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The Health Talk Show

Dec 1, 2021 | By William Charnow, Featured

The Health Talk Show is a Talk Show with the very knowledgeable and entertaining Bob the Bodybuilder. He shares a lot of interesting and even funny at times stories. I believe anyone who reads this book through and absorbs all the nutrition, diet, exercise, and motivational information—will be able to never get fat, obese, or out of shape if they really don’t want to. All the ammunition and more so than any book around is here for the reader to be healthy, and stay that way–the rest of their lives on planet earth. 

Topics are discussed at an upbeat pace. Some of the Topics are:--What is the general Health of Americans today? Why are so many kids and teenagers overweight? Why is Fast Food Eating causing overeating? Is Eating Movie Foods good for you? Why do people Overeat? Women and Men’s favorite comfort foods. Spiritual Inventory is needed to keep weight off. Every kind of Diet is evaluated. Most all the Ingredients and Foods available are analyzed for calories, nutrition, fat content, sodium, sugars, etc. Lots of eating and dieting strategies, with psychology. How to overcome sugar addiction and sweets. Any and every Exercising Tips for the gym or at home are given. Walking and Running Tips. Anorexia and Bulimia causes and cures. Alcohol Drinking tips. Hangover Cures. Lots of powerful—Motivational Sayings to achieve and keep your Fitness/Weight Goals.

HEALTH Talk Show  

Talk Show Host: Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut is 60 years old and wasn’t always as healthy and in shape as he currently is and he shares a lot of stories from his past that are interesting and funny. He is a Christian, a certified personal trainer, and has a degree in nutrition.  

NOTE:–Bob the Bodybuilder/Health-Nut is a made-up Fictional Character solely for your entertainment purposes. 

Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut: Thanks for inviting me to the show and I guarantee you that the following information will be to the point and explained at a picked up pace and there are lots of personal stories, and also other peoples true stories. And I hope while taking in this information you are also entertained and get some laughs and chuckles. I have read and studied over 300 health, exercise, and nutrition books over the years. Plus hundreds of related articles in magazines etc. I have also read and studied. I promise I will not bore you to tears like so many books and articles I have read and studied. 

Talk Show Host: What is the general Fitness and Health of Americans today? 


Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut: America is the most prosperous nation ever in the history of the world. And has the world’s #1 health care system. Yet it has so many sick or damaged peoples. It has so many overweight and obese peoples.  

When America was first established as a nation people overall there weren’t as many overweight, sluggish, and have so many different diseases and sicknesses as the average modern American nowadays. People in the 17th and 18th centuries mostly worked on farms, or did full-time other kinds of physical jobs. People walked all the time. The most used preservative or additive was salt.  

Things started to change as by the 1920’s Americans were driving cars and taking public transportation everywhere. They were eating more fatty meals and drinking more distilled alcohol, and consuming lots of white sugar flavored soft drinks. Candies and ice cream were overeaten by adults and children alike. Cigarettes were smoked by about half the adult population on a constant basis. The names of cancer and heart attack were in the media often in the obituaries like never before.  

Throughout the 1930’s to the present the average American has become overall less healthy and fit, and more fat and a sedentary couch-potato, chair-potato, and desk-potato type person.

The daily diet of most adults nowadays is around 15% sugars consumption and 20% for teenagers who drink twice as much of soft drinks and energy drinks than of milk. The average American consumes over 155 lbs of sugars annually such as (white sugar, corn syrup, and fructose). Since 1968 Americans drinking of all kinds of high sugar content soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. has more than doubled. On average Americans consume over 60 gallons of sugar flavored soft drinks or energy drinks. Tooth decay is epidemic. Lots of people are so addicted to white sugar they feel forced to having a white-sugar and or high fructose corn syrup candy or ice cream, fix once or more every day.  

From 1960 to now the standard body weight chart tables for men and women has gone up around 15 lbs. Average dress sizes are bigger now as well as men’s waist sizes. Overall men and women weigh about 15-20 pounds more than the average person of the same gender and age during the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Many restaurants average adult entrée meals are about double the volume of 30-60 years ago average size entrée meals offered. 

Americans have become the ‘Fattest Nation’ in the fastest amount of time. 

Over 100 million people are overweight. Over 60% of people over 18 are overweight or obese.  

Most Americans consume around 80 grams of fats daily (and over 100 lbs. of fats eaten annually) that is about 60% more than 35 years ago. And most of these fats are Saturated Fats. Most people eat more than 31 pounds of fries yearly and most kids get almost a third of their vegetables from fries, corn chips, and potato chips. 

Over 75% of Americans never daily get enough daily exercise and/or physical activities to stimulate their metabolism and control their weight. For instance the average person will either get a ride or drive one block or two to do an errand; visit someone; or go to the store. Most people don’t even walk the equivalent of a third of a mile daily. Walking a lot is not just important for exercising to lose weight but it helps digestion; and increases better circulation of blood and liquids throughout the body. Also it is great therapy for joints, tendons, and ligaments to get plenty of movement and not tighten up from lack of movement.  

After I have walked about half a mile my feet, calves, knees, thighs, and blood circulation feel rejuvenated. Walking should be looked at as a Blessing. Because there are many people in wheelchairs who are paralyzed and/or without legs and they wish they could just walk around the block. The late superman actor Christopher Reeves who was paralyzed from the neck down, said in an interview “He would give anything to just walk up some stairs.” I had polio when I was 3 years old and somehow God healed me

and I have no paralysis or bad effects from the polio. I am so thankful I can walk anywhere and when I see someone in a wheelchair, or in a leg brace, or missing a leg or two, it reminds me to be happy I can walk.  

I met a guy in a Bible Study who said he was in the hospital from an accident and couldn’t wipe his butt, somebody else had to do it for him. He said that was so humiliating and he is thankful always that he can wipe his own butt. Most people are not thankful about such simple things but take them for granted that is until they lose that thing they have taken for granted. The Bible says “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18. It doesn’t say give thanks for everything. A thankful person will have a happy and peaceful mental and spiritual disposition and be in the Will of God.  

Over 70 million people have high blood pressure! Over 50 million adults have some form of heart or arteries problems. Over 50 million Americans smoke cigarettes daily or about 25% of the adult population and who knows how many teenagers smoke cigarettes daily. 

Advertising of foods constantly via television, magazines, radio, food shows and infomercials, billboards, and newspapers tempt people to become Compulsive Over Eaters wanting instant lustful food gratification with fattening and high sugar content foods and products. 

Some reasons why so many kids are overweight nowadays: The Average American Kid spends over 5 hours a day watching TV, or videos; doing social networks and texting, spends as little time as possible doing walking, or exercising; watches 1,000’s of food ads on TV for junk foods before becoming an adult; is told by his parents to eat everything on their plates because kids are starving around the world; is trained to get food rewards of dessert, ice cream etc, for eating vegetables or obeying orders, and for not obeying gets no desserts or treats as a form of punishment.  

Out in public places I hear parents from time to time telling their young kids to obey them about something and the kid refuses to comply. Then they’ll say something like “You do this or that or you won’t get any ice cream”. The usually overweight child or kid then obeys the parent and it’s easy to see how the ‘obey equals fatty sugary treats behavior’ is formed and only gets worse. This type of rewards behavior is used with training show animals such as dogs, dolphins, and birds.  

All these above mentioned facts, and reasons for bad health and well being of the Average American are getting worse despite billions of dollars spent annually on weight loss programs and diet foods. Some people lament later in life by thinking to themselves “If I knew I would have lived this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”

Talk Show Host: Can you give us your views on Eating at Fast Food Places, Convenience Stores & Restaurants and general Foods Information? 

Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut: Fast Foods are available easily in the USA with different restaurant chain outlets on street corners everywhere it seems. People go to these places to get more food for less money than a higher priced restaurant establishment. Many portions are loaded with fats and sugars and are comfort foods for millions. Since fast foods places invaded China in the last 20 years many Chinese teenagers have gone up in weight two and three times what was the average amount of pounds overweight in China.  

In olden days Japan where being fat and obese was not commonplace except at sumo wrestlers residents, nowadays since fast foods are easily available almost a third of the people are overweight and the number of obese kids has doubled since fast foods were first introduced there. In Britain where the people eat the most fast food in Western Europe they are also the fattest nationality in that region of the world.  

Some of the reasons why people are in the habit of going and getting fast foods all the time: The Chemical Flavorings used make taste buds crave that certain taste again; The many different Taste Sensations found in burgers, pizzas, and ice creams with extras put on such as (cheeseburger with bacon, mushrooms, avocado, and jalapeno ranch sauce); or (pepperoni, sausage, and bacon double cheese pizza), and (ice cream with nuts, chocolate chips, and colorful candies added); The stimulation, anticipation, fulfillment, fun, and happiness a person feels they will get from their eating experience; Salt, fats & oils, and sugars used in abundance create strong food cravings and make the food easy to chew on and eat quickly;  

The need for a Reward everyday such as advertising that says “You deserve a payday candy bar” or “You deserve a break today” chowing down for pleasure at our fast food place; The strong Aromas of certain foods and the Memories associated with them such as (a person smells cakes or donuts from a bakery and thinks of good times when they were a child eating them) and their nose and brain leads their body into the bakery for these nostalgia happy memories eating times. 

Fast Foods are specially designed and made to be eaten quickly and easily. It is because of the high amounts of fats, sugars, flavorings, and salts, combined with hardly any fiber in them that makes fast foods breakdown quickly in a person’s mouth. The idea is to get the consumer to eat things like a cheeseburger and fries quickly and gulp down a big soft drink before their stomach’s register a full feeling. 

The Most Popular Fast Foods ordered are: Burgers (Burger King alone sells over 4 million whopper burgers a day), Fries, Pizza, and Mexican food. A typical fast food meal

is cheese burger, fries, and medium or large soda. That meal has about 1,100-1,400 calories and 80-95 grams of fat. It is real easy to see why a person eating this kind of meal daily will put on weight fast.  

Supersize Fries can have over 580 calories and over 29 grams of fat. Just think a person on a typical Low-Fat Diet is not supposed to have more than 28-30 grams of fats a day, and just one serving of supersize fries equals that diet’s daily fat grams limit. Fries are like little potato sponges of fat. So are potato chips and corn chips. Lots of overweight people will get a healthy sandwich but then eat a bag of chips with it that contains 35-50 grams of fat. Others will have fish cooked up not breaded or deep fried which is a healthy choice, but then have fries or deep fried potato wedges or pieces with it that contains 35-50 grams of fat. 

Some overweight people order a high calorie fat laden combo and then have a Diet Soda with it. Like having the diet soda cancels out their high calorie fat laden food choices. Maybe they have a guilty conscience. 

It is smart to have Mustard on your burger buns or sandwiches instead of a mayonnaise type sauce. A tablespoon or two of regular Mayonnaise on your burger or sandwich may be 100-200 calories and 10-20 grams of fat versus having mustard with 10-15 calories and no fat whatsoever. Consider having either mild or medium salsa, taco sauce, or enchilada sauce with your burger or sandwich to spice it up. Viva La Fiesta. 

Convenience Stores offer fast foods such as taquitos cheeseburgers, and burritos that a person heats up. All these foods are so full of bad fats and additives that some people call them the worst of fast food fare. When I was constantly overweight I used to eat all this stuff and have indigestion and the runs sometimes. Donuts, ice cream, sodas, energy drinks, and candies are purchased a lot at convenience stores. A person can eat healthier foods at convenience stores such as some salads or fruits. 

