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–It features –Reverend Loose Cannons and 

–Pastor Lukewarm –who Disagree on –every single Topic discussed. 

TOPICS debated are:  

What people Believe about Heaven.  

Who are the Least and Greatest in Heaven?  

Who are Overcomers, and what are their special Rewards?  

What do God and Jesus look like in Heaven?  

Are Near Death people’s Trips to Heaven, –real or imagined/made-up?  Is Heaven an actual Real Place?  

Is Hell a myth or an actual place?  

What is Hell Like?  

The Parable of the Talents.  

What will the End of the World be like?  


The ‘Foolish Virgins Parable’.  

Descriptions of Heaven –from the Bible.  

What is the Final Judgment in Heaven?  

What did Jesus Christ say –about Heaven, and Hell? 

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–It features –Reverend Loose Cannons and 

–Pastor Lukewarm –-who Disagree on –every single Topic discussed. Talk Show Host: What do you think about Heaven? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: In most churches Heaven is talked about  very little in sermons or Bible studies. Many parishioners think of God as old man  Father Time on a throne somewhere.  

The Bible declares: God is all powerful, all knowing, and has always been. God  was never created –He is –I AM that –I AM.  

Most church adult people and their children think of Jesus Christ as a well groomed handsome loving guy with a smile holding a lamb.  

They think of Angels as human looking creatures with wings.  

Nowhere in the Bible are Angels described as having wings but are described as  looking like men. They are not birds or bird-like in appearance.  

However, there are specially made creatures –called Seraphim and Cherubim that  have wings and different looking faces. When Jesus Christ came back to earth with  his new glorified body –he didn’t have wings.  

Any Saint in Heaven will have a glorified body just like Jesus had on the earth.  

Nowadays –Rewards in Heaven are rarely discussed by any Believers or  Christians. Most Believers are apathetic or indifferent to pursuing after –Rewards  in Heaven.  

In 1st Corinthians Chapter 3 –Paul says, When we get saved, we have a  Foundation to build upon for getting Rewards in Heaven.  

A person can build upon their relationship or foundation on Jesus Christ with gold,  silver, costly stones (all symbolic of having the Fruits of the Spirit manifested in  their lives, and –Doing Good Works for the Kingdom of God). 

Or they can build upon Their Foundation wood, hay, or worthless stones (all  symbolic of not having fruits of the Spirit, and no good works for the Kingdom of  God).  

At the Great Judgment in Heaven every Christian’s Works –will be tried by the  pure truthful Fire of God.  

A Believer’s –few good works that are not burned up –will receive few rewards.  And those Christians with no good works will be saved from the fires of Hell but  throughout eternity –will suffer great loss of what they could have had. 

In most churches and ministries —Having a sermon about or talking about the  –Overcomers who persevere/endure to the end for God and –don’t go back to  living in sinful ways and never repenting are –taboo and forbidden to be talked  about. 

Because doing so will offend parishioners who are Lukewarm, that believe in  OSAS, or are living in Willful Sinning. 

In Revelation chapter 3:11 –Jesus Christ said –” Behold, I am coming  quickly. Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown.”  “Hold on to your Overcomers Crown so that the devil and the sinners –don’t Steal  your Crown from you.”  

Most pastors and parishioners nowadays: 

–would have a panic-attack, or heart attack to see or hear –Scriptures from the  Bible about– 

–The Fear of God,  

–That OSAS/Once Saved-Always Saved –isn’t true, 

–That Lukewarm Believers/church people –unless they Repent –will end up in  Hell. 

Whoever Overcomes to the End of their lives for God will get the following:  (from the Book of Revelation) 

–Rule and Reign with God –for eternity in Heaven and –on the earth/during the  1,000-year Millennial Weign of Jesus Christ. 

–Receive the Morning Star/be in Jesus’s presence and receive his Love forever. –Become a pillar in God’s Kingdom (symbolic of a high position of authority in  Heaven). 

–Receive a –brand-New Name –from God personally; and will sit down with  God and Jesus on their thrones.

Most Believers don’t know or care about these incredible Eternal Rewards being  offered. 

Revelation 12 says that glorified Saints in Heaven –lived an Overcoming Life on  the earth –by making the Choices of:  

–Getting eternally saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. 

–Not being –Ashamed of Jesus and the Bible and –did Witnessing for the  Kingdom of God.  

–And they loved Not their lives –to their death.  

A true Christian will be tortured and/or die for their Faith –rather than Deny the  Lord before anyone.  

In Mathew 5:11-12 it says –IF you are Not Ashamed to Witness for Jesus Christ  and you get insulted, persecuted, and lied about while working/witnessing for God  that your Reward is Great in Heaven

–And that as a result of that –you should be Glad/happy all the time and leap up  in the air for joy. 

Real Saints Overcome on the earth with Victory over the following: –the devil,  their fleshly lusts, loving money and pleasures –more than God. They also Forgive  Completely –anyone who has sinned against them. 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: At my church I seldom talk about Heaven because  we don’t want to be so Heavenly-minded and then be no earthly good. Everybody  is equal in Heaven so we talk about other more important things such as being  prosperous, being blessed of God at work, making lots of money, thinking  positively, and watering down the scriptures so everybody when they leave church  will think –” I’m alright and so is everybody else here.”  

