is kept alive in its disciples –by the Fear of Not keeping the Sabbath,  and going only to 7th Day Adventists churches. 

–If you go to another church on Sunday, –you have taken the Mark of the Beast and  can’t go to Heaven, they teach and preach regularly. 


Ellen G. White insisted she had visions from God and that she had been given a Spirit of 

Prophecy. Her visions are regarded as Bible inspired by her disciples –just like the  writings of Paul and Jesus Christ in the real Bible. 

She wrote 49 books and over 5,000 articles, which all together contains 17 times More  Words –than the Bible. –“In the multitude of words Sin is not lacking” Proverbs 10:19. 

She claimed 3 Angels ministered to her and stayed or lived in her home all the time. She  said God told her in a vision that Sunday worship was the Mark of the Beast, and that if  you keep the Sabbath, you get sealed forever in Heaven but –if you go to church on  Sunday, you lose eternal life. 

7th Day Adventists have their own Bible called the –‘Clear Word Bible’ with Ellen’s  White’s writings for commentaries. They believe in Soul Sleep –that once you die you  go to sleep and don’t wake up until the resurrection. There is No Eternal Hell, –instead  bad people get annihilated or killed and never exist again. 


They believe you are judged first to see if you make it into Heaven. The most important  question is –“Did you keep the Sabbath Day Holy?” 

Ray the 7th Day Adventist Man: “The 7th day on the Hebrew calendar is Saturday. We  who keep the Sabbath and are vegetarians and believe in Jesus are the true Christians in  the earth today. We 7th Day Adventists are the true Church of God, Anybody or any  church that doesn’t honor the Sabbath Day and to keep it holy –is apostate and has taken  the Mark of the Beast. There is no eternal Hell –just soul sleep.  

You die and your next waking moment is the resurrection even if you died a thousand  years ago. Ellen G. White’s writings are the same as the Bible and all her visions were  real. Come away from your church that meets on Sunday and come to our church on  Saturday and become a real saint and know you will go to Heaven because you believe  in Jesus and honor and keep the Sabbath Day.” 

TALK SHOW HOST: What are the Differences between Presbyterians,  Lutherans, Baptists, Episcopalians, and Methodists? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: They are all basically the same as regarding  Salvation by Jesus Christ only, and that He is Divine and part of the Trinity of God.  

Presbyterians are known for being reserved and business minded. They have a board of  directors that makes all their church and business decisions. Some refer to them as the  ‘Frozen Chosen’ but they are nice people and usually hard working and ethical.

Lutherans and Episcopalians are similar to Catholics with their traditions and frequent  Eucharist observances. They believe that the bread and wine literally become the body  of Jesus Christ during Communion. They don’t however honor the Pope –as vicar/ruler  of the church or pray to Mary as the Mother of God. 

Free Methodists are a nice loving denomination that follows along the lines of its  founder John Wesley. Anyone can take Communion even if they are not a Christian.  United Methodists are a Christian denomination that is very liberal politically even to  endorsing parts of the LGBT agenda from its pulpits and churches. 

Baptists believe OSAS (Once Saved, Always Saved) strongly, are mostly conservative  and Calvinistic. They believe strongly in total body immersion when getting Baptized;  and push a lot for doing the work of an Evangelist. There are different groups within  Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and Methodists denominations that believe and act  independently of strict rules and regulations of each particular denomination’s main  constitution/doctrines. 

TALK SHOW HOST: Is TV Evangelist Joseph Prince good or bad? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: He’s extremely popular. Joseph Prince is the son of  a Sikh priest and a Chinese mother. He has a book and TV Show called ‘Destined to  Reign’. His headquarters and where he lives is Singapore. He gets over $50,000 a month  pastor’s salary. He and his church are very rich from his books CDS, and Donations. His  main messages are on God’s Grace. And that if you are a Believer –all your Sins are  Forgiven (past, present, and future), you don’t ever have to Repent because Mother  Grace has you covered. 

He yells a lot during his sermons. He is a great hero/champion of their OSAS faith to all  his disciples. He has a big worldwide preaching platform on lots of TV and radio shows.  Joseph is always teaching OSAS (Once Saved, Always Saved).  

