The Shroud Of Turin



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The Shroud of Turin 


Is it a Forgery?  

Is it Jesus Christ’s burial cloth?  

Does the Image show a crucified man?  

What are the reasons why –it’s Not a Fake? 

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The Shroud of Turin 

Is The Shroud of Turin A Forgery or Is It Jesus Christ’s Burial Cloth? Note: —To see Pictures of the Shroud of Turin –just go to Google and enter: Shroud of  Turin Pictures. 

The Shroud of Turin to scientists, skeptics, and the news media is the  World’s Biggest Mystery, and it is –the most examined artifact, or thing ever.  

To Christians who have thoroughly researched the evidence for and against  the Shroud of Turin the overwhelming evidence clearly shows it was the  Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ.  

The 14′ 3” x 3′ 7” cloth when first photographed in 1898. And didn’t show  any image. However, when a Negative of the photo taken 

–was developed it showed the outline of a man embedded on the cloth. Science can’t show how the Image was made.  

–Even lab-induced radiation, and electro-magnetic imaging –can’t duplicate  the Shroud.  

–Putting some kind of image on a cloth in an oven doesn’t work.  –Thousands of humans have tried to duplicate it –but to no avail.  

Christian research scientists conclude it would –take several billion watts of  energy to create the burial cloth Image –And do it in –a billionth of a  second’s time.  

It’s amazing the Shroud cloth –didn’t catch fire or be vaporized by this  intense powerful light.  

When Jesus Christ was raised from the dead the intense powerful x-rays or  radiation came from the power emitted –from the Eternal Life in Jesus’s new 

Resurrected Body. 

The Following is –The physical DAMAGE/whippings/etc. Done  to Jesus Christ as proven by the Shroud of Turin Research Note: The Image on the Shroud shows –lots of blood from a badly beaten, brutally whipped  Crucified Man/Jesus Christ. 

His face had lacerations and was swelled up a bit –from being slapped and  socked/punched there. 

He had –a broken nose. Pieces of His beard –had been ripped off. 

Jesus Christ was whipped on the (front and back) by 2 soldiers one on each side of him  using roman flagrums. 

These flagrums –(were specially designed Whips) –that had at the ends –barbell small  like lead pieces, and also jagged sheep bones, and broken pottery.  

They were Designed –for maximum pain and cruel punishment. 

Jesus Christ’s –chest, back and legs had over 100 torn markings all less than an inch in  size from whippings –tearing the skin. John 19:1.  

Jesus had open wounds with ooze, and dense blood clotting –because of severe  dehydration from having No Water –from the time of his arrest to his death by  crucifixion.  

A – A Crown of Thorns –was violently put into the top of Jesus Christ’s head Mark  15:15-18.  

The long Needle Thorns thrust in deeply all the way around his head –created 30  puncture wounds.  

So bad was it that his visage/face was so marred (bloodied) that no person could  recognize Him. Isaiah 52:14 

–And his Jesus’s Face was so disfigured (from being bloodied and beaten) more than  any man, and his body more than the sons of man. 

He had a wound on his right side between the 5th-6th ribs of 4 centimeter where a soldier pierced him –with a sword or lance, and out gushed blood and water. John 19:33-34.  

He had back and shoulder Abrasions –from carrying the 300 lbs Cross and falling down.  Mathew 27:31-33. 

He had bloody wounds on his Wrists (not in his hands which could not support a body  on the cross hanging).  

Traditional Pictures of Jesus Christ through the centuries always show him with nails  through his hands.  

There have been tests done with dead bodies and nails or spikes put through the hands  and nailed to a wooden cross. The body weight ripped right through the hands and the  bodies fell down. 

He had a bloody wound on his feet consistent with his feet being together one over the  other — and a nail or spike driven through to hold them to the cross. 

Jesus had a distended swelling stomach. This is because –it is hard to breathe while  being crucified. A person must –lift themselves up each time they breathe. 

Reasons Why the Shroud is Not a Middle Age Forgery 

In 1988 permission was granted from the Vatican to take 7 small cut off samples from 7  different spots on the Shroud. To have them analyzed by 7 different scientific labs for  the purpose of using carbon-dating to find out how old the Shroud is.  

The skeptic scientists involved talked the rest of the professionals into taking 7 spot  samples from 1 area only –instead of from –7 Different Areas on the Shroud.  

The one area they cut the samples was from –a Reweave/patch added to the Shroud  cloth in the Middle Ages when a fire damaged some outside areas.  

They put the fire out with water but some of the fire and water areas had to have a  reweave sewn in.  

This reweave they tested –was Not part –of the Original Cloth– from Jesus’s burial  cloth. 

The reweave samples cloth pieces taken were significantly contaminated and different  from the original main cloth –where the samples –should have been taken from. 

Since the carbon-dating examined samples were Not part of the original cloth. The tests  are Invalid for determining the correct age of the Shroud. 

Sadly, the Vatican won’t allow any more cloth samples to be taken from the Shroud even  though researchers have begged them repeatedly over the years to the present. How  unfair and demonic is that?  

After the carbon-dating testing of the cloth samples taken, the conclusion was that the  Shroud came from the Middle Ages. The Headlines all over the world screamed: “Done  in medieval times so Shroud is a fake”, “Shroud is a hoax”, “Shroud Is a forgery”, and  “Shroud proved to be fake”.  

Most Christians today believe these headlines —Hook, Line, and Sinker. And could care  less about that the Shroud of Turin overwhelmingly proves that Jesus Christ was  Resurrected.  

The Shroud has –No paints, or –any colored liquids. No chemicals.  After thorough exhaustive analysis: It is real blood –on the burial cloth.  

It has blood, dirt, and water marks. Those are the only things on it. The blood stains are  all composed of hemoglobin, Type AB blood. 

No one knew about radioactive photography –to show a hidden image in the Middle  ages. 

No one today, artist or scientist –can duplicate the radioactive Image on the Shroud.  even with all the modern technology available. 


The Blood –on the Shroud was deposited there when Jesus’s bloody dead body was  covered in the burial cloth. This was Before –Jesus Christ was resurrected, and the  Image created. No artist or forger does a painting and puts some blood on first-before  painting a human image. 

Soil found on Jesus’s feet matched exactly limestone dirt common in the middle east. There is a mineral in the dirt called travertine aragonite and it comes from Limestone  quarries of Jerusalem where it is only found there –and nowhere else.  

–58 different Pollens were removed from the Shroud and tested. All were from either  Jerusalem or parts of the middle east. Some only exist in Israel and the Sinai Peninsula.  

Since the Shroud originated in Israel –that’s where the pollens got on it. 

In 1977 a team of 33 professionals spent –the next 17 months preparing for examining  the Shroud of Turin. In 1978 they spent 6 twenty-four hour days examining the Shroud 

and doing every experiment they could. Their conclusion was that the Image of the man  on the Shroud as a 3-dimensional hologram –appears to be created –by highly charged  particle radiation at a sub-atomic level. As opposed to by heat which would have  destroyed it.  

Note: Jesus Christ’s face and demeanor on the Shroud of Turin is –calm, loving, and  understanding.  

There is peace and forgiveness on his face –which is amazing considering all the pain he  endured.  

“As a sheep before his shearers is silent, so Jesus as a Lamb was before his slaughter,”  Isaiah 53:7  

“For the Joy set before him Jesus Christ endured the cross.” Hebrews 12:2.  Jesus Christ –gave his body and his life as a –Sacrifice for the sins of everybody.  

END of Shroud of TURIN 


William Charnow 805.451.7635 

P.O. Box 3992, Santa Barbara, CA 93130


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