We don’t really care much about Heaven. We’ll find out when we get there so after  the service is over, we all rather talk about the weather, sports, our jobs and most  importantly where are we going for lunch and what will we have to eat and drink.  

You are so dumb Reverend Loose Cannons to even think God doesn’t look like an  old long bearded Father Time –as pictured in comics and cartoons. Of course, that’s what God looks like. We have pictures of Jesus at our church, and he is a  blue eyed, handsome effeminate man holding a lamb or washing the disciple’s feet.  That’s what he looks like in Heaven. All Angels have wings and all Saints in  Heaven have wings. We don’t care about rewards in Heaven that’s not relevant. 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: To know more about what Heaven is  like we need to know what God looks like in Heaven, Isaiah the prophet says in his  book that he wrote –in Chapter 6 –I saw the Lord sitting upon his throne and he  was high and lifted up. Around him were the seraphim who yelled out to each  other saying, Holy holy is the Lord.” 

Daniel says in the book he wrote Chapter 7: 9-10 –” I saw the Ancient of Days  (God) on his throne, whose garment was white as snow,  

the hair of his head was like pure wool,  

his throne was like a fiery flame, and flames of fire came from him.” 

“Thousands upon thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand upon ten  thousand stood before him. The final Judgment was set, and the books were  opened.”  

Ezekiel says in Chapter 43:2 of the book he wrote that –” He saw God and his  Voice was like the noise/sound of many rivers or waterfalls.”  

In Revelation 1:15 “It says Jesus Christ has a Voice like a roar of many  waters/waterfalls.” 

In the 4th Chapter of the Book of Revelation Apostle John says –” I was in the  Spirit and saw a throne before me with God sitting on it.  

He had the appearance of the beautiful lights/illumination of jasper and ruby.  There was a gorgeous emerald like Rainbow that encircled God’s throne.”  

“From God’s Throne –came flashes of lightening, rumblings and rolling of  thunder. In front of God’s throne –was glass like –the purest crystal-clear Sea.”  

“There were 24 other thrones around God’s throne with 24 elders sitting on them  dressed in pure white and they constantly threw down their golden crowns at the  feet of God. Also there were 4 living creatures who constantly keep saying,” Holy,  holy is the Lord God Almighty who was, and is, and is to come.” 

A description of Jesus Christ in Heaven is found in Revelation Chapter 1.  –Jesus had a bright white robe down to his feet, with a bright golden sash around  his chest. The hair of his head was like pure snowy white wool, and his eyes were  flames of fire. His feet were like the purest bronze glowing in a furnace. His voice  was like the sound of many rivers or waterfalls. Coming out of his mouth was a  sharp, double-edged sword. His face looked like the sun shining so brightly and  you can’t look at it. 

Both God and Jesus Christ are described in Ezekiel 8:9,14,15 and  Revelation Chapter 1 as having –White woolly Hair, Eyes of Fire, and Voices like  many waters. These scriptures prove God and Jesus Christ are one and equal. 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: You just quoted the Bible saying God is the  Ancient of Days or Father Time, just like I told you he was. Then you describe  Jesus with all this bright clothing and flames of fire coming from his eyes. And  you say both God and Jesus have voices like many waterfalls.  

And you also having Jesus with a sword coming out of his mouth. Give me a break  man! The best pictures of God are ones that show him as –a shinning happy face  sun, or as a star-with a big smile on his face for all of mankind. The best pictures  of Jesus are of him as smiling and holding a lamb; or hugging a man with a big  Cheshire Cat smile on his face. 

Talk Show Host: Are all those NDE/near death experiences. Visits To Heaven Authentic or Made-Up? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: ” I have researched lots of people’s  stories and claims that they visited Heaven, and I was open-minded to see if it was  really true or false.  

The most believed Heavenly Visit years ago was by Dr. Richard Ebby. He claimed  on the TBN network for over a decade that he went to Heaven and that Jesus told  him –He would return for his church before he died.  

He said he had an accident falling headfirst 3 stories to the pavement and went  unconscious and died and went to Heaven and heard Heavenly music and saw  golden streets and mansions etc. He said he had a body that floated and was  transparent. 

Many Christians believed him and since he was an old guy thought Jesus Christ  would return any day before he died. Well, Dr. Ebby died about 20 years ago and  before dying he Never Repented –of his made-up dreams or illusions. He made a  lot of money off of his book, and his appearances at Christian talk shows and  churches.

The next most believed Heavenly visit was from Don Piper. He wrote a book  called “90 Minutes in Heaven”. Cecil Murphy a professional writer co-wrote the  book and coached him as they both embellished the book over the years. In the  book he claims he never went into Heaven but went just outside the gates of  Heaven.  

So, they are both lying with their Book’s title that he went into Heaven. Pretty slick  marketing and over 6 million people have bought his book and he has spoken to  millions and also had a movie released that was popular. He had his NDE (Near  Death Experience) in 1989 but didn’t publish the book until 2004! That’s an  obvious Red Flag –that he and Cecil embellished/exaggerated the book during the  15 years before writing and publishing it. 

Don Piper claims he had a car accident with a semi-truck and was dead for 90  minutes and went outside the gates of Heaven, saw relatives who welcomed him,  and sang with a Heavenly choir. So far, he refuses to Repent of his made up dream  or illusion before he dies. 