He to his many disciples is the Apostle of Hyper-Grace. He doesn’t like the Old  Testament much but uses parts of it in sermons as codes, symbolism, or imagery for  Grace to come. 

He teaches the Christian Life is effortless; It’s all Grace –and No Works; No running a  race; No fighting the good Fight of Faith; No Overcoming; No enduring to the end; and  No Narrow Path to make sure you stay on. 

Joseph Prince believes After a person is Saved/just believe Jesus died for your sins –no  effort on their part is needed to Stay Saved or Abide in Christ. There is no need to —

Confess your Sins, No Repentance. Because –All your sins are forgiven whether past,  present, or in the future –without any Repentance. 

He says the Bible book of 1st John –was written by Gnostic writers and isn’t for  Christians. 1 John 1:9 says, “If we Confess Our Sins –God is faithful and just to forgive  us.” He doesn’t agree with this scripture because it says Christians must Repent or confess their current sins.  

He says adamantly some of Christ’s writings don’t apply for Christians today. He says — they were written for Old Testament times under the law and are for the Jews only. He  frequently expounds that Believers never get punished for their sins. Grace covers everything. 

The biggest TV Evangelists today such as Joseph Prince, and 95% of all evangelists or  pastors on TV or radio –or that have written Christian themed books –are all proponents  of OSAS and Hyper-Grace. 

TALK SHOW HOST: Is Jimmy Swaggart’s Doctrine of ‘The CROSS’ good or bad? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: Jimmy Swaggart used to be a preacher of living  Holy and he would always put down gays and sexual sins in his preaching and writings.  But after getting caught twice being with prostitutes and reading and doing pornographic  acts he changed his entire preaching and teaching. And for about 20 years now Jimmy  Swaggart can be summed up as — “Everything is –The CROSS –that’s All that  Matters.”  

He says in 1997 that the Lord gave him a revelation –That all his sexual problems and  sinning and those also of the modern church are Because of –Not understanding the  Cross –and –the Sin Nature.  

He doesn’t –need to Repent of his sexual sins as he thought he had to because he didn’t  understand the ‘sin nature’ –and the Cross.  

He preaches this all the time and so do all of his followers—that no Believer can stop  from sinning –nor can anyone else because of their Sin Nature. But if they Believe in  the Cross –their sins are always covered and forgiven. 

Jimmy Swaggart has a Bible he sells all the time. It’s called the ‘Expositors Bible’ and he  believes it’s translation and commentaries are from the Holy Spirit. In it he always says,  “This is what the passage/scripture should read”. 

He places himself and his commentaries –Above the writings of Apostle Paul, the  Disciples, and the literal Word of God.

His Expositor’s Bible changes the original KJV scripture of — “Take up –Your Cross– daily” to –” Take up The Cross”. In his Expositor’s Bible the words of Jesus are in black  print–not red print as in most other Bibles. Instead –all his words or commentaries are  in Red print. 

And are not at the end of the page but instead are right next to the black printed text –so  the reader is forced to read his comments.  

He, his wife, son, and grandson all get big salaries and perks. He always tries to sell his  Bibles, CDS, Books, Music and frequently asks for donations. He is a very talented  musician and piano player and most of his music on his radio and TV show are good. He  and his family run the Sonlight Radio Stations that preach constantly –the Message of  the CROSS. 

TALK SHOW HOST: Is Joel Osteen good or bad? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: Author and TV Evangelist Joel Osteen pastors the  largest church in the USA. He has sold millions of copies of his books. His one night of  speaking at any venue is sold out and he enjoys all the perks and riches of prosperity  preachers, and also enjoys having the worldly celebrity status.  

He is like a coach or Pep Talk Evangelist and most of his talks or messages are about — You are great, God loves you so much, go for your dreams, enjoy all the prosperity of  life, Never give up and it’s never too late to be a winner or conqueror in life. I personally  like him and most of his positive messages. 

Critics of Joel Osteen say he talks too much about worldly riches, pride of life, and  hyper-grace. And that he needs to talk more about –the Fear of God, repentance,  and overcoming the world, the flesh and the devil. His wife Victoria is a bubbly smiling  lady who talks positive all the time. Hillsong Churches are similar in music and  preaching to Joel Osteen’s church. 