 Two Doughnuts of either chocolate frosted or chocolate glazed eaten quickly can contain 570-590 calories and 34-38 grams of fat. A couple times when I was a teenager a friend and I would ditch the church service early and go to his parent’s wholesale bakery shop that was closed on Sunday. We would eat any and every kind of donuts you can imagine and get totally stuffed and then go have a mug of root beer.  

It was so much sugar consumed in such a short amount of time. That friend of mine always ate a lot at his parent’s bakery and he got pretty fat and had his really bad broken out acne face scrapped 2 different times. He tried to get his face scrapped a third time but his parents wouldn’t let him because his skin was getting weaker each time it was scraped and looked weird or scarred. 

Watch out for Bearnaise Sauce which is basically a little vinegar with egg yolks and a big scoop of butter added. Just 4 tablespoons are about 210-230 calories and 20-22 grams of fat. Any sauce that rhymes with mayonnaise like Dijonaise sauce is a fatty offering that can easily be consumed quickly in large amounts. 

Vinaigrette made with a little olive oil are good salad dressing choices. However, a Buffet Ladle of a Ranch or Creamy Dressing can be 350-400 calories and contain 40-42 grams of fat. Some overweight people brag or tell people how they are eating salads all the time. But they put so much ranch dressing or some other creamy dressing on their salad that they end up consuming 50-70 grams of fat in one sitting. And they wonder why they can’t seem to lose any or more weight. 

Ranch Dressings are all the rage nowadays at fast food places with entrees of hamburgers, chicken, fish, pork, and tacos coming loaded with ranch dressings. There are lots of fat people who love to gorge out all the time on fries swimming in ranch dressing. Kids like ranch dressings because they are so sweet tasting from all the sugars used in them. 

 A typical cup of Alfredo Sauce is about 470-500 calories and 43-45 grams of fat. Some people like creamy sauces like Alfredo ones that they put so much in their bowls or plates and the noodles or pasta swim in it.  

 I rarely go to Taco Bell but when I do I always get a regular bean burrito with green sauce and onions. The reason I do comes from a true story. Years ago seven convicts escaped from a Texas prison. They were on the lam for many months before being caught posing as Christian missionaries living in a trailer park. When they interviewed one of the convicts they asked him what he missed most from his brief freedom days. He could have said anything such as money, women, booze, drugs, steaks, etc. I kid you not the guy says the thing he missed the most was taco bell bean burritos. So, that is why I always have a bean burrito at taco bell no matter what else I order. It reminds me to appreciate my freedom and be thankful I can eat a bean burrito and for that matter a chicken enchilada, or steak anytime I want to. 

Back in my pigging out days I went to buffets and gorged. For instance sometimes I would eat a small breakfast so that by 12:00-1:00 I would be really hungry. Before going to the buffet I would consume some cocktails or beers. Then smoke some pot and walk to the neighborhood buffet 5 blocks away. When I opened the buffet restaurant door I was ravishingly hungry like a lion and full of food lusting.  

I would eat anywhere from 13-17 items such as fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, pizza, salads, mac & cheese, fried fish, clam chowder, etc. I would eat somewhat fast to consume all my food on all the plates and bowls. Some people and employees

would look at all the plates and bowls of food on my table and give me that “You’re a pig look and you had better eat all that food and not waste it”. I would stuff my gut until it hurt a little and waddle back home and sometimes crash out.  

Once some friends and I went to an all you can eat pizza parlor. I ate 13 pieces of pizza, another friend ate 15 pieces, and another friend ate 17 pieces and passed out. This was at night when we did the pizza gorging after all of us had big breakfasts and lunches earlier. Another time a heavy set friend of mine and I ate at an all you can eat Asian buffet. My friend easily ate twice as much food as me (for instance he would eat plates of California Rolls with a fork like they were the size of breath mints) and I ate a busload of different foods.  

Most the people eating there ate lightly or moderately and the place made a profit off of them. When we ate there a few times they didn’t make a profit off of us and as a result the Asian 2 chefs stared at us with daggers in their eyes every 3 minutes or so as if to say “You guys get up and leave now, we not make a profit off of you”. “You eat too much food don’t come back”. After I left the restaurant all the carbohydrates and rice I ate expanded with the mountain of salt I consumed in my stomach, and I would have a bloated pain there for about 2 hours. 

If an eating place seems dirty and rundown keep in mind that all the oil they use to fry their foods in may not be changed or thrown out but used over again and again. Food poisoning is possible. I used to eat at a popular grilled chicken restaurants once or twice a week sometimes but I noticed I had diarrhea every time I ate there. I noticed one day an employee cleaning up tables after people were done eating. The people who had ate at at the tables he was cleaning left all kinds of fats and bacteria on the tables. He would use the same rag at every table and never rinsed it off with water in between wiping down each table. I thought those poor unsuspecting people sitting down at a dirty bacteria laden table. And then after dining they leave more bacteria and fat juices on the table and then leave.  

All this person cleaning was doing was spreading the bacteria of each table to every other table. I put my nose down to one of the just cleaned dried out tables and it smelled dirty, gross, and full of bacteria. I’m sure other fast food places do this kind of dirty bacteria spreading cleaning and of course not all El Pollo Loco restaurants clean so badly.  


Then I found out that the Salsas they use are not chilled enough and once either strong lights or warmer temperatures inside the restaurant warm the salsas up Bacteria forms on them. So keep this information in mind when you go to any restaurant so you don’t get bacteria or food poisoning in your body.

Jelly and Ketchup have a lot of sugars in them. Some people can’t have fries or hamburgers without ketchup. I read an article about a man who went by himself from Los Angeles to somewhere in South America by a sail boat and then back again to LA.  

He was out at sea for quite a while and he said having ketchup on everything he ate made his lonely trip more bearable. In fact he said he would never do something so boring and lonesome like that again and without his beloved ketchup he said no way he could have completed the trip. 

Movie Theater Fare is loaded with sugars and fats. For instance large Nachos drenched in cheesy sauce can be 760-790 calories and have 38-40 grams of fat. Only a couple of handfuls or so of Buttered Popcorn can be 160-190 calories and 12-15 grams of fat.  

A large Soft Drink can have 20-25 teaspoons of sugar in it. A person could go to the movies and have a large hot dog, medium or large buttered popcorn, candy bar or M&M’s, and a large soft drink.  

They would chow down around 1,500-1,600 calories and pack away 86-90 grams of fat. Plus overwhelming and shocking their pancreas with a ton of sugars like around 45-50 teaspoons. Good idea to bring your own healthier goodies in to munch out on. Nuts, raisins, string cheese, and fruits are good snack choices, and bottled water is a good drink choice.  

Anyone watching their amount of Fat Grams consumed should know that: Au Gratin means lots of cheese. Bisque is real rich with cream and/or milk. Hollandaise is a sauce of wine, egg yolks, and lots of butter. These fancy sounding sauces are Not a low-fat dieters best buddies 

Just four tablespoons of either Blue Cheese, Caesar Dressing, Thousand Islands (has only a few less calories and fat grams than these other dressings), Creamy Italian, Oil and Vinegar, or Ranch Dressing can easily be 440-660 calories and 26-34 fat grams.  

Many overweight people put 8-12 tablespoons of these dressings on their salads to drown them and make them swim around. 8 tablespoons can be 880-1,300 calories and 52-68 grams of fat. 12 tablespoons can be 1,300-1,800 calories and 78-98 grams of fat. 

Napkins or paper towels patting or blotting of a Pizza with meat toppings can wipe out 40-70 fat grams (depending on the size of the pizza). This action can be done in less than 10 seconds and doesn’t affect the tastiness of the pizza.

Talk Show Host: What is some General Information about being OVERWEIGHT & OVEREATING? 

Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut: Most overweight people underestimate how many calories and fat grams they ate on a typical day. Many underestimate by around 25-35%. Most times it’s the Large Volume of Foods and Drinks a person devours that add on the pounds even if the cuisine is more natural or healthy. For instance some people will drink a quart or more of orange juice, apple juice, or grape juice daily and wonder why they can’t lose any more weight. Others will eat a pound or more of noodles, bread, or rice almost every day and wonder why they cannot lose any more weight. They reason “I’m not taking in much fat grams what’s the problem?” Most likely the truck load of extra carbs, sugars and calories are the guilty guys. Overeating constantly gets you fat or keeps you fat. 

Before a person starts a Diet and while doing any kind of diet one of the keys to succeeding at it is keeping a Daily-Foods & Drinks-consumed-Diary. Listing everything ate and drank that day and the approximate number of fat grams and calories consumed. When I first kept a food diary I was amazed at how when I added everything eaten at meals or snacks my calories and fat grams were way beyond what I thought for sure they really were for many years. 

Basically most slim or trim people who don’t get overweight Eat Only when they are legitimately hungry and then they basically eat what they want and stop when they are full and may leave food on their plate. Slim French People have been studied this way and it was proven that this was their “Secret to eating what they want and not gaining weight”. They also gave themselves smaller portions to begin with and they did not snack or eat between meals. 

After trying all kinds of diets and weight loss strategies I found that for me the best eating and fitness plan to either lose unwanted pounds or not gain anymore weight is: “Only eat when legitimately hungry; eat mostly healthy things; eat slowly; stop eating when full; and rarely eat after 6pm.” “Also, don’t put salt on any already salted foods; drink lots of pure water; exercise regularly; and walk a lot.” 

Overweight people tend to slam down lustful foods and desserts whenever they want to whether they are hungry or not. They also tend to eat everything on their plates and even when they are full will always have room for one more slice of pizza or having some brownies or ice cream. 

 One obese person told me that at their family’s house when they are having pizza to eat that he and everybody in his family is thinking who’s going to get or take those last 2-3

slices left in the box. He said the same thing is true at other social gatherings when the last pieces of pie or brownies are staring at him and his family and I thought the brownies must seem to be saying to them “Hurry you must pick me up and eat me now before somebody else does, I am your master”. 

Women’s Favorite Comfort or Reward Foods are usually creamy noodles, potato chips, ice cream, cakes, cookies, and any kind of chocolate. Men’s Favorite Comfort or Reward Foods are usually pizza, cheeseburgers, pasta, soup, cake, and ice cream. For some men beer is also their comfort food in liquid form. Likewise for some women wine or champagne is their comfort food in liquid form. 

Unfortunately, excess fats in the body are quickly deposited throughout the body almost right away or immediately. Once a person is constantly overweight and has developed a slow metabolism they may feel like they just look at ice cream, cheeseburgers, fries, cake, or pizza and the fat pounds jump on them. 

There have been studies done that said overweight people with low self esteem, guilty feelings, remorse, or self hatred tend to stay fat. I was surprised to learn years ago that the most common reason people go to psychiatrists & psychologists is to talk to them about their Guilty Feelings. 

Ever wonder why people on the old TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’ can lose so much weight? One of the main reasons is that the big reward, or large cash payout on the TV show are great motivators to keep persevering. Some claim that they have done studies with financial incentives for losing weight and that people lost 2-3 times as much weight with financial rewards for doing so as opposed to another group who didn’t get any rewards for losing weight. Simple logic here would say: ‘A person should always reward and congratulate themselves for losing and keeping off undesired pounds’.  