The current most popular Visit to Heaven story comes from Carlton Burpo, (and  his dad, and an editor from Thomas Nelson Publishers) –who both relentlessly  coached Carlton to –answer a certain way and embellish the made up story. The  book is called “Heaven Is for Real” and has sold over 4 million copies and a movie  produced and distributed by the same name is very popular.  

Carlton Burpo was 3 years old when he had an appendix removal operation. He  never actually died –but claims he went to Heaven anyway. Really? He says all Angels –had halos and wings. All Saints –had wings and he also had  wings in Heaven. He sat on Jesus’s lap and Jesus looked like a white handsome guy  with blue eyes.  

Michael the Archangel walked around with a large flaming sword.  Jesus rides around Heaven on a rainbow horse.  

He saw John the Baptist, Peter, John, Samson, King David, Mary, his grandfather,  and his unborn sister. 

Most critics believe his so-called Heavenly visit in reality –came from all the  following: pictures he had seen in Sunday school; a dream he had while under  anesthesia and then –remembers it a year later —after hundreds of hours of  coaching and leading questions, and it then became a story that was printed up. 

Carlton Burpo and his dad, and publisher, have also embellished the book –after it  was released –especially after talk show hosts, reporters, and journalist  interviewed him about the book —and his answers were not consistent and  obviously made up. 

Carlton and his dad still claim their story is real. Nowadays, when Carlton is asked  questions about his book in his dad’s church, he sings back his answers. Maybe it’s  easier to Lie when you sing out your answers to hard questions. Lol. 

An airplane pilot claims he had an accident/NDE and saw a million shinning  diamonds in Heaven. His story was sounding pretty good until he said  Saints –have Wings that are transparent –in their backs.  

Note: –Angels don’t have wings. We shall be like the Angels who don’t have  wings and have a body just like Jesus Christ had when he came back to earth after  his resurrection, and –He didn’t –have wings. Mark 12:25 and Mathew 22:30. 

A neurosurgeon named Dr. Eber Alexander who doesn’t claim to be a Christian  said he had a NDE and went to Heaven. He wrote a book about it called “Proof of  Heaven” and has sold millions of copies and has been on many popular talk shows.  He says he went through a tunnel of spinning white light. Out of the spinning light  he came to a lush valley of beautiful flowers. He says –” I was a speck of  awareness on a butterfly’s wing flying with millions of other butterflies.”  

Some super being or a god bathed in light told him that –he was loved  unconditionally and so was everybody else and that every person on earth makes it  into Heaven. This is Universalism a religion/belief that most people agree with, so  it’s easy to see why millions embrace any books or movies concerning it such as  The Shack book/movie and Christian Science religious teachings.  

If Dr. Eber didn’t dream his Heavenly visit. It could have been made up, or a  demon masquerading as an angel of light appeared to him. Psychics and other non Christians have claimed similar NDE experiences.  

A young kid wrote a similar book account just like the –Heaven is for Real book.  This book was written by Alex Malarky, who claimed an NDE –after much  coaching and leading questions from editors.  

A book was compiled and called “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven”. A  million people bought the book and believed it hook, line, and sinker. A few years  ago, Alex Malarky held a press conference and said: — “The entire Book was made  up. 

That he lied to get attention. He had never even read the Bible back then. People  including my publisher profited from my lies. And the last thing he said was -Read  the Bible that is enough. This kid delivered his soul by Repenting of his Lies. May  God bless him. 

Critics of these unrepentant authors and publishers who spread these obvious  made-up Heavenly experiences say that: They are either –dreams, false memories,  hallucinations, figments of the human imagination, demonic influences, made up  lies for popularity, or to make lots of money. 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: I believe as does everybody at my church that all  those trips to Heaven are genuine. We have bought all the books and movies by  those NDE people you mentioned.  

It doesn’t matter if Dr. Ebby was wrong about Jesus’s literal return to earth because  Jesus came back to earth spiritually before Dr. Ebby died. 

Don Piper’s book made me cry when he met his relatives and sang with a Heavenly  choir. Just because he didn’t publish his book until 15 years after his visit to  Heaven doesn’t mean he and his co-author made it up over all those years. Why  that’s preposterous.  

Carlton Burpo at 3 and 4 years old was never coached to answer leading questions  from his dad, mom, and journalists from his publisher.  

He’s right about everything in Heaven.  

Such as all Saints have wings to fly around like birds in Heaven. He’s correct that  all Angels have halos and wings just like the pictures at our church and in  movies/videos. 

My wife and I can’t wait to fly on a butterfly’s wing in Heaven like Dr. Eber  Alexander did. God is love and all anyone has to do is believe in him. Anyone who  seeks God and Jesus regardless of the path they are on will find them and go to  Heaven.

Talk Show Host: Is HELL Real? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: I have read all the scriptures in the Bible that  talk about Hell –and lots of testimonies of people who said they went there either  by NDE or by a vision. Hell, outer darkness, separation from God, and other  references to an eternal place of suffering and damnation are mentioned over –200 times in the New Testament.  

Jesus Christ spoke more about Hell –than he did about Heaven. Why did He? So,  many people don’t understand that it was because He loved people –and didn’t  want them to end up in Hell.  

–“Knowing the Terror of the Lord (to righteously judge sinful people and  –cast them into Hell) we try to persuade people to Repent –and get right with God  before it’s too late and they can’t’ Repent.” 2 Corinthians 5:11. 