TALK SHOW HOST: Can a Christian Lose their Salvation? Is OSAS ‘Once  Saved Always Saved’ True? What are –Calvinist and Armenian Beliefs? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: If you listen to any Christian Talk Show and there  are questions from the TV, Radio, or Online audience the number one question that is  always asked or some version of it is: –Can a Christian or Believer Lose their  Salvation?  

A 100 years ago 90% to 95% of Christians or Believers would say –Yes, a person can 

Lose Their salvation in Christ. 50 years ago –55% of Christians and Believers would  say Yes, a person can lose their salvation. Nowadays about 95% of Believers and  Christians would say a Believer –can Never Lose their Salvation in Christ or OSAS. 

OSAS wasn’t taught until around 1,500 years After Christ’s resurrection, –with John Calvin being the 1st person to teach it. He called it Reformed Theology. It is  the most popular modern churches doctrine now for about 50 years. Many adherents say  Saint Augustine taught and started it. And that he got his teachings from Gnostic and  Buddhist teachings. 

CALVANIST Teaching is: Only the Elect can be saved –or are predestined from God.  Unconditional Election. Only God decides before a person is born whether He will save  them or not. It has nothing to do with the person choosing God first but rather God  choosing them Before –they were born on the earth. 

A person is a sinner in Total Depravity and can’t come to God on their own, they need  help from God. There is Limited Atonement in that only for the Elect did Jesus Christ  die for –and not for the whole world.  

There is Irresistible Grace that there is nothing you can do to resist God and Jesus for  salvation if you are the Elect/Chosen. There is the Perseverance of the Saints –where  only those truly born again will persevere. That is why they believe an unrepentant  backslider/former Christian –was Not really Saved to begin with. 

ARMINIAN Beliefs started in the 15th century, and these beliefs are –God desires  everyone to be Saved. Jesus died for the Elect’s sins and –also for the sins of the whole  world. Everyone gets some grace to be saved and everyone is dealt a measure of Faith.  God has foreknowledge and knows everything, so he knows who won’t come to Him or  stay with Him. A Christian Can Lose Their Salvation with willful Rejection of Jesus  and/or by Never Repenting and Obeying Him.  

God gave Free Will so he knows many won’t be saved, and others that won’t continue  with him or serve him. Knowing that, he still desires a person to use their free will to  come to know him and then Want to Serve Him. 

John Wesley believed a person could Lose Their Salvation –and they are Not really  Saved until –they Quit Sinning all the time.  

Some people have said the biggest mistake Billy Graham made was that he didn’t have  at all his thousands of crusades –a Separate Alter Call –for Christians to Repent –of  their Sins that they know are wrong but keep on doing. 

Billy Graham the great Baptist soul-winner evangelist assumed all Christians were  eternally saved and sealed/OSAS so he didn’t want to offend them –to even suggest that  they needed to –repent and turn from their sins –after they know Christ as their savior — or else they will be cut off and lose their salvation. 

Alvin the Crusading Calvinist: “It doesn’t matter how much you sin and don’t repent  you are eternally sealed and saved. All you have to do is Believe, and man that’s it,  nothing else. A Believer can kill someone else and not repent and they are still eternally  sealed/saved.  

They can kill themselves and they are still saved. OSAS rules all the time and over any  scriptures that say differently. God’s irresistible grace in a chosen person’s life causes  them to get saved and they have no choice over that. Any good works after getting saved  or any sinning Not Repented of –has nothing to do with keeping or staying saved.  Mother Grace and Hyper-Grace are the real Gospel and the Cross. “   

 TALK SHOW HOST: Is HELL an Allegory, Fable, or is it Eternal  Punishment & Torment? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: People don’t want to believe in Hell as a real place  of eternal torment. Jesus spoke about it More –than he did about Heaven. Some of the  things the Bible says about Hell are: Once a person is in Hell they can’t get out. They  don’t get another chance. There is some kind of constant fires, heat, dryness, and  brimstone or sulfur smell, it is in the center of the earth and is like being inside a  cavernous volcano. 

A person has a spirit body not of flesh and blood but one that feels constant thirst and  other physical pains but doesn’t die. No one can sleep in Hell. There is no peace or rest  of any kind in Hell. There is no love or good memories to comfort someone. Fear is felt  all the time. There is constant weeping and gnashing of teeth of people in torment.  