Losing weight and maintaining weight loss successfully: Almost always will involve a spiritual and mental inventory and overhaul. Being overweight, obese, or always overeating is not just a physical problem. Any un-forgiveness, bitterness, extreme jealousy, extreme fear or worry, or even hate in a person’s spirit or mind should be looked for as a place to start searching for spiritual and mental reasons why a person overeats all the time. Some people claim the reason they are so fat and obese is because someone Molested them when they were younger.  

I was once in a church service and during testimony time a man who was 30 years old gave a testimony about how he was molested at age ten and he started to cry and said pray for me to get over this. An older man yelled out “Brother that molestation happened to you 20 years ago you need to forgive yourself as a victim and you need to forgive that person once and for all.” “That is the past and God wants you to Forget it and go do

something positive for him and others in your life and get over it.” The Eagles rock band have an excellent song called–:Get Over It” I played that song in a bar once and the patrons gave me dirty looks. I guess they hadn’t gotten over past hurtful memories and moved on. 

Some overweight people will use events such as illness in the family, death, financial problems, loss of a boyfriend or girlfriend, verbal arguments or fights as an excuse for why they overeat and are eating all the time. Stress does release hormones that cause the liver to let go of stored sugars that then cause insulin levels to go up and down in the body causing ‘False Hunger Pains all the time’. Stress and worry should be avoided at all costs. Worry is worthless to do because after all Worry is: “The Interest Paid On Being Fearful”. Here’s a good old saying: “Fear knocked loudly on the door–Faith answered–and there was no one there”. 

Even if an overweight person loses the weight they don’t lose their fat cells and thus they can rapidly put weight back on through overeating. One of the reasons Liposuction is gaining popularity is because it permanently removes fat cells. 

It seems like being ‘Fat begats Fat’. Because when a person is obese their fat cells get maximum size and insulin tries to infiltrate them and has a hard time trying to do so. Try to imagine someone putting water into a filled completely up swimming pool. The water just keeps spilling over and that’s similar to what occurs when insulin circulating in the body tries to attach to blown up fat cells. Once this process is started in an obese person there are always excess insulin and sugars amounts circulating in their bodies. So then excess calories come into the body and lots of fat grams from foods eaten also come in and the combined results are putting on the fatty pounds and deposits real fast. Hence an obese person can think and feel that it seems if they just think about fatty foods they get fatter. 

Since it usually takes 14-19 minutes for a person’s stomach to feel full and their brain to acknowledge that. A person can in this amount of time put away a lot of food if they eat fast. If a person eats slowly or moderately and then if they ‘Stop Eating after filling full’: Their chances of either getting fat or staying fat go way down. 

Some health professionals believe when a person habitually overeats it makes the hypothalamus (which controls metabolism) go haywire and signals the body to store fat faster and be hungry all the time. 

Lots of overweight people aren’t hungry for breakfast in the morning and may have only coffee and a roll or just coffee sugar and milk and then wonder why they are getting fatter. These people aren’t hungry in the morning because they ate a huge dinner and/or a bunch of snacks the night before. Many of these overweight people who either skip

breakfast or have just a few hundred calories of something will then munch out the rest of the day on a big lunch, sugary or fat laden snacks, and a dinner that Paul Bunyan the legendary lumberjack couldn’t finish. 

HEALTH Talk Show Host: What about all the different Diets? 

Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut: Many overweight people have been on lots of diets. Some fat people say “I’ve lost hundreds of pounds on diets but always gained the lost pounds back”. Diet simply interpreted means ‘Way of Life Eating Habits’. If a person ate donuts and coffee only for their eating and drinking we could say their way of life eating habits are a “Coffee & Donuts Diet”. One fat person’s idea of a balanced diet might be ‘A cheeseburger in both hands’. Whatever a person eats and drinks habitually all the time is their Diet. 

There are ‘Crash Diets’ and ‘Starving Diets’ (sometimes called ‘Fasting’). I know a guy who fasted on coffee, water, and orange juice for about a month. He was really mystical and dingy during this coffee fast but he lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately for him he gained it all back and then some and today is around 30-35 pounds overweight.  

Oprah Winfrey who recently said that “Being in shape and not overweight was better than wealth or possessions” was asking people on one of her old shows years ago how they lost all their weight. One guy lost over a hundred pounds and said all he ate and drank everyday for a year was lettuce and coffee. Oprah and the audience let out a surprised gasp but the fellow insisted it was true. He still had much more weight to lose because he was really overweight.  

When a person is over 200 lbs. overweight it is pretty easy to lose a hundred pounds with almost any diet. The drawbacks to starving type diets are a person loses a lot of water weight and has breakdowns in their muscle tissues resulting in smaller muscles. Not all the fat gets lost and when a person comes off a starving diet and starts to eat like they used to all the lost weight comes roaring back fast.  

I once went on a crash diet consisting of (one egg, 2 oranges, and 2-3 pieces of dry toast) daily. I had real bad hunger pains so I would drink a little vodka and water to take them away. Obviously I didn’t know what I was doing but I lost 17 pounds in one month. I would literally dream of eating cheeseburgers when I slept at night. Unfortunately three months later I gained all the lost weight back and then some.  

One time I fasted and drank water only and smoked pot. I was never so hungry in my life after 18 hours of not eating anything. Someone was peeling an orange twenty feet away from me and I could smell it and wanted to eat it big time. I somehow fasted on water only for 24 hours but the last six hours were brutal. I ended the fast with a salad

and oil and vinegar dressing. I never knew lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and salad dressing could taste so good. Many people who do fasting say that a 24 or more hour fast will do a colon cleansing and remove toxins just as good or better than having a colon cleansing procedure done. 

Some people go on Appetite Depressant Speed Pills Diets whether over the counter, or by prescription. Speed or Diet Pills will help a person lose weight but there are so many of these people who are always taking speed diet pills yet they still eat and drink a lot and any weight they lose they gain back. Speed Diet Type Pills are definitely a crutch and one that some people become addicted to.  

Some people go on a Cigarette Diet they smoke a cigarette instead of snacking and overeating. Many smokers get an appetite suppressant and their metabolisms going faster because of all the nicotine they are constantly taking in. Lots of cigarettes are obviously bad for you. You can get thin and stay thin smoking or sucking on cigarettes all day and night but being out of breath often and possibly getting lung cancer are bad side effects of this regime. Many a thin person who quits smoking substitutes junk foods and overeating for not having a cigarette in their hand and mouth. As a result they get pretty fat for the first time in their life. 

High Protein-Low Carbs Diets such as Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, which all basically involve eating mostly high protein meals with a little or moderate amount of fats, and very little or no carbohydrates. If a fat person does these diets with little or no white sugar, white flours, candies, trans fats, or baked goods they will feel better and slimmer. People lose weight on these diets and the food is tasty and desirable. Some of the problems of these diets are overeating of fats; possible artery clogging; and when any significant carbohydrates are added to a person’s diet weight gains can be fast. Vitamins and supplements may be needed on these diets along with adding More Fiber for better digestion.  

Some former obese people who do these kinds of diets never seem to get the last 5, 10, and 15 pounds off that they want to. I personally like high protein-low carbs diets but I couldn’t live on one all the time because I really enjoy eating different high carbohydrate foods such as potatoes, bananas, noodles, beans, and breads.  

I did a high protein & real low carbs diet and for the first three days I thought this is easy to do. But on the fourth day I started to lust for pieces of bread or eating a baked potato. I constantly desired any healthy high carb foods and after 7 days I couldn’t take it anymore and started eating breads, potatoes, bananas, noodles, etc. and never until then realized how much I liked them because I went without them for the first time in my life.

Low Fat Diets which vary from real strict ones of only taking in 20 or fewer grams of fat daily. Others are about taking in between 30-40 grams of fat daily. I like low fat diets because they can be healthy and you lose fat deposits fast. I could never live on a low fat diet all the time because I enjoy in moderation chicken with skin on it, regular cheeses, hamburgers, avocados, carne asada tacos and meat burritos, and eggs with yolks. Low fat sour cream and low-fat cottage cheese to me are the best dairy foods for low-fat dieting and make it easier for me to do.  

Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and other similar diet weight loss programs involve some aspect of the eating of boxed or TV dinner tray type meals cooked in a microwave usually and/or pouches that are boiled. These programs have counselors in person that you can meet with or talk to on the phone from time to time for advice and a pep talk. Some have weigh-ins and group sharing meetings. Some teach ‘Portion Control with foods’ to make meals up with. I recommend them all as a good place for someone to start dieting and help maintain their weight loss. 

Eat All The Time Low Calorie Diets Most of them involve eating a small healthy meal of around 300-330 calories every 150-180 minutes throughout the day even if you are not hungry or don’t want to. Then also eat a low calorie 100-150 snack twice or three times a day. The philosophy being you never are hungry and your metabolism won’t slow down. There are various calorie amounts to be consumed during the day and night of anywhere from 1,200 calories a day to 1,500-1,800 calories a day when starting out.  

Then later calorie consumption is usually increased daily for a maintenance type low calorie diet. Many of these diet plans say eating under 200 calories is a Snack and eating around 400 calories is a Meal. A Snack might be an apple, orange, a few nuts or raisins, or an energy or protein bar under 200 calories.  

The general philosophy of All Calories Count Diets: Is that a pound of fat contains 3,500 calories so if a person has 500 fewer calories a day than they normally do in seven days or one week they should lose one pound, in one month four pounds and in a year about 50 lbs.  

Some calorie-counting people say all calories are the same as long as you don’t consume more than such and such an amount every day. Others contend all calories are not the same and that eating the same number of calories with mostly white sugar and/or fats calories will keep a person from losing the last amount of pounds they want to shed. I’ve done the “Eat a lot of meals and snacks throughout the day low calorie diet deal” and the one thing I don’t like is how you can’t help thinking about eating, grocery shopping, meals, and food all the time. 

It is real easy to overeat or cheat as they say because you are eating all the time. However, for people who overeat all the time on bad foods and are real fat the ‘eating all the time of healthy foods Calorie Diets’ are great programs to start out on losing weight, Later they can learn portion control with other foods they like to eat and still lose weight or maintain their weight loss. 

Talk Show Host: Would are some important things to know about concerning all the many FOOD Choices

Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut: *Enriched on a label means ‘Nutrients were lost’ during some kind of refining process so some nutrients have been added to make up for them. 

*Fortified on a label means vitamins or calcium were added to the food product. 

*Natural on a label means no synthetic, artificial preservatives, or colors have been added to the food or product. However Natural labeled products can be loaded with lots of sugars and flavorings added and still be called natural.  

*Ingredients are listed in order of Weight in the product from the heaviest used to the lightest. 

*Natural Flavor & Artificial Flavor are found in almost all processed foods. These are secretive flavors made up in food laboratories and are what make the taste buds crave them and can’t seem to stop eating them. Everything from potato chips to canned processed foods of spaghetti or macaroni has them. Food Colorings are added to almost all processed foods. Potassium Chloride is a type of salt that adds flavor but not sodium and is used commonly in canned soups and canned vegetables. 

*Sugars can be any of the following: corn sweetener, corn syrup, brown sugar, fructose, sucrose, dextrose, maltose, high fructose corn syrup, invert sugar, molasses, white sugar, and molasses. It’s a good idea to not eat any product or food where any of these sugars are listed in the first three ingredients on the label. Manufacturer’s with high content sugar products use and list different kinds of sugars so that they don’t have to list Sugar as being the main ingredient used in their product.  