This is what HELL is like: 

It is deep down in the center of the earth. Outer Darkness is a place in Hell.  –(A Volcano when it erupts with Lava (Brimstone/sulfur) from deep down in the  earth reminds us of Hell down beneath our feet.) 

It has millions of Jail Cells where people are put in and suffer over and over  beatings and torment from demons. Some jail cells are empty waiting for future  residents.  

–In those individual personal jail cells or cubicles, a person is tormented over and  over and weeps and gnashes their teeth. 

It is filthy and smells really bad. It smells similar to feces, dead flesh, and sulfur  mixed together in a dry heat.  

It has a Lake of Fire where people scream out in pain tormented by the flames in  their spirit bodies.  

It takes so much effort just to breathe the putrid sulfur air.  

A person has no strength in hell, so demons can torment and beat them up anytime  they want without getting any resistance. 

FEAR is beyond any fears here on earth and it is constant. Hate, bitterness, weeping, and gnashing of teeth torment everyone constantly. People hate God,  others, and themselves all the time. 

There is not one drop of Water, –so everyone has an excruciating Thirst all the  time.  

There is No mercy in Hell from demons –they hate everyone and constantly curse  God with the foulest language.  

The Darkness is so bad you can feel it.  

There is No Peace of any kind. People in Hell know –they took advantage of God’s  love, and mercy on the earth, and disobeyed him, and never repented.  They tremble at having to face him one day at the final White Throne Judgment. 

There is utter Hopelessness and Despair and –everybody knows they will never  get out.  

There are Greater Levels of Punishment –As those who knew God’s will and didn’t  do it –will be beaten with many worse whippings or levels of torment than –those  who didn’t know God’s will.  

A person is kept in isolation and can’t communicate with anyone else ever again.  Most people on the earth can’t go a day, week, or month without any contact  whatsoever with any living person or animal before they start to freak out and go  crazy.  

There is No sleep or Rest ever. Deprived of sleep here on the earth for days or over  a week and a person goes nuts with fear, paranoia, hallucinations, and wants to die. 

Maggots and Snakes of different sizes are everywhere. Ugly reptilian looking  hideous demon creatures are constantly tormenting people. There is a hierarchy of  demons –the bigger reptilian and snake looking demons rule over the same  looking smaller demons. 

People relive parts of their sinful lives as the worst nightmares over and over.  Imagine the terror a person would have here on the earth reliving their worst most  painful times here on the earth over and over when they went to sleep every single  night. 

Some Christians believe a person in Hell is tormented forever throughout eternity  and never dies.  

Other Christians believe the scriptures over and over say a person will Perish in  Hell after they are punished justly for their particular sins they committed. The  opposite of eternal life is eternal death and so a person is annihilated or put to  death spiritually after they suffer the righteous judgment of God for their  transgressions. They cease to exist forever.  

 End of –” What is HELL Like”? 

Some people that weren’t Christians such as billionaire Steve Jobs right before he  died said –“Oh wow, Oh wow”. Sam Kinison the comedian who put down Jesus  Christ and God all the time for laughs got in a fatal accident and right before he  died. 

Appeared to be talking to an Angel and his last words were “I don’t want to die, I  don’t want to die, Okay, Okay”. They were both unaware that “satan can transform  himself into an Angel of light” 2 Corinthians 11:14. 

Other NDE people who were Not Saved and died and crossed over with their  spiritual bodies said: People ran towards them congratulating them and saying  welcome to paradise, even smiling dead relatives did the same.  

Then these same smiling people morphed into demonic beings and started torturing  them. This would explain how Steve Jobs and Sam Kinison thought everything is  going to be okay and they are going to Heaven.  

Some unsaved people after an NDE say an Angelic being, God, Jesus, etc. told  them they are unconditionally loved and everyone on earth goes to Heaven.  

If they didn’t make their story up –little, did they know –they were talking to a  demon(s) who can change into an angelic being(s) with bright light around them.  

Most people who worship the devil or are satanists do so because they believe they  will rule and reign over demons and peoples in hell as a reward for serving the  devil on the earth.  

Nothing could be farther from the truth. They will be tortured like everyone else in  hell.

PASTOR LUKEWARM: Reverend Loose Cannons, you are so ignorant and  heartless trying to scare people about Hell. You have never been to Hell so all this  garbage about it coming from you is so much rubbish. The scriptures about Hell in  the Bible are all symbolic. The Lake of Fire could be a swimming pool with a little fire around it. 

People after they endure any kind of discomfort in hell will be given another  chance to repent from God. I would think most would beg God for mercy and  forgiveness and say they are sorry, and the God of love and mercy will forgive  them and let them into Heaven. 

You said there are small and giant size reptilian or snake-like looking demonic  creatures in hell. Give me a break! These people who claimed they went to Hell  and came back –obviously have watched to many horror flicks and have acute  mental disorders and need to see a psychiatrist right away and get medications. 

Steve Jobs and Sam Kinison were good people, and they were talking to or seeing  God and he assured them they would be with him in Heaven. Reverend Loose  Cannons you are unloving, cruel, and need to ask God’s and everybody’s  forgiveness because you have offended them. In my church Hell is never  mentioned. 

Talk Show Host: Should A Christian Seek Treasures in  Heaven

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: Jesus Christ said “Don’t store up for  yourselves Treasures and Possessions on earth

–But store up for yourselves –Treasures and Rewards in Heaven. For where your  Treasures and Possessions are 

–is where your Heart’s desires will be known.” Mathew 6. 20-21. 