Some Christians believe in Eternal Torment Forever for someone in Hell and that they  never die but their soul and spirit lives forever. Other Christians believe Hell is symbolic  and when a person dies who is not saved, they just die and that is the end of them. 

Others believe a person who is not saved dies and goes to Hell and eventually is judged  at the Great White Throne Judgment and then they are cast into Hell and suffer for what  they did bad to others while on the earth.  

After perfect justice is served the person’s soul and spirit is annihilated or completely 

destroyed and it is like they never existed. 

No matter what Hell really is like –no one has to go there. Jesus Christ made a sacrifice  for every person’s Sins and if a person gets their Sins Forgiven by Jesus and becomes  Born Again. They get their Name written in the Book of Life and will escape Hell and  go to Heaven and live Eternally. The Bible clearly says that “Any person’s Name that  was Not Found written in the Book of Life –was cast into the Lake of Fire.” Revelation  20:15. 

Atheist Al: The only Hell that exists is in ignorant weak minds. If there is a place called  Hell, it probably is pretty interesting, and all my fellow atheists will be there. So, we will  all just party and catch up on scientific facts. 

The fairy tale that is Hell is all made up by mentally sick deranged peoples trying to  scare us. There is no Book of Life after you die. The Lake of Fire is a swimming pool  with a little fire around it. Hell is no more real than a stinking devil dude, or Santa  Claus. 

TALK SHOW HOST: Is HEAVEN a fairy tale, a pie in the sky fable, or is  it a place of Eternal Happiness? 


Heaven is where God, Jesus, Holy Ghost, Angels, and glorified Saints live forever.  There is no Sun because God and Jesus Christ are the light, there is no oceans or seas.  There are paved gold streets. The city is made of pure gold. The gates are made from a  pearl. Plus, there are every kind of precious stones including diamonds everywhere.  Every person gets a personally built Mansion by Jesus for them. Saints will have new  bodies that never die or get sick and never have to go to the bathroom. 

Apostle Paul went to Heaven, and he said there were no words on this earth to describe  the beauty of it. 

The Rewards God has for them that love him and Overcome their flesh, the things of the  world, and the devil are mind boggling. 

–Some of the Rewards for those that Overcome are: –A New Name. Inherit All Things.  Ruler over All that God has. Have a Throne next to Jesus’s. White Robes. Crown of Life.  Eat of the Tree of Life. Get Hidden Manna. Have Rule and Power over the nations in the  1,000-year rule of Christ upon the new Earth. (Revelation Chapters 2 & 3). 

Atheist Al: There is no afterlife. And that goes for some Heaven place where chubby  people sit on clouds and play harps. Your heaven sounds boring, I would rather be in hell  with all my friends. Heaven is a fairy tale for dumb ignorant religious peoples’ –pie-in-

the sky after they die.  

Heaven to me is being on a cruise ship –eating and drinking what I want, having  massages, and doing naughty sexual sins. 


TALK SHOW HOST: Is EVOLUTION the truth –or a Delusion, with no proof? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: The Theory of Evolution began in the 1800’s and  started to get more popular when Charles Darwin came out with his books for Evolution. 

Evolution was taught in a few public universities and schools until 1968 when it was  allowed to be taught in all public schools and colleges. Creationism had been taught in  public schools and colleges –and Evolution was rarely taught before 1968. But  nowadays teaching Creationism is Forbidden –in all public colleges and schools. 

Evolution has become the #1 Religion in America and is taught in all public schools and  colleges. Books and articles on Evolution are taught as factual and the truth. And no  books on Creationism are allowed to be taught as the truth. In fact, there is No  Disclaimer in any book about Evolution –that says Evolution is a Theory. 

There are excellent books written about Creationism that can be found in most public  libraries and at bookstores, Amazon etc. Online at there are lots of videos  about Creationism (Kent Hovind, Ken Ham, The Creation Institute). 

I have read and researched hundreds of books and articles about Evolution over the  years and I find No Proof for it. I believe that in a 6-day Creation of literal 24-hour Days  God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything in it. I have debated different  people over the years about evolution with the topic being –” Is Evolution the truth?” 