If the Sugars Contents had to be listed on labels in terms of how many Teaspoons of Sugar are used in a particular beverage or food–the sales of sugary products would go way down in numbers. For instance if sugars contents had to be listed in amounts of teaspoons: A soft drink of 12 ounce size would have to say this product contains 12 teaspoons of sugar. A Big Gulp soft drink would have to say this product contains 60 teaspoons of sugar. By the way 4 grams of sugar is one teaspoon of sugar. If a label on a

food or beverage product says 40 grams of sugar that means there are 10 teaspoons of sugar in it. 

*Artificial Sugars can be saccharin, mannitol, sucralose, sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol, lactitol, malitol syrup, and erythritol. 

*Mono-and Triglycerides are Emulsifiers that make different ingredients that won’t go together or blend naturally such as oils and water blend or go together. Many peanut butters contain them for example. 

*Carbohydrates and Proteins have 4 calories per gram. Sugar has 5 calories per gram. Fat has 9 calories per gram.  

*1000-1.200 milligrams of Calcium are recommended to have daily. About 27-30 grams of Fiber are recommended daily. Good sources are vegetables, whole wheat, bran cereals, fruits, salads, brown rice, beans, whole grains breads such as sprouted barley ones. 

*Serving Sizes listed on some labels are sometimes real small serving sizes because the manufacturers want the fat grams and calorie amounts to seem low per serving and the purchaser to think the product is low calorie and/or low fat.  

AVOCADOS are high in so called good fats. A person on a strict low-fat diet most likely would not touch an avocado because a whole avocado can have around 25-30 fat grams. I really missed eating avocados when I did a strict less than 30 grams of fats taken in daily type of diet. I like to enjoy cut in half avocados with squeezed lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and salt and pepper.  

Fresh avocado dip is also a favorite. One of my favorite all time sandwiches is bacon and avocado. Guacamole when made right is delicious the problem is people or manufacturers put in too much salsa and the guacamole is watery and doesn’t have enough of that real fresh avocado taste. 

APPLE CHIPS have lots of fat and sugar added. Bad snack choice. 

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is a healthy Digestive supplement. For a salad dressing I use it and add olive oil or canola oil–with a little lemon juice, garlic salt/and or regular salt, and pepper. 

BACON is a high fat salty breakfast mainstay for most people in America. Bacon is such a popular item in restaurants that most of it is consumed there instead of in homes and dwellings. The smell and aroma of bacon compels many people to have to taste

immediately that pungent flavor sensation. About 2 ounces of cooked bacon has 160- 170 calories and depending on the brand 12-18 grams of fat. Two ounces of cooked Canadian Bacon are around 140-145 calories and 4-5 grams of fat. Back when I was at my heaviest weight I ate at breakfast (a pound of bacon or sausage) with 3 jumbo eggs with yolks, and 4 pieces of toast with melted cheese slices. I once ate this same breakfast everyday for a month. 

BANANA CHIPS are fried up in fats and pack over 140 calories for just an ounce serving size. Bad snack choice. 

BEANS are a great source of fiber and some protein. Canned beans may be salty but not having to soak and cook them a long time is a time saver. When I was a kid we would eat beans and all us kids would say together, “Beans, beans, good for the heart the more you eat the more you fart.” 

BEERS contain Maltose a dense sugar that can add to getting a fat stomach or beer belly. “Been there done that.” Old time actors like Clint Eastwood and Paul Newman drank a six pack of beer or more almost every day for years and were thin and didn’t get a beer belly. Why? Because they only ate when they were hungry and ate a strict low-fat and low-carb diet most of the time, and they were physically active all the time. 

BREADS are not eaten much by people doing a ‘Low-Carb Diet plan’. My favorite breads are sourdough, rye, whole wheat, 7-grain, sprouted barley, and white bread. Most breads are low in fats and depending on the density of the kind of bread it can have between 50-110 calories per slice. I like to have white bread with my sandwiches sometimes because it doesn’t dominate the taste of the sandwiches. Whole wheat breads and pumpernickel breads dominate the tastes in a sandwich.  

BROCCOLI is a vegetable with excellent Fiber and lots of people like it with salt & pepper and/or spices and either a little butter, olive oil, or light sour cream mixed with some red wine vinegar. Any kind of cheese sauce on broccoli makes it much easier to eat and enjoy. Some people eat a bowl of cooked broccoli after a meal to make sure they eat plenty of Fiber. 

BROWN SUGAR is really White Sugar with molasses added. I used to think it was healthier or better for you than white sugar. 

BUTTER has about 22-24 grams of fat per two tablespoons. Years ago real fat people were called ‘Butter Balls’ because back then and nowadays people know lots of butter or margarine will pack the pounds on fast. “A moment on your lips, an eternity on your hips” is a good saying to consider before eating a lot of butter, cream cheese, margarine, hard cheeses, cheese spreads, creamy salad dressings, and mayonnaise. It is a good idea

Not to eat any margarine or vegetable shortenings that contain bad guys’ fats called “Trans Fats”. 

CANDIES with lots of white sugar are bad for the teeth. Many candies are also high in fat grams. Candies made (without white sugar) usually have around the same calories of white sugar type made regular candies. Consider that a small 1.6 oz. bag of M&M’s has 240 calories and 14 grams of fat. A 1.5 oz. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup has 230 calories and 13 grams of fat. Most overweight people can easily polish off 3-4 smallest bags of M&M’s or 3-4 peanut butter cups. That’s a quick (720 calories and 42 grams of fat) for 3 eaten. And (960 calories and 52 grams of fat) for 4 of them eaten. And of course there is a boatload of sugars in most candies that are not artificially sweetened. 

There really isn’t a healthy Candy that is recommended to eat. If a person must eat some candies from time to time they should consider just having a few bites or so instead of eating a whole large candy bar or bag of ‘M&M’s. I know try to tell that to an obese lady or gentleman who has to gorge down their ‘chocolate fix’ or ‘sugar high fix’ daily for comfort and pleasure. 

CARO CHIPS are a dense bad food product with over 900 calories and over 49 grams of fat for one cup full of them. Bad snack choice. 

CEREALS grains by themselves have little fat and contain good fiber. Cereals are dense carbohydrate calories and someone on a low-carb type diet will probably pass on any cereals hot or cold. On the other hand someone on a low-fat diet will eat cereals such as Special K with low-fat milk. However, most boxed up cereals that the majority of people eat are so loaded with sugars that they could almost be described —“As a product with lots of sugars with some grains added to put all the sugars on”.  

When I was a little kid my friends and I would put anywhere from 2-6 teaspoons of sugar on our already sugar-coated cereals. There was a commercial during cartoons that was done by Tony the Tiger where he would say “Sugar Frosted Flakes are Great!” and these frosted flakes became my favorite cereal for years. Frosted Flakes are about 1/3 sugars. Nowadays I never eat any cereals except for Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a good cereal choice with a lot of Fiber. Raisins, strawberries and bananas added make it taste even better. 

CHEESES are loaded with fat so moderation is a must when eating any variety. Some people call cheeses really just butter with a different look and taste. Cheddar Cheese by the ounce has about 9 grams of fat, and just 2 tablespoons of Cream Cheese are about 10 grams of fat. I used to have 4-5 different cheeses in my refrigerator all the time. I would have blue cheese, extra sharp cheddar cheese, regular sour cream, monterey jack, and

maybe pepper jack cheese. One time I stopped eating cheeses except for Low-Fat Cottage Cheese and didn’t change my other daily fare and lost 3 pounds in one week.  

COFFEE & ENERGY DRINKS are all the rage right now as almost everybody either drinks coffee, green tea, red bull, energy drinks, or other caffeine added drinks. I have observed people who drink a pot of strong coffee every morning and some of them smoke a lot of cigarettes and they don’t look healthy. Personally I sometimes like a cup of either weak-medium coffee, or decaf (with some half & half milk), or green tea after breakfast and sometimes later after a meal. Sometimes I go a week or two weeks and drink no coffee or tea. I have never drank an energy drink because it has too much sugars and caffeine in it and my body isn’t used too that much sugars and caffeine. Coffee and energy drinks are best drank in moderation and after a meal. And not ever on an empty stomach.  

COLD CUTS (also called Processed Meats) such as salami and baloney are high in calories, fats, preservatives, and salt. 2 ounces are about 150-180 calories and 8-13 grams of fat. 98% fat free cold cuts are much lower in fat grams. Microwaving salami or liverwurst and then patting off the fat with a paper towel will remove a lot of the fat grams and it still tastes delicious. Some cold cuts nowadays are made without preservatives such as nitrites and nitrates. Some taste okay but some have way too much sugars in them. They usually cost more than regular cold cuts with preservatives. 

COOKIES with white sugar and lots of fats are dense in calories and little or none of them should be eaten by someone wanting to lose weight fast. Just one small chocolate chip cookie has around 4-5 grams of fat. Four large size chocolate chip cookies have about a stick of butter or margarine in them.  

I know people who after they have eaten a good sized dinner will polish off a bag of cookies while watching TV and some will have a bowl of ice cream also. So called naturally sweetened healthy cookies usually have around the same calories as white sugar laden ones. Fat Free Baked Goods are still high in dense calories. Oatmeal or peanut butter cookies with or without nuts are better healthy cookie choices than ones like sugar cookies, brownies, creme filled, etc.  

COTTAGE CHEESE is a great source of calcium and just tablespoons of it can cure hunger pains fast. A cup of Regular type cottage cheeses in small or big curds have around 235-245 calories and 9-11 grams of fat. Low-Fat Cottage Cheese has around 150-158 calories and only around 2 grams of fat per cup. When I first learned about losing weight low-fat cottage cheese was one of my favorite everyday foods to enjoy. I would put low-fat cottage cheese on water-based tuna sandwiches and then put them in the microwave and melt the cottage cheese down a bit. Then put either a little black

pepper on them or mild or medium salsa. Try it sometime if you want to have a quickly made delicious healthy low-fat sandwich. 

DONUTS have lots of sugars and fried fats and one of them can be anywhere from 180- 280 calories with 10-18 grams of fat and lots of sugar. A Sugar Addict’s idea of a Balanced Diet is a donut in one hand and a cupcake in the other. Donuts can be consumed so fast. And the weight they quickly add on can be readily observed by noticing the extra pounds packed on by most regular patrons at donuts shops. 

EGGS have gotten a bad report or a bad rap. They are a wonderful food loaded with protein and B vitamins. A person on a strict Low-Fat diet may not eat eggs with yolks in them. Sylvester Stallone the star of the old Rocky boxing guy movies used to eat 20 eggs (without yolks) for breakfast. One body builder champion guy from England years ago used to eat over twenty eggs everyday (with the yolks). That’s a lot of cholesterol to take in everyday. This guy was in his early 20’s and collapsed one day on a stage posing at a contest and died immediately from a heart attack.  

The bulk of an egg’s nutrients are in the yolks. I eat eggs almost everyday and if I’m say having 4 eggs only two of them cooked up will have their yolks intact. The other 2 eggs I’ll remove the yolks from. A typical egg is only around 70-80 calories and 5 grams of fat, so a person eating 2 eggs is only eating around 150 calories and 10 grams of fat. Eggs have lots of B Vitamins in them and are an excellent super food protein choice. Deviled Eggs have lots of mayonnaise or added fats in them. For some reason most older women crave them and can’t resist eating them.  