This scripture clearly shows anybody who claims to be a Christian or Believer is  told with no uncertainty by Jesus that they are required to Not –Lay Up Treasures  upon the Earth. But are Commanded to –Store Up Treasures in Heaven. These are  Commandments from Jesus not suggestions.  

He said, “If you Love me keep/do my commandments.” John 14:15. And also  “Teach my sons and daughters to keep my commandments.” Mathew 28:20. 

A person’s money and possessions are what they have gotten because of their  Talent(s) they used or inherited.  

We all need a certain amount of money for –everyday living, our spouse, kids,  grand kids, etc., and certain possessions such a dwelling place, car, furniture,  clothes, food, etc.  

But the rest of our money and possessions should be used for the Kingdom of God  such as for evangelism, church(es) a person attends, missionaries, helping poor  Saints, and poor people that aren’t Christians.  

We are to also use our God-given mental and physical Talents/resources for all  these ministries and peoples also. The choice is up to a person how they will use  their talents, time, money, and possessions for the Kingdom of God. “Unto whom  is given Much (money, talents, and possessions) then –Much Good Works done  for the Kingdom of God –is Required by God of that person when they are  Judged.” Luke 12:48. 

From Mathew chapter 25 –I will Paraphrase in my own words the  —Parable by Jesus of the Talents: —A certain rich man was going on a journey  away. He called his servants to a meeting before he left. He gave one servant 5  bags of gold, another servant 2 bags of gold, and another servant 1 bag of gold.  Each servant he wisely and fairly gave –according to their own unique ability.  –Then the rich man went on his journey overseas.  

The servant who received 5 bags of gold went immediately to work using the gold  to –over time doubling it’s worth. The servant who received 2 bags of gold did the  same and –doubled his gold that was given to him.  

But the servant who received 1 bag of gold went out and dug a hole in the ground – -and –hid the gold down there.  

After a long time, the rich master/God came back to see what each servant had  done with his allotment of gold given to him. He was ready and looking forward to  rewarding them for their diligence and work.  

So, the servant who received 5 bags of gold gave his master back 10 bags of gold.  The very happy rich master said “Well done! Good and Faithful servant! You have  been Faithful with a few things; I will put you –in charge of many things.” 

The servant who received 2 bags of gold put down 4 bags of gold at his master’s  feet. The very happy rich master said “Well done! Good and faithful servant! You  have been Faithful with a few things; I will put you –in charge of many things.” 

Then the servant who received one bag of gold put down the original one bag of  gold given him at the master’s feet. The servant said “I knew you were a hard  person to please, and you aren’t a fair righteous person, and it isn’t worth it for me  to work for you. I was afraid so I went outside and hid/buried the bag of gold in the  earth. Here is the same gold back to you –that you gave to me.” 

The very angry master replied “You wicked Lazy servant! So, you think I am  unfair and unrighteous, and it isn’t worth it to serve me and use the Talent I  entrusted to you. You should have at the very least put my gold I gave you on  deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned, I would have at least gotten it  back with some interest.” 

The furious master said to his guards “Take that bag of gold and give it to my  servant who gained 5 more bags of gold for me. And throw this Worthless servant  into outer darkness where he gets what he deserves with constant weeping and  gnashing of teeth.” 

The Parable simply put is –God gives all Christians talents, abilities, and money  and in the final White Throne Judgment –all Christians will be judged by their  Works before (God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost) and give testimony to what  they did with what they had –for the Kingdom of God.  

Romans 2:6, 2nd Corinthians 5:10, Revelation 20:12. 

And those who didn’t do anything or gave the very least back to God and Jesus  Christ of their talents, abilities, and money will wish they had when they have to  answer for doing hardly anything for the Kingdom of God while on the earth.  Sadly, for them –they will receive little or no rewards in Heaven.  

And be called the Least in the Kingdom of God but they could have been called the  Greatest in the Kingdom of God. But they didn’t care about that while they lived on  the earth. 

And no matter how sad they are standing before the throne of God and Jesus and  would then –do much better if given another chance. It’s too late for them now.  Little or no rewards and/or being Least in the Kingdom of God are forever. Big 

and Rich Rewards in Heaven and being Great in the Kingdom of God are forever  and eternal. 

My observations are that –only about 10% of people who say they are Christians  or Believers will lay up treasures and rewards in Heaven by using their talents and  resources –First for the Kingdom of God.  

The other 90% or so of peoples who say they are Christians or Believers could care  less about big rewards or big positions in the Kingdom of Almighty God.  

They have found a comfortable niche in their Christianity and are content to go to  church for an hour or so each week. Give the least amount of their time or money  to the Lord and his work. And never witness or teach others the things of God.  

Some Christians even say, “If you do good works for the Lord, and use your  talents, resources, and money for the Lord’s Kingdom, that you have –a ‘Works  Salvation’ and are trying to earn your salvation.” I look forward to watching these  willfully lazy and also crazy (spiritually speaking) peoples telling God and Jesus  Christ at the White Throne Judgment that they were wrong to tell us to –“Lay Up  for Ourselves Treasures in Heaven.” Mathew 6:20-21. 