Or is “Creationism the truth?” I give all the facts about the universe, the earth, atoms,  DNA, and the human body etc. and how it is impossible that they all just evolved over  time. And the atheist –or believer of evolution will say to me I am wrong. No matter  what proof I give for Creationism they don’t accept it. Then I disapprove all their  evolutionary theories they talked to me about –and they still say I am wrong. 

So, my Conclusion is that we all have Faith in our spirits and minds. My Faith is in the  Creationism of God by what I see and have read. Most people see the same things I have  seen and also looked at the things I have read, and they believe in Evolution. 

So, when trying to convince someone that believes in Evolution to believe in  Creationism –and I see and perceive that no matter what I put forth as proof for God —

and Creationism –they refuse to believe it. 

I say to them “It is a waste of time to continue our arguments on Evolution and  Creationism as you believe with your faith that I am wrong and you are right, and I  believe with my faith the exact opposite.” “We are just going in circles, so I have to let  you go and it was nice talking with you.” 

To Not believe in Creationism as clearly taught in the book of Genesis –but instead to  believe in Evolution whether with God doing it-or with no God but by evolutionary  processes only –is to say God and the Bible are Lying. 

The Arrogant Evolutionist: “There is no God, Heaven, or Hell. These are imaginations  of weak religious people that are way too superstitious. Evolution is believed by all  intelligent scientists and smart people. Only ignorant stupid people believe in that crazy  Bible Creationism lies. Evolution is a fact and is supported by all the scientific evidence  and fossil records etc. Heaven is pie in the sky and Hell is made up to try and scare  people. When anyone dies that’s it –they are dead and gone end of story.” 

TALK SHOW HOST: Is there a RAPTURE of Christians from Earth? 


Most modern-day Christians believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture –that Christians will  be taken out of their bodies before the Great Tribulation –and meet Jesus in the air high  above the earth.  

I used to believe this way for over 40 years but now after comparing lots of scriptures it  is very clear that: “After The Tribulation in those days shall appear the sign of the Son of  Man appearing in the clouds with his Angels to gather his Elect (born again Christians)  from the four corners of the earth.” Mathew 24:29-31 and Mark 13:24-27. 

I believe in a Post Tribulation Rapture. The Rapture of the Body of Christ and the 2nd coming of Christ –are the same thing. The word Tribulation is found over 20 times in  the New Testament and Not in one of these places in the Bible does it say anything about  a ‘Pre-Tribulation Secret Rapture’. When Jesus comes back for his children or true  followers it will be with a shout of a loud trumpet with an army of Angels and saints  with him in the clouds and every eye shall see Him. Revelation 1:7 

The Secret Rapture Theory came sometime during the 1830’s when the highly acclaimed  Scofield Bible came out and talked about a secret catching  


Nowadays, many church people believe in this pre-tribulation Secret Rapture and say  God won’t do wrath on his kids. Tribulation is –Not Wrath. In Acts 14:22 it says, “We  must through –Much Tribulation– enter into the Kingdom of God.” 

Jesus had Tribulation, he was ridiculed, hated, beaten, whipped, and killed. John the  Baptist had Tribulation he was jailed, beaten, and beheaded. The disciples and apostle  Paul were persecuted jailed, beaten and killed as were thousands of other true saints of  the early church.  

In the Book of Revelation Chapter 7 verses 9-14 –it describes millions upon millions of  Saints in Heaven by God’s Throne –who were Martyred for Jesus Christ during –The Great Tribulation. 

Ronnie Raptures: Us modern Believers are a special group/just like the Church of  Philadelphia in the Book of Revelation –who will Not go through any Tribulation times.  Read my lips –No Tribulation for us. Everybody else may have to go through  Tribulation but God loves us more than any other believers ever.  

We are his bride and Jesus will rapture or snatch us away secretly. I don’t care about  prophecy or the Book of Revelation because I won’t be around then. I’ve got it made  man—I’m lukewarm at times, but since it is OSAS, I am not going to be in no Great  Tribulation. Check it out—I’ll be in Heaven looking down at the Great Tribulation on  


TALK SHOW HOST Can God or Jesus Christ HEAL people of  Sicknesses and Diseases? 