FISH when cooked right and seasoned good are a weight management food whether dieting or just eating healthy. Cans of tuna, herrings, and sardines are excellent food choices for a tasty light meal. If you want to barbecue some fish salmon is probably the best choice because it is full of oil and won’t dry out and get flaky-like and slip down into the coals. Shrimp is a good barbecue choice for seafood fare. By the way Shrimp can be cooked up real quickly in a microwave oven. Sushi is a healthy tasty eating choice and/or adventure but sushi is pricey. Oysters are a sex food to some people and they are high in zinc.  

I like to have Tuna Sandwiches for lunch. I drain the oil out of the tuna can, and mix it in a bowel with a little lettuce, white onion cut up, some red wine or cider vinegar, and sometimes add celery and black olives. After mixing it all up I put it on toasted bread. This a great meal if you don’t want to feel stuffed up before going back to work especially if you do writing for a living or write books. Tuna and fried eggs on toast is also a good breakfast choice. Try these tuna can suggestions sometimes and maybe you’ll see what I mean about how you feel light, and energized after eating.

FLAXSEED is treated as a supplement to the people that consume it all the time. It is a good source of omega 3’s fats especially for vegetarians and vegans. I prefer to get most of my omega’s 3 from eating fish, chicken, and some meats regularly. Some people like getting their omega’s 3 from eating over a half a cup of walnuts during the course of a week. Omega 6 fatty acids are also good to consume and fish, eggs, meats, and milk products have plenty of Omega 6 fatty acids. 

FRENCH FRIES are the number one Fast Food favorite choice and of course loaded with fat. If a person consumes only a large coke and large fries with ketchup they have taken in about 700-720 calories, 25-28 fat grams, and around 20 teaspoons of sugar. Kids and adults who consume fries and sugary soft drinks all the time in addition to eating their regular meals will pack the pounds on fast. I once ate a small order of fries everyday for a week. The next week the only difference in my eating was not having any fries. I lost two pounds by the end of the week.  

FROZEN FOODS of fish fillets, shrimp, fruits and vegetables nowadays are of high quality and are usually flash frozen at the peak of freshness. Personally I’ve had some of the best quality and tasting cherries, strawberries, cauliflower, broccoli, and raw fish fillets or nuggets from frozen foods. Catfish Nuggets that come frozen in a plastic container when thawed out are fresh and after cooking them are delicious especially when dipped in my sour cream sauce. 

GRANOLA has long been associated with hikers and outdoors health folks. Over a cup of it has 420-490 calories and 22-24 grams of fat. Trail Mix may have 680-700 calories and 39-43 grams of fat for around a cup’s serving.  

HAMBURGERS can easily be called ‘Fat Burgers’ because they are loaded with fat through and through. For instance a Burger King Whopper Hamburger has about 770- 800 calories and around 41-43 fat grams. Add two slices of cheese and some mayonnaise and a person is eating a cheeseburger containing 980-1,020 calories and 68- 70 grams of fat. 

 I knew a guy who lost 90 pounds and then quickly put back on 80 pounds. When I saw him at the health club wearing two spare tires I asked him “How he got the weight back on so quickly”? He said he would have bouts of depression stressing about some people he felt did him wrong. He would during these stressful times go to a fast food restaurant and eat 6-7 triple cheeseburgers in a hog jaws eating frenzy.  

Most places that serve hamburgers usually say their hamburgers are the best. I have had so many different hamburgers over the years from so many different places. The best hamburgers I have ever had are the ones I grill up on the barbecue. I grill them over charcoal and oak woods and the taste of the open fire and smoky wood taste are better

than any hamburgers I have ever had. My grilled or barbecued chicken, ribs and steaks are better than any I have ever had. When I barbecue chicken, pork, or ribs I use a barbecue sauce with lots of sugars in it but put it on lightly and infuse the oak or hickory smoke from the grill into it. 

HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP is an additive made from cornstarch and is sweeter than white sugar. Food manufacturers use it a lot because it assimilates and blends into foods and drinks better than white sugar does. Most kids and overweight people with a sweet tooth love products that contain white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Lots of processed canned foods and many bottled salad dressings contain high fructose corn syrup.  

MAYONNAISE around 3 tablespoons of it contain 290-310 calories and 30-34 grams of fat. Mayonnaise is many an overweight person’s nemesis just like butter and margarine are. I read how Prince Charles once was in Belgium and in the morning his staff found out they didn’t have and couldn’t buy nearby at a store his favorite mayonnaise Hellman’s to put on his sandwich for his high brow royal lunch. They called the royal air force of England and since they had an aircraft going to Belgium on official business they made sure the aircraft also took his favorite mayonnaise to the prince. Prince Charles got his favorite mayonnaise in time for his lunch. Oh, the perks of being a prince. But since I never eat mayonnaise you can have that perk. I substitute sour cream for mayonnaise. 

MILK that is called whole milk has about 110 calories and 5-6 grams of fat per cup. Low-Fat 1% milk has about 2 grams of fat per cup. Years ago I used to drink 2% churned buttermilk. Many times I would drink a whole quart in one setting. Nowadays I only drink a glass of 1% buttermilk once in a blue moon. A couple of years ago I tried some 2% buttermilk and couldn’t drink it because it tasted so densely rich and too creamy like I was drinking liquid butter.  

When a person cuts back from not eating any creamy rich foods or desserts, and stops eating 2% cottage cheeses and 2% whole milks and switches to low-fat 1% varieties they will experience what I did when I tried creamy rich drinks and foods again. For some people milk doesn’t agree with them because they are lactose intolerant or they get a lot of mucous and/or a stuffed up nose from drinking it or because of eating other dairy products such as cheeses. Many of them drink almond milk. Calcium can be gotten from other sources besides dairy products such as tofu, spinach, leafy green vegetables, collards, broccoli, nuts, white beans, sesame seeds, wheat flour, figs, prunes, and dates.  

NUTS are great Protein sources and they are delicious. They are dense in calories and have high amounts of fat: Such as around a half cup or 4 ounces of most shelled nuts contain around 650-680 calories and 62-65 grams of fat. Just four tablespoons of peanut

butter has about 380-420 calories and 32-34 grams of fat. I once went on a nut eating kick for about 6 months. Sometimes I would eat a half pound to pound of either baked and salted macadamia nuts or pistachio nuts in a day. I really enjoyed eating them but put on about 8 pounds that I couldn’t get rid of until I got off the nuts for a while. Nowadays I eat peanut butter without any added sugars or salt sparingly. Lots of people use a few nuts as a light-moderate snack to ward off hunger pains especially when dieting. Peanut butter with no added sugars is a good food to eat to get rid of hunger pains right away. 

OILS all contain about 110-120 calories and 10-13 grams of fat per tablespoon. Even an oil and vinegar dressing can be fattening if you add a lot of oil to it. Some people like to use Pam type brand cooking spraying oils to hold down fat grams when frying foods. Around 15-16 seconds of constant spraying equals about a tablespoon amount of oil. Olive Oil I think is the best oil overall. Canola and Soybean oils are good oils. Some people enjoy peanut oil with their stir fry concoctions.  

OLIVES have the good fats called mono-saturated. They are high sodium content so a person shouldn’t eat too many. Olives are a better snack choice for someone who wants to get their salt fix with instead of eating potato chips, corn chips, or dill pickles. At some markets they have in a buffet setting around 10-12 different kinds of premium quality olives openly displayed with a serve yourself by the price per pound deal. There are mouth-watering stuffed varieties of garlic, cheeses, black ones, green ones that seem to say ‘eat me right now’. And a person walking by that likes olives, olive oil, and salt will be in ‘olive heaven’ and have to get at least a few of them. And then when they get their groceries put away in their car they reach for the olives and enjoy. 

PASTA is not eaten much or at all by people on a Low-Carib Diet. People on Low-Fat Diets enjoy pasta with marinara sauces and maybe some grated Parmesan cheese. Pastas with creamy sauces such as Alfredo or oily meaty sauces make the dishes much higher in calories and fat grams. 

PIZZA is just about everybody’s favorite delivery food and frozen food entrée. It is real high in fats especially when meats or extra cheese are put on it. 2 slices of pepperoni pizza from a large 14” size pie can easily contain 750-800 calories and 26-28 grams of fat. Whereas 2 slices of veggie pizza can have around 390-420 calories. Some obese people eat one or two large pizzas all by themselves on a regular basis. One large pepperoni deep dish pizza has about 2,300-2,400 calories and 130-140 grams of fat.  

I once helped out at a church feeding the homeless pizza on Wednesday nights. Once the pizza boxes arrived there was a rush to grab the slices of pizza and I never saw such a lustful eating frenzy. People would almost choke trying to wolf a pizza slice down while they were greedily holding 1-2 other slices in another hand. Within about 10-15 minutes

6 boxes of large pizzas was devoured by the piranha like greedy gluttons. What also amazed me was only maybe two or three people said thank you for the free pizza! What a lot of people don’t know is that a lot of homeless people are just as greedy and selfish as a lot of rich people. 

Some people on strict Low Fat diets will only eat a piece of pizza if it is just thin crust and pizza sauce with no cheeses or meats. When I was 18 years old I worked for a $1.50 an hour part-time after school at a pizza place slicing up meats, making pizza sauce, and shredding cheeses in the back room. While working I would munch on the salami, and cheddar & mozzarella cheeses. Then after work I got to make one small pizza for myself with two meat choices. I would heap on tons of cheese, pepperoni, and sausage.  

When I started the job I was as skinny as a toothpick in appearance. I was so skinny when I took a shower I had to keep jumping around to get wet. Anyway in one month working at the pizza place I put on 10 pounds. I gave the job to a friend of mine and he put on 15 pounds in two months. I like eating pizza from time to time and it is always tempting to eat too much of it but if I do eat more than I need to I can easily fit the calories into my overall eating for the week and not gain any weight. 

POPCORN by itself isn’t very fattening. But add the butter and lots of salt and it becomes a tasty treat with 6-8 grams of fat for just around a cup’s amount. It is easy to see how a person at the movies can devour a large bucket of buttered popcorn there and consume about 40-50 grams of fat in a constant hand to mouth munching crunching action. Kettle Popcorn is now all the rage because it has lots of white sugar in it making the popcorn more like candy popcorn. Back when I was a kid and we went to the movies for $1.00 matinees and they wouldn’t throw the old popcorn from the night before away but instead put more melted orangeish-yellow looking butter that they didn’t throw away either on it. Then they reheated it and sold it to us kids. On more than one occasion I or someone else would vomit after eating this toxic stuff. 

POTATOES are usually not eaten by people doing a Low-Carb eating plan. Potatoes are a great vegetable and I even like to eat the skin of a baked potato with a little sour cream and garlic salt & pepper, and sometimes salsa. Oil drenched Hash Browns and baked potatoes with either lots of butter, margarine, regular sour cream, or different cheeses added can be a dense fattening meal. 

POTATO CHIPS are many an overweight person’s nemesis. Potato chips are so many people’s first appetizer to really pigging out. I have some friends and relatives who are 70-100 pounds overweight and when they are at a social gathering I kid you not they by themselves can polish off a big bag’s amount of potato chips and a bowl of dip in 10-15 minutes. Easily 100-140 grams of fat can be consumed in one quick eating frenzy of this sort. Different brands of Corn Chips have just as much fats and some more than potato

chips. So called health food stores have corn and potato chips that say on the labels ‘Natural’ no trans fats and saturated fats. People buy these chips and think they are buying a healthy product.  