Here’s another insane (spiritually speaking) Doctrine: –I have read and heard  Christian evangelists and teachers say –That if you for instance were called to be  an accountant and you are instead a pastor doing God’s work you won’t receive any  rewards because you were supposed to be an accountant. Talk about willful  ignorance of the real Word of God.  

Anybody who is a Christian and they do anything for the Kingdom of God will  receive a Reward for doing that. In Mathew 10 Jesus Christ says, “If you give just  a cup of cold water to someone who is in my ministry –You will Not Lose Your  Reward!”  

So, don’t listen to the Liars who tell you that your Good Works for the Kingdom of  God don’t matter. That, if you for instance –do witnessing for the Lord but you are  really supposed to be selling shoes instead and because your real calling is selling  shoes you get no rewards for witnessing for the Lord. These Liars/Sorcerers will  stand before God and Jesus Christ and give account for their damnable doctrine. 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: You are grossly wrong. We can have all the  Treasures and possessions we want on this earth. This shows how blessed of God  we are. Prosperity Preachers are the most loved special people of God and many of 

them are my Idols because they are so blessed from God with: Airplanes, exotic  cars, mansions, and millions of dollars to spend on all the pleasures and  possessions their hearts desire. 

God doesn’t judge them for having these things but instead he keeps giving them  more treasures to lay up here on the earth for their pleasures. Obviously, if they  were doing wrong God would judge them but he doesn’t.  

Therefore, a Believer if they are right with God and favored by him like yours truly –should have lots of treasures and possessions on this earth. They are doing  something wrong if they aren’t blessed of God with many possessions and lots of  money.  


These prosperity evangelists are not greedy and selfish but are blessed of God just  like Abraham, Job, David, and Solomon were. I have a big mansion, exotic cars,  designer clothes and shoes, servants, a Lear Jet, and millions of dollars to spend on  anything I so desire. And if I want more –my congregation and donors will gladly  give me millions more. 

The Talents Parable is all symbolic and really means that it would be nice for us to  do a little more for God when we have a chance. But if we don’t –it doesn’t matter  because we are eternally sealed forever and besides everybody is equal in Heaven.  Jesus told another parable where he said everybody received the same amount of  

money for working for him regardless of if they worked one hour or twelve hours. 

This parable proves we are all equal in Heaven with no least or greatest positions. I  don’t care about rewards in Heaven I just want to see sweet Jesus and give him a  hug. 

You say only 10% of Believers do most of the work of God on the earth. I say 90%  do most of the work of God. You are being too judgmental. 

We don’t have to witness to others verbally. All we have to do is cling to the old  rugged cross, go to church, and read the Bible and pray when we can find the time  to do so. It’s –Once Saved, Always Saved. You are endorsing a Works Salvation.  Shame on you Reverend Loose Cannons. 

I do agree with you about the “No Rewards for doing God’s Work” crazy  Teaching. 

Talk Show Host: What will the End of The World be Like? 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: After The Great Tribulation –Jesus  Christ said at the End of the Earth or this World: “That he will send his Angels to  the earth, and they will weed out of my Kingdom that which causes sin and all who  do evil. The mighty powerful Angels will throw them into the blazing furnace  (Lake of Fire, Hell), where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Mathew  13:47-50 

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a –Net that was let down into the lake  and caught all kinds of fish. When it was full, the fisherman pulled it up to the  shore. Then they sat down and collected the good eating fish in baskets, but  Castaway the bad toxic fish. This is how it will be at the End of the Age –the  powerful Angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous. And  violently cast the wicked into the Lake of Fire where there shall be weeping and  gnashing of teeth.” Mathew 13:47-50. 

In the Parable of the 5 wise Virgins and 5 foolish Virgins/Mathew 25:1-13. It says — “There was a loud voice or (Trumpet) that announced the Bridegroom  (Jesus Christ) has arrived! The wise Virgins who were ready and had Endured until  the End were Ready –and went to joyfully meet the Bridegroom. And they also  went off to the wedding banquet (Heaven). And the door to Heaven was shut.  

Later the foolish (Lukewarm) virgins came to the Bridegroom and said, “Lord,  Lord open the door to Heaven for us. But Jesus Christ replied, “I tell you the truth I  don’t Know you.” (I didn’t have intimate relationships with you, and –I wasn’t your  1st Love). 

In another Parable (Mathew 22:1-24) –Jesus talked about a Wedding Party –and  in those days if you were invited to a wedding, you were given specially made  wedding clothes to wear at the wedding and reception. (This represents God’s  Righteousness –that covers us when we repent and have the Blood of Jesus Christ  forgive all our sins.)  

At the wedding reception a man came to it dressed in his own clothes (his own  righteousness). When the King (God) came to see the guests, he noticed a man not  wearing the official wedding clothes like everybody else. He asked the man, “How  did you get in here without our official wedding clothes?” 

The terrified man was speechless. Just like most people will be who are not right  with God at the White Throne Judgment when they see God and Jesus Christ in  their power and glory and all the millions of mighty Angels around them.  

Then the angry King (God) told the attendants (Angels) “Tie this man up hand and  feet and throw him into Outer Darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing  of teeth. 

“For many are Called (invited) but few are Chosen (endure until the end).” Mathew 22:14. 

1 Corinthians 15:51-54 –It says, “We shall be changed into our new spiritual  bodies in the twinkling of an eye. This flesh and blood corruptible body will be  done away with, and we will be changed to an incorruptible body of immortality.” 

