Happiness and Depression



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Are they a Choice to have or not have? 


The Attitudes and Actions that –create Happiness. 

Things to Consider Thinking and Doing –to Maintain Happiness. The Attitudes and Actions that create –Depression and Sorrow.

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“Are they a Choice to have or not have?” 

NOTE: The Attitudes and Thoughts that can lead to either Depression or Happiness  are Opposites –of each other. 

–The Attitudes and Actions that create HAPPINESS– 

LOVE leads to Happiness. When we love God –first and foremost above anything  else. 

And we love our neighbor, family, and friends as we love ourselves, we feel good or  have Happiness.  

Some of the Qualities/fruits of Love from 1 Corinthians 13 are:  –Being kind and considerate. 

–Not keeping a record of wrongs done to you. 

–Having patience and long suffering towards yourself and others. 

–Enduring all things.  

To have God’s love–and your love lead to a state of Happiness there must be words and  actions/works done –for God, yourself, and others. 

FORGIVENESS and showing MERCY equals Happiness. We must Always Know  that God has Forgiven Us–to maintain Happiness. Anytime you do sinful acts and you  feel guilty ask God for forgiveness of it.  

And every night in your last formal Prayer –ask God to Forgive You of any Sins you  feel Guilty of–and know were wrong to do that day. 

–We must Forgive Ourselves Completely –just like we know God –has forgiven us. No  matter what we did –never forget. —That if God forgives us and –Remembers our sins  No More –than we are being pretty stupid –Not to also Forgive Ourselves completely.  

If we are Forgiven by God but won’t completely Forgive Ourselves —we will always be  unhappy –and unable to forgive others. However, if we are forgiven by God and Jesus  Christ of our sins, and we forgive ourselves and also like ourselves–then it is easier to  forgive others.  

We have to give Mercy and Forgive Others –no matter what they did to us directly or  indirectly –to maintain Happiness.  

The best way to Forgive Others –is to do it immediately. And don’t desire or hope for  something bad to happen to them. 

Start your day out by saying, “No matter what happens today I am going to forgive 

others and show Mercy immediately.”  

If any person Refuses –to Forgive Someone –completely from their hearts –then God Won’t Forgive them. Mathew 6:15. 

Doing good things for others equals Happiness. Jesus said, “It is better to Give, than  receive.” Acts 20:35 

It feels good when we help others out. “If you just give a cup of cold water for Christ’s  sake to someone —you have a Reward coming for that good deed.” Mark 9:41. 

Not getting even or hurting someone –but letting God be the Vindicator or Judge  brings Happiness. God says, “Vengeance is mine” Romans 12:17-21. –Don’t so any vengeance and show forgiveness and mercy instead.  

If you hold a grudge and insist on doing vengeance or wrath yourself –then  Unhappiness will surround you like a fog.  

Having complete –Faith, Trust, in God –and his Word –equals Happiness.  “Trust in God with All your heart and don’t lean unto your own (or others wrong  understanding.)” Proverbs 3:5-6  

God will keep you in Perfect Peace IF--your Mind is Stayed/focused on Him –and Trusting Him completely.” Isaiah 26:3. 

Being Thankful –equals Happiness. – 

–In everything –Give Thanks for this –is the Will of God in Christ Jesus concerning  you.” 

1 Thessalonians 5:18  

We don’t give thanks for everything bad that has happened to us, but in the midst of our  problems or enemies –we Give Thanks for God being with us and helping us and  delivering us in time.”  

We should always give Thanks that we are –going to Heaven for Eternity  –with a new body, a personal mansion built for us, and enjoy the literal presence of the  Godhead, Angels, and glorified saints forever. 

And–Realizing how bad Hell is we should be –Always Thankful we are Not going there  after we die. 

Things to Consider Thinking and Doing to Maintain HAPPINESS: 

The Joy of the Lord–is your Strength. Nehemiah 8:10. You decide to be happy or  sad. Smile or Frown. 

You bring your –own Weather –wherever you go such as happy or joyful–or sad  and depressed. 

Avoid negative people–who are unhappy or depressed –all the time –and are doing  nothing about it. Their negative mental issues are like a plague, –stick around it and  pretty soon you also become —complaining and negative also. 

It’s not the stuff around someone making them unhappy—but instead it’s their  response–to the things around them. Two different people go through the same  circumstances one is happy –and one is depressed. 

“A happy merry heart and attitude is just like a good Medicine for your whole  body, “A person with a happy or merry heart–has a continual spiritual and mental  Feast.” Proverbs 17:22 

“Forget your Past, –it’s forgiven and Press On –Walking on the Narrow Path with  Christ.” Philippians 3:13.  

“God chose you before the foundation of the world and he accepted you with all  your faults.” Romans 8:29, Ephesians 1:4. “If God loves you so much –you should  Love Yourself. Be your unique self –and don’t act like someone else.” 

It is better to face problems and sinning right away Instead of not dealing with  them. 

Enjoy the ride along the way with God every day, and on the path to your goals. And walk righteously in holiness, 

with the Lord.  

Think always –The Lord is–my Shepherd. 

–There is No Condemnation to those in Christ Jesus —who walk –Not after the  world or doing sinning, —but instead–do obedience to God.” Romans 8:1 

Don’t be Fearful or Worry about Tomorrow —Today is all that counts–and live it by  faith and –Trust in Jesus Christ who said –”I will never leave you or forsake you, I am  with you until the end of the world.” Hebrews 13:5, Deuteronomy 31:8.

The Attitudes and Actions that create DEPRESSION and SORROW: 

Hate leads to Depression and a one-way ticket to Hell. “Overcome Evil with Good.”  Romans 12:21.  

Overcome Hate thoughts –with Love and Forgiveness thoughts and actions. 

If you experience bad or negative thoughts and have a pity party or DepressionFind out right then and there what you are thinking –and —Change Your Thoughts to  Thankfulness to God. 

Listening to Worldly Music can bring back painful memories and/or sexual lustful  memories that will bring on sinful thoughts and actions.  

–Listen to Christian Music or instrumental music instead of sinful worldly music. 

Unforgiveness equals —Depression every time you have it.  

Get rid of Unforgiveness –treat it as a Deadly Poison.  

Blaming others and making excuses —won’t set you free. 

Bitterness equals Depression Beware, Lest any –Root of Bitterness/resentment–grow  up within you –and poison and destroy you like a Cancer –from the inside and then  outside. Hebrews 12:15. 

Resentment equals Depression. Don’t be angry at God, yourself, or others because  things aren’t going–exactly like you want. Those things right now that are Impossible  with people or your present circumstances –are Possible with God’s presence and help  in the situations. Luke 18:27.  

–Are you Frustrated? Then–Pray to God and —Ask for Help and  

–“Cast/put all your Cares/stresses/anxiety upon Jesus for he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7,  Philippians 4:6-7. 

As the Song says–“Cast your burdens upon the Lord and –Leave them there.” 

Being Envious or Jealous of someone’s promotion, possessions, or monetary increases,  spouse, or anything you desire of theirs –always equals Depression for you. 

Being Fearful or Worrisome equals Depression. Fear and Worry Thinking –comes  from the devil, negative fearful people, and yourself. 

–Fear and Worry don’t come from God because the scripture says,  —God has Not given You–a spirit of Fear and Worrybut God gives us instead –his Power, his Love, and a Sound Mind  –that doesn’t have fear, worry, or depression in it.  

2nd Timothy 1:7. 

Being Selfish or Greedy leads to Depression for you. 


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