However, when you read the ‘Fat Grams per Serving’ and figure out the amount for the contents of the whole bag a person finds out that there are just as many or more fat grams in these so called healthy chips as in regular so-called bad guys chips. If an overweight person must eat some chips when dieting then they should consider just having a few of them. Most chips are around 55-65% fats. Baked Chips have less fats in them. Some people on strict low-fat diets substitute rice type chips for potato chips and corn chips. Pop Chips are highly recommended! They are low fat content and low sugar and salt content but they taste delicious. They come in different kinds and my favorite is the barbecue flavored chips. 

SMOOTHIES should be treated as a meal by themselves. Some people have a Smoothie as their entire breakfast. Some people are just wild about juicing everything and drinking it. Personally I prefer eating fruits after I peel or cut them instead of drinking them except for lemons and limes. And I prefer eating raw or cooked vegetables then drinking them. If you want to see a funny comedy clip about Juicing go to YouTube..com online and look at Jim Carrey as the Juiceman on a old show called In Living Color. 

SODAS come in all forms nowadays from colas to energy drinks. The average soda or energy drink usually contains around 10-12 teaspoons of sugar and lots of caffeine. I know a person who drank down three 16 ounce energy drinks in a row who got ill and was rushed to the emergency room. Some people drink 64 ounces of sodas via Big Gulps at 7-11’s. One news reporter on TV said, “They should give anyone who buys that much sugary soda at one time an insulin shot for free”.  

Kids nowadays are flying high and wild and even doing crazy stunts and things on skateboards, bikes, etc. and getting injured while jacked-up on energy drinks. It is good to remember and tell kids that sodas and all high white sugar laden drinks rot your teeth and make the dentists the big bucks. One former overweight soda addict said that she gave up drinking 2 less regular cola sodas a day and didn’t change anything else in her eating or exercising and lost 21 pounds after a year and her skin never looked so healthy. 

Diet Sodas are drank a lot by people watching their weight. I personally don’t understand why people like sodas so much especially when there are so many healthy refreshing alternatives such as having mixed together any fruit juice with ice cubes, and/or club soda or seltzer water. Sunny D is drank a lot by kids and some parents think of it as a health drink but hardly any fruit juice is in it and it contains added fructose and sugars.

SPINACH has lots of nutrients, fiber, and iron. It is great in salads and casseroles. It is one of the best Super-Foods a person can eat. Since few people eat spinach it is inexpensive compared to more popular vegetables. If you want a super healthy high protein easy to make entree combine spinach, a drained can of oil-based tuna, an egg or two, and some kind of cheese and cook or bake it all mixed together and eat it like that or on some toast. 

TRANS FATS are made when vegetable oil has Hydrogen added to it. When this occurs the oil becomes a solid such as is the case with different margarines made with it. Hydrogenated Oils and partially hydrogenated are both Trans Fats. Trans Fats should be avoided and not eaten. They can be called evil fats or bad fats. Olive Oil, nuts, avocados, on the other hand contain good fats or mono-saturated fats. Fried foods, corn chips, potato chips, ramen soups, and different crackers can all contain Trans Fats. 

TV DINNERS of Salisbury steak, Mexican combo, chicken combo, etc. that are not labeled low-fat or low sodium are high in calories, fat grams, preservatives, and salt. Eat at your own risk or in the smallest amount thereof.  

Years ago I knew a guy who was nicknamed ‘Crazy Chris’ that when he got his disability check would go to the supermarket and buy 30 or more TV Dinners on sale at a dollar each. He always bragged how by buying all these dinners he was really saving money on food. He would drink a forty-ounce beer, get stoned on pot and sit down and eat 2-3 TV dinners one after the other. 

VINEGARS such as Apple Cider ones are good with salads, and mix up well with olive oil, garlic salt, onion salt, and pepper. Garlic goes good with vinegar and other foods and many claim it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Some people drink apple cider vinegar in a teaspoon or tablespoon daily to aid Digestion. It is also good for inducing sweating and makes skin look healthier. Wine Vinegar is tasty in salads and mixes well with low-fat sour cream and spices.  

YOGURT whether regular or low-fat is probably the number one diet treat or food of mostly girls and women. You won’t see a bunch of oil worker roughnecks or lumberjacks on a TV commercial saying eating yogurt is their favorite food and without it they couldn’t do their jobs. It has lots of calcium in it and many claim it improves their digestion. Yogurt Raisins sounds like a healthy snack but just a 5 oz. amount can be 650- 670 calories. 

HEALTH Talk Show Host: What are some Eating & Dieting Facts, Thoughts, Tips, Etc. ? 

Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut: Around 80-90% of people who lose weight gain it back and many then unfortunately always believe to themselves “Oh, what’s the use, it’s impossible for me, hopeless, the heck with it”. 

There was a funny actor named John Candy. He usually kept himself around fifty to seventy five pounds overweight. So he was basically known as a heavy set jolly fat guy comedian and actor. He was popular and made millions of dollars. In an interview he basically said, “None of the real good looking women in Hollywood sincerely wanted him because of his weight they weren’t attracted to him, they just used him to try and get a movie role”. In other words he had people  

who would use him for his fame, and his money but not a true love from a girlfriend or wife to really love him for himself. He eventually became angry, bitter, and depressed and went on a massive overeating orgy. He put on around a hundred pounds in three months or so. On the set of the movie he was working on people said so much food and drinks of every kind was put in his trailer that they thought it was enough for 7-8 people to eat for a month. Instead he ate and drank it all by himself. And sadly he passed away in his movie set trailer. 

Have you ever met or known someone who ate themselves to death? Years ago I did an exterior remodeling job for a really fat person who was over 300 pounds overweight. This man was wealthy from a large inheritance and had two homes in beach resort areas. He showed me a picture of himself ten years earlier and he was a thin trim person. I couldn’t believe how he had gotten so obese. I noticed that from the moment he woke up he started eating candy and drinking sodas and was constantly munching on things all day like ice cream, donuts, candies etc.  

He said not too long ago his wife left him and he still was bitter and hateful towards her. For two years he stayed inside his homes and ate everything he wanted to around the clock. This man had the kind of fat that was not giggly but firm or hard fat like it was trying to explode out of his stretched to the max skin. He left for a vacation and was coming back in 30 days and during that time I would have the remodeling done.  

He had a house guest who said if his friend doesn’t start dieting soon he’s going to die barely being in his early forties. I agreed and even wondered if he would make it back from his vacation. He did come back and I went over to see him and he was sleeping on the couch in the living room. He looked even worse than when he left and had half his face full of white mucous coming out from his mouth. 

He also had pus coming out from unhealed sores on his legs and arms. It was a gross sight and I thought this guy needs to get in a medical rehab place or a hospital fast or he will be dead soon. His entire body was literally a toxic bomb that was ready to go off and kill him if he didn’t get drastic medical attention. I wanted to tell him to get help soon but he wouldn’t let anyone tell him what to do. After a year passed I went by his house to see how the remodeling job was holding up and to see if he had gotten help. He wasn’t there and the people renting the house said he got sick and died about two months after you last saw him.  

Basically most Dieting Plans should involve: Getting down to a weight and/or size that is Comfortable for You at Your Age, and where you can eat, exercise, and maintain it easily and not be hungry all the time. The old time actress Elizabeth Taylor for many years went on a strict diet and exercise regime. Then she started to get tired of the same or similar food dishes and missed some of her favorites like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy. She got tired of being hungry for different foods all the time and not feeling she could enjoy them anymore. So she started eating more of her favorite foods from time to time and put on an extra seven to ten pounds. When interviewed many years ago about her weight gain she said I feel better and more comfortable now with the little extra weight then always trying to strictly maintain my lowest dieting weight.  

Some successful dieters write down what their realistic final weight loss amount goal is then set intermediate reachable goals in between to achieving their final dream weight and look.  

Some people are so determined to lose a certain amount of weight they just bull nose their way through it and stampede along and achieve their dream weight and size goals.  

I was once in a health club and doing the stairmaster machine. Two women were arguing about who got to use the available machine first. The thin women says (loud enough for everyone to hear and look over) to the over 90 lbs. overweight other women, “You need it more than me so have it!” The overweight women got so angry and about to cry and I thought slap the thin women. But she left the health club and I and everybody else thought poised to have a major melt down. Instead, that fat woman went on a strict low fat diet and went to the health club almost every day for a year working out on stairmasters and treadmills.  

I saw her every week and month getting thinner and thinner. In little over a year she lost 96 lbs and was actually slim and trim looking. This woman could have let the anger she had destroy her more through massive overeating but instead she funneled all that spiritual and mental energy and passion to motivate herself to never be embarrassed or put down again for being so overweight. An old saying, “Don’t get revenge, instead

become successful because the greatest revenge is the person(s) seeing you happy and successful”. 

I read years ago about a pretty woman who lived in London that once was about 70 lbs. overweight. While on vacation in Australia she was to ride a donkey on some scenic trail. She got on the donkey and the donkey couldn’t carry her weight and collapsed. Everybody laughed at her. She got so angry at her embarrassment and became so motivated to lose the weight and get in trim defined shape. Because of her extreme motivation she got in fantastic shape and went on to win the Ms England Beauty Contest. When interviewed she smiled and said, “I guess I owe it all to that donkey and the people laughing at me.” 

 Losing weight is hard at times no matter what diet or exercise program a person does. But far harder is keeping the weight off and maintaining a regular exercise program for the rest of a person’s life. 

Most people will make less to eat if they use a smaller size can, box or package of food. Whereas people who buy in bulk tend to make bigger entrees and eat more. 

Putting around 7-9 ounces of any food(s) on an 8” plate looks like an average type serving able to fill a person up enough. But if you put that same amount of food(s) on a bigger plate say a 12 inch one then it looks much smaller and not enough to eat or fill a person up. Thus a person on a diet may think they need to eat more even before they start eating. 

Some people use tall skinny glasses instead of big wide glasses and say that they will pour less soda beverages, fruit juices, or cocktails into them and thus drink fewer calories. 

A person who has a lot of Leftovers around all the time pretty much forces themselves and/or others to feel they have to eat them all up right away or soon. Such a person is probably making too much foods or portions up all the time. Maybe some people do it on purpose so they’ll have an excuse for overeating? I know it’s true because I used to do it. I would buy a large pizza for myself and after eating 3-4 pieces be satiated. But hours later because it was still around I would heat pieces up and eat more. And then hours later eat more until it was all consumed. 

It’s a good idea when a person starts Dieting not to have a bunch of high fats or high calories foods around themselves to see so that they constantly think of devouring them. Better to have fruits or vegetables to look at instead of things like fatty nuts, candies, and potato chips. Housewives who make meals for their children find it hard to keep weight off because: They are always thinking about preparing meals, shopping for foods and

drinks, and find it hard to resist constantly tasting their cuisine while making it, and also eating snacks with their kids that are fattening, and eating off their kids plates or their leftovers all the time. Many are unaware that they are habitually doing this and that is why a food and drink daily diary is important until new eating habits are fully formed and implemented as a lifestyle. 

It is smart never to eat anything that contains more than 750 grams of sodium or salt per serving. Some canned goods like water-based tuna, and green beans can be rinsed over with water to remove some of the salt from them. So many soups sold at markets are so high in salt content that a person should always read the labels for sodium amounts. Sea salt is saltier than regular table salt. Other salts to try instead of white table salt are seasoned salts, garlic salts, and onion salts.  