Just like the new body that Jesus had when he showed himself to the disciples after  the resurrection.” 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: All those Parables you talked about are symbolic  and are only written to Jewish Believers in the last days. The Rapture of the  Church will take place before the Great Tribulation, so I’ll be in Heaven during  those times having a cruise ship party time with Jesus and my family and relatives  just like we cruise and party nowadays.  

It’s OSAS and I don’t give a rat’s pituitary gland about the last days or any talk  about Hell and God’s Judgment. That’s for all the really bad people not me. I’m  eternally sealed clinging to the old rugged cross and I’ll exchange it someday for a  crown. 

You are totally insensitive and are trying to scare people about God’s judgment and  outer darkness. I will give your dumb self a Heads-Up. –It’s so simple, God doesn’t  do any wrath on his kids so read my lips –Not going through any tribulation for  me on this earth.  

All true Believers are OSAS (Once Saved, Always Saved). And don’t need to be  obedient all the time or be concerned about enduring until the end to be saved.  What rubbish. 

Any Believer is eternally sealed and just has to put all their faith in the Cross and  that’s it. They can sin all they want –God understands and loves them no matter 

what they do. And if things on this earth get too rough for them, they can commit  suicide and sweet Jesus will understand and just hug them and say no big deal  enjoy Heaven. 

Talk Show Host: What are Descriptions of Heaven

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: In Revelation Chapter 21: It says:  Heaven doesn’t have a sun for light or electricity for giving light. The glory of God  and Jesus Christ are the light and illumination there. There is no night or darkness.  Days, weeks, months, years, and knowing what time it is are non-existent.  

No need to rest or sleep. Nothing is impure in Heaven. No sin, lusts, greed, hate,  lies, stealing, pride, or violence. The only glorified Saints are those whose Names  are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  

There is a City made of the purest Gold. The thousands of miles of streets are made  of the purest Gold like clear translucent glass. There are Diamonds everywhere in  walls etc. along with all manner of precious stones in abundance such as jasper,  sapphire, agate, emerald, onyx, ruby, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, turquoise, jacinth,  and amethyst. Each one of the 12 massive gates of the heavenly city is made of a  single pearl.  

In Revelation Chapter 22 It Says: Heaven has a River of Water of Life as clear as  pure crystal flowing from the magnificent Throne of God and of the Lamb –down  the middle of the great golden street of the city. On each side of the river is the  Tree of Life yielding fruit all the time.  

There is no curse, fear, or worry. No crying, tears, bad memories, or depression.  Saints will be able to look upon God’s face, and God’s name will be upon their  foreheads. Saints will reign with God and Jesus Christ for ever and ever! 

In Revelation Chapter 19 It says: Blessed are those invited to the Wedding Supper  of the Lord. Saints will be able to eat what they want. The new glorified bodies  will have no genitalia and will all be male-looking in appearance just like all  Angels that have ever appeared in the Bible are male-looking in  appearance Mathew 22:29. No gender issues. There will be no need to go to the  bathroom. No sexual relations.

The new glorified bodies will be just like the body Jesus Christ had on the earth  After he was Resurrected –He ate fish and bread; went through a building; and  ascended up into the clouds and back to Heaven. 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: I would like to rest and sleep in Heaven, but you  say Saints never do. In Heaven I also would like to know what’s happening on the  earth such as: Who’s famous and rich on the earth? What my favorite movie and  TV stars are doing? I will miss the National Enquirer, People magazine, and what  the latest soap operas and show business gossip is.  

Your description of Heaven sounds so boring and too perfect. No excitement. I  really don’t care about any rewards in Heaven because I am so humble, and I just  want to hug sweet Jesus all the time.  

You are a Sexist. You say Saints and Angels are all male-looking in appearance.  You are a nutcase. All glorified Saints and Angels are different males and females  in appearances just like they are portrayed in TV shows and movies.  

You say there are No sexual pleasures in Heaven. I can’t have sex with my wife in  Heaven you say. What a bummer. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me. Maybe I  should become a Mormon –they have sex all they want in their Heaven. Ha! Ha! I  do like what you say about pigging out in Heaven and not going to the bathroom  later. 

Talk Show Host: What is the Final Judgment in Heaven

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: The final White Throne Judgment will  feature the following: Everyone whether Saints or sinners will stand before God’s  and Jesus Christ’s Thrones.  

Every knee will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Everyone will give an  account of their lives and what they did with them on the earth.  

To whom much was given, much will be required.  

Those who helped the poor, hungry, visited people when they were sick or in jail  will be rewarded. And those who didn’t will be cursed. Mathew 25.

Anyone who’s name was Not found in the Book of Life such as –Unbelievers, vile  people, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, and –All Liars will be cast into  Hell and/or Outer Darkness. 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: I don’t care about any White Throne Judgment  because I will only appear before Jesus privately at his Bema judgment seat and  since it’s OSAS he will congratulate me and shower me with praise and rewards. If  a person is a Believer, it doesn’t matter at all how they treated other people because  they are eternally sealed and saved and can laugh their faces off at the final  judgment.  

You are trying to scare people but crazy people like you can’t scare me.  

You have a Works Salvation. Hell, and Outer Darkness are just symbolic of a bad  place where a person goes and after suffering for a little while –they say they are  sorry for sinning and then they accept Jesus Christ’s salvation free gift and they are  forgiven like they never sinned and then they go to Heaven with sweet Jesus. 