So many Christians want to know if it is –God’s Will to Heal them? Did God give them  or their loved one a sickness or disease? Are Doctors and Medicines good for getting  healed? 

I believe God allows sicknesses or diseases in our lives when we Habitually Sin and  Don’t Repent of doing it. We can get sicknesses and diseases from bad health choices of  overeating and being stressful. We can get sick or get adverse physical and mental side effects from medical tests, procedures, wrong diagnoses, and drugs.  

Believers can be Healed by others praying for them by praying the Prayer of Faith  according to James 5:14-16.  

Christians can be Healed by saying –By Jesus Christ’s stripes (whippings) I am Healed”.  Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24. 

People can be Healed by saying “Jesus Christ took my infirmities (illnesses, diseases,  ailments) and sicknesses in his body/Mathew 8:17 –therefore I am Healed.”

–Christians can be Healed by commanding sickness, disease, pain etc. to leave their  bodies –in the Name of Jesus Christ –(the Name above all names). Mark 16:15,  Philippians 2:9. 

To be Healed of –Fear and Worry thoughts, anxiety, stress, and depression. we need to Confess and Forsake any known –Sins in our lives. 

We need to Trust God Completely. Proverbs 3:5-6. 

God’s promise of Perfect Peace comes by trusting Him Completely and keeping our  thoughts and minds –on God and the Word of God. 

Isaiah 26:3 says “You (God) will keep –in Perfect Peace– anyone whose Mind is stayed  or Fixed on You, and who Trusts in you Completely.” 

For God has not given us a Spirit of Fear, but of power, love, and a Sound Mind.” 2nd Timothy 1:7.  

Fear doesn’t come from God in fact 365 times the Bible says –Fear Not.  

The Fear of God is healthy and means a person respects God and doesn’t want to  disobey Him. People, the devil, and our own minds can bring bad fearful, anxious,  stressful, and worrisome thoughts and it is up to us to –Refuse those Negative Thoughts  and Trust and Thank God instead and –wait Patiently on him for the answer(s). 

Pastor Lukewarm: Jesus doesn’t Heal anymore that was done away with when the  perfect came-or the writings in the Bible were done. No more miracles, signs, or healing.  Go to the doctors for healing. We don’t fear God—just respect him like a doctor or cop. 

TALK SHOW HOST: Was there a Hybrid Race of Giant Humans or  NEPHILLIM

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: One of the beliefs that lots of people adhere to is  that fallen angels or demons married earth women and had babies –that grew up to be a  super tall, large group of hybrid Nephilim Giant Men. This interpretation comes from a  book not found in the Bible called the Book of Enoch. 

The Nephilim Theory –also comes from Genesis 6:1-4. It says –that great mighty men  of renown saw beautiful daughters and married them, and they and their children were  tall strong noble peoples who did great works and were powerful warriors. 

Sons of Gods is Not referring to fallen angels but is a general term for great men of  might in the text. Neither in this text or in all of chapter six of Genesis –are Fallen 

Angels mentioned or of their marrying earth daughters. God doesn’t mention fallen  angels and neither does the Biblical text, but Nephilim theory believers infer and say it  does. 

Nephilim can be translated ‘Gibborim’ which –means mighty man of valor, strength,  wealth, and power. Sons of God in the Bible refers to either those humans who know  God, or of good Angels as found in Job 1:6, 2:1. Furthermore, the Great Flood in  Genesis –destroyed all living things including any race of giant men. Genesis 7:23. 

Nephilim-Theory disciples/believers say a Nephilim hybrid giant race is still alive today  somewhere in the world. Truth of the matter: God is the only one who does any creating.  Genesis 1:24 says everything produces after its kind. Dogs produce dogs. Horses  produce horses. Humans produce humans. 

Angels don’t marry or produce. Mark 12:25 Mathew 22:30 Fallen Angels –never  married and had sex with earth women. The people who believe in Nephilim Fables  usually also believe in UFO’s and alien creatures visiting or living on the earth. 

TALK SHOW HOST: The Shroud OF TURIN is it a real portrait of  Jesus Christ or –Is it a medieval painting forgery? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: The Shroud of Turin is the World’s most studied  artifact, and many believe –it is the original burial cloth that Jesus was in. Others insist  it is a phony or a fake done by an artist in the Middle Ages. 