To make these seasoned up salts spicier and less salty when you pour them add more garlic powder, paprika, or onion powder to them. I like salt on foods a lot and have to watch my salt intake but fortunately salt leaves your body in time. But if you eat too much on occasion like I do you get a little more bloated with retaining water in your body. People take salt for granted but if I had to eat all foods that taste better with salt and couldn’t add salt to them I wouldn’t want to consume them. Salt is cheap and plentiful nowadays but back in the old Roman Empire when salt was scarce the soldiers would be paid in salt for their wages. There is an old saying from those days that says “He’s worth his salt.”  

Almost without exception a person shopping for food on an Empty Stomach buys more items than if they went to the market after they just finished a meal. Taking a ‘List of things to buy’ is the smartest way to shop if a person doesn’t want to gain weight. For instance back in my fatty days I so many times would go to the supermarket hungry and say something to myself like “I’m just getting some mustard, lettuce, and bread and that will cost about five dollars”.  

Then I would get to the supermarket and buy a bunch of cheeses, hamburger patties, sour cream, tv dinners, frozen pizzas, cans of clam chowder, fried chicken and also what I came for originally mustard, bread, and lettuce. And the bill would be around fifty dollars. Then I would go to my house and devour a cheeseburger, pieces of fried chicken, a can of clam chowder, pieces of cheese, sour cream dip, tv dinners, and a salad with lots of oil and vinegar dressing. Nowadays I go to the supermarket after eating and I take a list and stick to it when shopping and don’t go home and pig out on everything in the fridge and in the cupboards.  

If a person has their eating habits sabotaged at their workplace such as the only food and drink choices are unhealthy ones from vending machines then the solution is bring your gown healthy or better entrees and munchies. A tuna fish or salmon sandwich made with

a little oil, vinegar, celery and onions on toast is a tasty healthy light meal that I enjoy for lunch frequently. A banana, apple, or orange are good desert choices. If a person must have potato or corn chips just eat Pop Chips.  

Eating dinner or snacks after six pm should Not be done as a daily habit if a person doesn’t want to gain weight. I read about a former sports figure celebrity obese guy who didn’t change anything about his diet or physical lifestyle. All he did was not eat anything after 6 pm for a year and he lost 78 pounds and looked like a new person. ‘Not eating after 6 pm most of the time’ is a Diet Secret that a lot of people don’t know about because they never tried it. The nice thing about it is you can basically eat what you want before 6 pm in moderation and either lose weight or not gain anymore. 

It can only help to try and Smile more and Laugh more. As the proverb says, – “Laughter or a Merry Heart does good like a Medicine.” Proverbs 17:22 Genuine laughter not fake or controlled laughter will give your stomach and intestines a massage so to speak and as a result improve digestion.  

Most persons using a bigger spoon or ladle to give themselves a portion of for instance ice cream, pasta, rice, beans, or a casserole will put more on their plate or in their bowl. So maybe a person on a weight loss program should use a smaller spoon or ladle? But then what if they or someone else puts more spoonfuls or scoops on their plate instead? Moderate Portion Control is the solution that will resolve both these questions. People on ‘portion control diets’ will usually have only 3-4 ounces of any meat, fish, chicken, beef, or pork. That amount is about a fist or palm size. 

Almost all overweight people not on diets when given a bigger portion of something they really like usually will try to eat all of it even if they are full. I can still remember Thanksgiving dinners where I would eat a little turkey meat. But I would have big portions of mashed potatoes, delicious turkey dressing made with old bread, and turkey & chicken giblets cut up. And enough gravy to sink the Queen Mary luxury liner. My stomach would get so swelled up and big. I would be so stuffed and have a stomach ache and could barely walk like a drunken duck for about an hour. 

Having fewer portions served to oneself and eating less amounts of foods than one used to have: Takes time to create the habit of doing so, and involves the spirit, mind, and body of an individual. “Dieting, exercising, and staying in shape is a Marathon not a sprint”. 

To get more fat out of cooked Ground Beef after it has been poured off get a big strainer and put the meat in it then pour hot water over the meat you place in the strainer. 

Some adults and kids will eat healthy or low calorie foods if the portion size and dish

looks appetizing and they are not aware of nor told the food fare or dish is a healthy one. So many kids if they are told something is healthy or good for them to eat or drink. Won’t eat or drink it to be considered cool to their friends or as a form of rebellion against their parents or teachers.  

To some kids only flakes, squares, or dorky like health nuts eat foods that are good for you. The cool popular bad guys drink sodas, eat candy, donuts, and fries. Not too long ago kids that smoked in high school were considered cool rebellious bad guys. When I was in high school I didn’t know hardly anything about eating and living healthy. To me a balanced diet was an ice cream cone in both hands. 

One way to get Vegetables (such as spinach, lettuce, cabbage, grated carrots, etc.) into one’s diet and/or loved ones is to put these vegetables in ‘Small Amounts’ added to sandwiches, omelets, soups, casseroles, rice dishes, etc Adding cheese(s) to many meals makes them more palatable to most adults and kids.  

To help overcome a lustful ‘Sweet Tooth’ for white sugar treats have instead the sweeter fruits like bananas, grapes, mangoes, cantaloupes, honeydew melons, watermelon, and pineapples. Freeze up ice cubes made from apple juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, and grape juice. Frozen Grapes are a popular diet secret among celebrities and different ones have said that frozen grapes cured there former got to have it instant gratification ‘sugar fix’ for something like chocolate chip cookies. I like sucking on frozen grapes and eating them and found out frozen blueberries, cherries, and strawberries also take away a craving for something sweet like ice cream.  

Before eating a high calorie or real high fat food or entrée a person should ask themselves, “Is it easier to forgo eating extra fats and calories they don’t need, or instead eat them for a moment’s pleasure and later exercise forever to try and get rid of those extra 600-1000 calories”? Years ago  


I and my wife were at a nice restaurant and cocktail lounge watching Monday night football. At halftime the cheerleaders from an NFL football team performed dance routines. After the performance I talked to a cheerleader who was the only one of the cheerleaders that was about 10-15 pounds overweight. During casual conversation she said she was dieting and while talking to her she wolfed down a salad with lots of greens in it with over half a bottle of ranch dressing. She obviously got lots of aerobics exercise but no matter how much she vigorously exercised and did the cheer leading practices and performances her high fat eating was canceling or sabotaging what calories she was burning up. 

Eating about three cups of Ice Cream might take over three hours of riding a stationery bike in place to burn up those extra unneeded calories and fat grams. Perhaps for a snack

or treat a person should have some mozzarella string cheese and/or an apple or cold strawberries instead. 

It is good to keep in mind that the word Breakfast really means ‘Break-the-Fast’: The idea behind the origin of this word meaning is that a person in the morning has gone a long time between eating and their last meal. And the body is hungry similar to after fasting. So something good and healthy should be eaten to replenish the body with vitamins, nutrients, proteins, etc. Always drink any caffeine drinks or beverages such as coffee or tea After eating and Not before on an empty stomach. I know people who don’t get out of bed and dressed until they have had their morning cup of java or latte. 

If a person doesn’t want to exercise at the gym or at a aerobics class than they should consider at least walking a lot everyday and/or doing exercises or aerobics at home even while watching TV or tidying up the house. So many people nowadays will not even walk a block or two anywhere but instead take the car. Many people will not even consider taking some stairs up to an office instead of the elevator all the time.  

Back when I was over 30 pounds overweight and way out of shape I would frequently ‘party-hearty’ and also smoke five big cigars daily inhaling them. During this time I once was at a rain swollen river and my buddy was riding a large raft down the rapids. I was laughing my fanny off as he zoomed along the river and then suddenly caught a tree branch and capsized and lost the raft. I was so out of shape and out of breath that I couldn’t jump in the rapids and help him. I just kept laughing as it was hilarious how he went down so quickly like a friend slipping on a banana and you laugh at them. 

 Luckily for him he didn’t panic and swam to the side and got out. I was disappointed in myself later for being so young and yet so out of shape like a ninety year old man with emphysema and heart problems. And here I was so out of shape I couldn’t even rescue myself or someone else who might need help that is drowning in an ocean, lake, river or creek. A few days later I was helping two other guys push and pull a large refrigerator with a dolly up some stairs. Halfway up the stairs my lungs hurt so badly from huffing and puffing that I had to stop and rest for fifteen minutes. Then at the top of the stairs the same thing happened. That was my second wake up call to quit the cigars, lose weight, start getting in shape, and become healthier. 


‘Walking Up Stairs’ is a good way to see what kind of physical fitness and stamina a person possesses. If a person is out of breath and their muscles hurt from walking up stairs they should seriously consider changing their unhealthy habits and get some new healthy ones like exercising and dieting and giving up cigarettes, booze, drugs, etc. 

Some people claim that a person who is stressful all the time causes their body to store more fat than it normally would without so much stress all the time. A lack of Restful

Sleep can make a person irritable, stressful, and hinder the body in repairing itself and replenishing itself. A lack of sleep can make a person entertain goofy, stupid or dumb thoughts and think of doing them like gorging down 5 donuts or a whole pizza by themselves. 

Heath Ledger the young actor who died in his sleep was using large amounts of alcohol, prescription pain pills, valium, and sleeping pills and he still couldn’t get a restful night’s sleep. He averaged two hours a night sleeping. It is too bad that not only him but millions of people are doing some version of his unhealthy abusive kill yourself slowly but surely. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are two other celebrities who used lots of powerful drugs to try and get to sleep and sleep soundly through the night and both of them died from overdoses. 

It is a good idea to get some of the sun’s rays regularly for getting Vitamin D. and also because looking at the clouds and blue skies and feeling the sun’s warmth is positive healthful motivation. When I lived in San Diego for twenty years I would go to the beach all the time for the beauty and some exercising such as walking on the beach. I also like feeding seagulls, squirrels, and crows old bread, potato chips, or corn chips.  

Amazingly for all the beautiful beaches San Diego has most of the permanent residents rarely get out of their cars or trucks and go walk on the sand alongside the waves. I used to tell people in San Diego that people from out of town pay $300-$400 a night to be on or near these beautiful beaches that you never go to or maybe once or twice a year you do. There is a big difference between looking at a beach and going down on the sand and by the water and enjoying the waves, the skies, and birds. 

Some people who have overeating problems will take too many vitamins, supplements, iron pills etcin the mystical like belief the more they take the healthier they will become faster. Just like overeating all the time will harm a person so will taking too many vitamins, dieting supplements, iron pills etc, Having either diarrhea or constipation are some of the lesser side effects. Worse side effects are kidney or liver problems. 

Some people will hog out on Fat-Free Snacks just like they used to on regular candy bars and cookies thinking, “Look here baby, it’s a fat free diet food I can eat all I want and not worry about putting on the pounds.” They don’t realize they are eating dense refined carbohydrates packed solid with calories. 

When a person can’t button their pants without holding in their stomach, or they have to unbuckle up their belt a notch more it is perhaps time to check if they are overeating. I used to have to put more notches in my belts as my waist enlarged itself.

Before going to either a restaurant, dinner party, or buffet and a person doesn’t want to be so hungry that they feel like eating everything on the table except for the silverware, glasses, cups, and tablecloth: They should consider eating some low calories snacks before going to curtail their appetite. If they are going to have any alcohol drinks or beverages they must eat something before going or face detrimental side-effects later.. 