Talk Show Host: What Did Jesus Say About Heaven & HELL


Some of the things Jesus Christ said about Heaven & Hell were:  “Don’t be afraid of those who can kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Instead, be  afraid of God who can destroy both soul and body in Hell. I say unto you –Fear  him!”  

Mathew 10:28.  

“Whoever is Not Ashamed of me before any person. I will Not Be Ashamed of  them before my Father in Heaven. Anyone who is Afraid to acknowledge me as  their Lord and Savior before anyone. I will Not acknowledge them before my  Father in Heaven.” Mathew 10:32-33. 

“What shall it profit a person to own and rule the entire world but then die and lose  their soul and go to Hell? What can they give in exchange for their soul?” Mathew  16:26.

“If any person does Not Forgive completely from their heart any person after I  have completely forgiven them of all their sins because they asked me, that person  shall not be forgiven and will be cast into Hell.” Mathew 18:22-35.  

“Every Sinful/idle Word any person speaks and Doesn’t Repent to God for it will  give an account for it in the White Throne Judgment.” Mathew 12:36. 

“Unless a person changes and becomes Humble like a Little Child they will never  enter the Kingdom of God. And whoever takes the Lowly Humble attitude of a  Little Child shall be Greatest in the Kingdom of God. Mathew 18:1-5. 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: We should never fear, tremble, or be afraid of God.  Just reverence him like you would a doctor, lawyer, or like a cop you don’t want a  ticket from. Fearing God like you imply is draconian from the puritan days. You  need to wake up and smell the coffee because you are a weirdo and way out there. 

Go to a psychiatrist and get yourself some help and meds. We never preach the  fear of God or the wrath of God from the Old Testament with all those bloody  killings.  

We only preach and teach the love and forgiveness of God in our church and if  anyone tries to preach that fear and trembling before God nonsense, they are given  the boot and kicked out of our fellowship. 

We can gain all the money and possessions we want on this earth because we  Believers are King’s Kids. And we can be fat and sassy all we want because were  so blessed of God. Oh, thank you sweet Jesus.  

We don’t have to forgive others and fear going to hell for it. That’s a lot of junk and  bunk thinking. That forgiveness story Jesus taught was an allegory for it’s a good  idea or suggestion to be happier by trying to forgive others or yourself, and then  your soul will feel better.  

But if a Christian doesn’t want to forgive someone else that’s no big deal because  all Believers sins are forgiven whether past, present, or future. Get it into that thick  skull of yours that it’s OSAS, Believers are eternally sealed forever.  

Believers don’t have to be concerned about saying idle words or sinful words and  then repent to God about it. No idle words or actions can separate us in this life or  the next life from God’s love. 

Read Romans chapter 8 you ignorant Pharisee –it says, nothing can separate us  from the Love of God. And don’t give me that stuff about our Free Will to keep  sinning and not repent can separate us from God’s love. God loves us no matter  what we do.  

You say Believers should be humble like little children. Yeah, maybe we shouldn’t  boast so much about how rich and blessed we are. Maybe, we should give a few  dollars to a bum or homeless person once in a while and be thankful we are not in  their shoes. 

 Talk Show Host: Let Us Hear Your Final COMMENTS 

REVEREND LOOSE CANNONS: I have tried to let you, Pastor  Lukewarm, and our audience know about the Horrors of Hell and the Glories of  Heaven. Since all of us have Free Will to choose to either –Have a relationship  with God through Jesus Christ and –Stay On the Narrow Path until we die and  know without a doubt we will go to Heaven and there live with God for eternity.  

Or we can –get Saved through Believing in Jesus Christ but then become  comfortable in this earth’s worldly system (the cares of this life, and the lusts of  other things) and we become a permanent Lukewarm State of existence and go to  Hell or Outer Darkness.  

Or we can use our Free Will –to reject God and Jesus Christ and become an atheist  or agnostic and go to Hell or Outer Darkness.  

Thank you for having me on the show. 

PASTOR LUKEWARM: I don’t like most of what you said. Look, you Nut-Ball,  God is a loving God who might have gotten a little angry in the Old Testament but  nowadays he’s all about love through Jesus.  

All Believers or Christians are always OSAS, and eternally sealed. So being a  Believer myself, I don’t give a rat’s pituitary gland about your made-up Hell of  tormenting pain forever.  

If there is a Hell –any person that goes there can get out by asking for forgiveness  and believing in the Cross. 

There is no such thing as a lukewarm Believer in God’s eyes. OSAS overrules any  of a Believer’s sins even if they never stop doing them.  

As far as you go Reverend Loose Cannons, I think that you’re a works-salvation  jerk, and I wouldn’t be caught dead having any fellowship with you or your kind.  

I would rather fellowship with wealthy atheists and agnostics at our exclusive  country club instead of with you.  

Thanks for having me on the show and now I need to board my Lear Jet and go  home and save my strength tomorrow for sailing on my yacht.  

And then having lots of cocktails later and dancing the night away with all my  what you call rich worldly friends. Ha, Ha.  

You are such a loser Reverend Loose Cannons, I’m the real winner with all the  money, and possessions given to me from God as his blessings to me. You are just  a poor delirious fool.  


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William Charnow 805.451.7635 

P O Box 3992, Santa Barbara, CA 93130

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