It had been in storage at the Cathedral of Turin for a long time –when in 1898 after  photographs were taken that day of the Shroud the photographer looked at his negatives  and was shocked. Any previous photos taken of the Shroud –only showed blood  markings and burn type markings but no face or body could be seen. 

However, when the photographer looked at his Photo Negatives –he could clearly see a  face and the body of a badly beaten and bloody man who was crucified. Note: A person can go to either – or– and see pictures of the  face and body of the man on the Shroud of Turin. 

Christ ascended/resurrected through his dead body that was wrapped in the Shroud –and  as He did, He left his radioactive negative photographic image there on the Shroud  covering. There is no other logical plausible explanation for it and with all of today’s  modern technology it can’t be duplicated exactly. 

The body Image on the Shroud has Not been done by scorching or by painting as the 

back and front of the Shroud has been thoroughly examined and it is not paint –but  blood on the Shroud. Plant imprint samples and plant pollen samples have been taken off  of the Shroud and examined and found out to be—from 28 plants that are only from the area of Jerusalem. 

The Shroud shows the face and body of Jesus Christ, brutal whippings on his legs,  abrasions on his back where he carried the cross, nails in his wrists, crown of thorns on  his head, and lots of blood. 

Nate the Nephilim Nerd: “I totally disagree with you Reverend Loose Cannons, giant  alien hybrid men did exist, and the Shroud of Turin is a Middle Ages forgery. Nephilim  alien hybrid beings escaped the great flood and are in spaceships above the earth. They  also visit and live on the earth from time to time. UFOS and people who have been  

abducted by them prove their existence. The Shroud has been tested by carbon radon  dating and the results were that it was from the 15th century. Game over, science rules.” 

TALK SHOW HOST: Are —Total Lunar Eclipses —celestial Signs that  something Cataclysmic is about to happen? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: Eclipses –are major Blood Moons signs from God  that His Judgment is coming soon. Eclipses are Warning Signs from God in the skies — for billions to see. “The Sun shall be Darkened, and the Moon turned to Red before that  great and Terrible Day of the Lord.” Joel 2:31 

Imagine you’re driving at night and it is foggy outside and all of a sudden on the  highway that you are driving on a man is waving a big lit up red flag and saying,  “Warning the road up ahead is washed out and destroyed, turn around now and avoid  getting in an accident and getting killed!” 

That is just like what God does with Eclipses to warn people to Repent –and Turn from  their Sins and Humble Themselves before God or else a coming destruction will destroy  them. 

This is similar to the warnings before the Great Flood of Noah’s day. And also like the  warnings before the lava brimstone fatal fires came raining down on Sodom and  Gomorrah. 

But today just like in the days of Noah before the flood and also in Sodom and  Gomorrah before their sudden destruction —the people don’t care and Won’t Repent.

Most Christians don’t care about any Total Eclipses as God’s blood moon Warning Signs  and non-Christians could care less about any eclipses in the skies. Most people are  apathetic to eclipses and hardly even notice them. 

The USA had a Total Eclipse in August 2017, and a super moon Total Eclipse in January  2018. I saw this super moon total eclipse and there was an eerie reddish color on the big  moon and the reflected light of it on the ground was an eerie reddish hue. 

Then on July 27, 2018, there was a Total Lunar Eclipse over Australia, Asia, Africa,  Europe, and South America. January 21, 2019, there was a Super Moon Total Eclipse  across the USA. 

There was 5 major Total Eclipses in 2019 in the world. On May 26th, 2021, there was a  Total Eclipse of the moon. 2022 had a May 15-16 Eclipse. The last Eclipse was October  14, 2023. The next Eclipse will be April 8, 2024. It could be the last Blood Moon  Eclipse warning for the peoples of the entire world to heed and Repent of their sins  before the start of The Great Tribulation. 

Arrogant Atheist: Eclipses are just ordinary celestial displays with no mystical or  religious connotations. Because of the big bang and evolutionary factors Eclipses come  around every now and then. 

Bad events or judgments from some kind of fabricated angry god entity –are ridiculous  and made up by ignorant mentally disturbed nutcases. 

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