If a person who is trying to change or watch their eating habits and they eat with overweight people who wolf down a large amount of entrees and desserts. They can easily pick up again their bad eating habits. Years ago I worked on a construction team and the mom and pop owners were obese and each one of them was over a hundred pounds overweight. Everybody on the crew was also noticeably overweight.  

At lunch we would eat lots of pizzas. These owners were always eating and gorging on something all day and night. I started eating big high fat breakfasts in the morning, and high fat dinners. After picking up their eating habits and doing a version of them myself I put on a spare tire, a gut, and gained 12 pounds of fat deposits in 2 months. After I quit working for the company it took about a week of getting out of the habit of eating so much food all the time.  

HEALTH Talk Show Host: Got some Information and Tips on Exercising for us? 

Bob the Bodybuilder and Health-Nut: Some of the benefits of Exercising are self esteem, strength, cardiovascular health, feeling sexy or desirable, immune system improves with more resistance to colds and flu, firm muscles with definition, and an easier time either losing weight or not gaining anymore. 

Going to the gym, health club, or exercise class is the hardest part” because once you are there you will do something physically and when you leave be glad you worked out. The health club or gym is one place that you always leave feeling better than when you went in after having your workout and when you are done showering. Working out causes the natural pain reliever called endorphin in one’s body to be circulated and a somewhat euphoric feeling is a result. 


Lots of people have bought home exercise and treadmill type equipment and machines. Many are Gung-Ho when starting out but over time fade out from exercising and aren’t motivated. If a person goes to a health club they will be motivated and work out. 

Find a health club nearby so it is easy to get to. You can go to any health club first on a one to three day pass and find out first before signing up long term if you like everything about it such as the people, ambiance, equipment, cleanliness, locker room, and the staff.

Consider taking a brief sauna or steam bath after your workout at the gym or health club to sweat out more toxins, relax, and loosen up. 

Since muscle requires more energy to function than fat deposits: If you add more muscle you will burn more calories, fats, and carbohydrates all the time.  

Stretching your upper and lower body before doing exercising or lifting weights is a good thing to do to avoid any unnecessary injuries or pains. If a person hasn’t worked out in a long time using weights or weight machines they should for the first 2-3 workouts use real light weights to avoid stiffness and pain cramps in their bodies. A person should always stop any exercising if they feel dizzy or light-headed. 

 Some people are intimidated when first going to the gym or an exercise class and try to get real strong or in great shape quickly and as a result use too much weight on a machine or barbell; or they do exercise routines too fast. As a result later they are in great pain or stiffness, have back spasms, or even an injury. A person should Not do weight training using the same muscles two days in a row. Better to rest a day or two.  

I sometimes will go weeks working upper body one day then lower body the next day. Then other times I will work lower and upper body the same day on weight machines and then do the same routine every other day. Nowadays my workouts at the health club lasts about 35-45 minutes or so as I progress from machine to machine and rest very little. Once a person is in top physical shape and lost the weight they wanted to its easy to exercise just 3-4 times a week vigorously for 30-45 minutes and always stay in great shape. Only people in bodybuilding contests do weight lifting for hours on end every day. 

Any kind of aerobics, exercising, or weight training will ‘Increase your Metabolism’ right away and also after you are done doing them. 

Running Fast should Not be done Going Downhill. I know a man who all during his 20’s ran up and down hills and mountains all the time to keep in shape for rescuing people in a state park where he worked. After age 30 and thereafter his shins and knees started to get worse and worse eventually causing great pain. In his early 50’s he had both of his knees done over in Knee replacement surgery. 

Running injuries can occur with knees, shins, ankles, back, hips, and feet. Women who run a lot without a tight fitting sports bra usually get stretched and/or sagging breasts. Try to tell that to a woman running and her breasts are bouncing up and down. She might want to hit or slap you and say mind your own business. 

What if a person doesn’t want to do running all the time for exercising or to keep in

shape? Do what I do and walk a lot and enjoy the scenery and smell the roses & do low fat, low-carb dieting most of the time and try to eat only when you are hungry.  

If a person doesn’t want to do exercise classes, aerobics, go on a treadmill or stairmaster machine they should consider doing: Light weight training with machines, and walking a lot or more than the average person. Low impact swimming or aqua exercise classes in a swimming pool are alternative good fitness choices. And also doing a low-fat, low carb, low calories, and low-white-sugar type eating lifestyle most of the time is essential to staying in top shape.  

Here are some Walking Tips: Have a free-flowing movement, Stand tall, with your eyes fixed on the horizon, swing your arms, breathe through your nose as you walk. Walking improves mobility and strength, builds endurance and promotes the circulation of life-giving fluids throughout the body. 

Fatty Deposits on a person’s body occupy 4-5 times more space than muscles. Most muscles will weigh about three times that of equal amounts of fatty deposits. When an overweight person works out regularly, diets, and loses weight and gains muscle they will feel like their body is shrinking and that’s not bad news. 

Kid are not recommended to exercise or workout with weights or weight machines until they are 13 or older and then with light weights only. 

Some people have big fatty thighs, arms (huge fatty arms on an obese person years ago were slangy called ‘Ham Arms’), calves etc. that they primarily or only want to lose weight from because they feel their stomach and face are thin enough. 

 Unfortunately there is no such thing as having a one spot or area on your body lose weight only or the fastest. When a person loses weight they don’t just lose it from their thighs, hips, or face but the weight rather comes off pretty much rather evenly throughout the body. 

Most people after age 25 have their Metabolisms naturally start to slow down as part of aging. Decade after decade a person will notice a general slowdown of their metabolism. Also muscle mass is gradually lost the older you get after age 25 so men can only make their muscles so large and tight and then no bigger or tighter. I read about a man who years ago claimed to have the biggest worked out arms. This guy took cocaine and also injected steroids into his arms. He strained and strained his biceps with too much weight lifting until they got an infection and his arms literally exploded and it was gross all the pus etc.  

Some people whether it’s engaging in overeating or over doing weight lifting will push

the envelope or push the known physical limits and their bodies one day rebel and cause massive harm. Bruce Lee the old time popular King-Fu movie actor would do hundreds of push ups and sit ups everyday and train ferociously always trying to push his body more each time.  

He got a headache one day and someone gave him a prescription pain pill for his headache. He died in his early thirties that night of a cerebral hemorrhage no doubt in part brought on by over working his body’s set physical limitations. I recommend using lighter weights on machines and do lots of repetitions to build tighter more defined muscles instead of bulking muscle up using real heavy weights and putting lots of pressure on your bones. You could also get a hernia. 

Either daily imagining, visualizing, or confessing constantly the weight you want to be and/or the top fit image of your body that you desire can actually help you get there faster.  

–Provided of course that you also workout and–watch your eating habits. 

When a person works out for a while and gets in shape and also gains muscle mass they may weight themselves sometime and see no weight loss. It may likely be because muscle weighs more than the fat lost. When a person looks in the mirror without flexing or holding in their midsection: That will show them whether or not they look fatter, or are more muscle toned and trimmer regardless of the scales reading. Mirrors at most coed health clubs make a person’s muscles and fat deposits more enhanced or look bigger than what they are. For instance a man with flexed 16 inch arms and a 40 inch chest will be enhanced at most health clubs mirrors and look like he has 16½-17 inch arms and a 41-42 inch chest when he flexes. By the same token his stomach with any fat on it will look 5%-10% or so bigger or larger. Ladies may look a ½-1 size bigger in gym enhanced mirrors. 

Doing any kind of workout or exercising should definitely include wearing thick socks and newer comfortable shoes with plenty of cushioning. 


Overweight women and men don’t need to worry about working out with weights and getting to fat, big or huge. That is if they also are on either a low-calorie or low-fat eating plan. To get tight defined abs the main thing a person must do is a Low Fat Diet. This low-fat dieting combined with exercises like aerobics, sit-ups, crunches, or running and maybe also walking a lot or jogging. Will in time get the trim looking abdominals or maybe even the sought after and coveted ‘6-Pak-Abs’.  

Pilates (Pull-la-tees) is done mostly by girls and women in classes. In other words you wouldn’t expect to find a real macho type guy doing an infomercial for a Pilates class as

an instructor. The Pilates philosophy is to really strengthen a person’s core areas or middle muscle areas of their body (abdomen, lower back, hip areas).  

Cellulite to females is what a big gut or beer belly is to men. Both don’t look pretty and nobody wants them, and both are hard to get rid of the older a person gets. Cellulite (also called cottage cheese) can be described as lumpy fat deposits situated or lying under the skin as tissue. Most deposits are found in a person’s rear end and hamstrings (back of the legs). Low-Fat dieting, walking, treadmills, stair masters, and aerobics seem like the only help for getting rid of cellulite deposits and/or adding muscle tone over it. People with plenty of money can get some cellulite removed or zapped by laser treatments. 

Some people run all the time and/or workout and eat lots of fats and cholesterol daily. Many are in trim shape and look fine. Some even brag how by their jogging, running, or exercising they can eat daily huge amounts of fats with their high protein diets and be in top shape and health. Some are in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and perhaps one day they are exercising or running as usual and they have a heart attack or stroke. People wonder how did that happen they were so healthy looking and doing physical things all the time?  

The large daily intake of so much fats and cholesterol may have been causing high blood pressure and clogged arteries and veins. Some factors that may also have contributed to their sudden demise may have been lots of constant stress, fear, worry, bitterness, or even hate within their spirits and minds. Drugs may also be a factor. Some older people will go a gym and because of the younger people around them working out frantically to try and do the same and then out in the parking lot or at their homes have a heart attack. 

I once was in the steam room trying to relax but couldn’t because there was a loud conversation between a male exercise class instructor and another guy. The exercise instructor was putting down some women exercise instructor for not being in top shape and he was still bitter about an argument they had that day. As I listened to this guy brag about himself and his classes being the best, I thought to myself this guys’ an exercise instructor as his main job or employment then why is he 15-20 pounds overweight?  

As I listened on the exercise instructor he said everyday his main thrill of the day was to eat a quart or more of his premium rich favorite ice cream rocky road or double dutch chocolate and watch TV and eat it all. Curiously, I asked the guy “Didn’t he realize how many dense calories and fat grams there are in those rich ice creams and eating them every day on top of maybe not eating moderately other meals cancels out the daily exercise regime and keeps the excess pounds on?” He basically skirted around the question and said he couldn’t resist nor would he ever give up his daily ice cream social with himself. Later that day I went to the supermarket and checked out the calories and

fat grams in different quarts of ice creams. I figured the brand and flavors of ice cream he loved to eat everyday were putting an extra 900-1,000 calories and 70-80 grams of fat into his body!  

It is best to avoid drinking Tap Water because it can contain too much chlorine, fluoride, and contaminants. Except in some cities and areas where the water comes from a well or mountain spring. For instance the water in Sequoia or Yosemite state parks is pure, delicious and almost seems effervescent and sweet. 

Drinking plenty of Purified Water throughout the day will help control one’s body temperature and get rid of wastes and toxins better. Since a person can have about 2 ½ quarts of water go out of them daily by perspiring and breathing. Water is needed to be taken in to avoid dehydration. Some people claim drinking water all day long makes their appetites less for eating and that their skin has improved in smoothness and healthy looks from drinking water all the time. How many glasses of water to drink daily are debatable. Some say 7, 8, 9, or ten glasses a day. Basically if a person’s urine is not noticeably real yellowish they are drinking plenty of water. I’ve known people who almost never drink water by itself but instead have lots of either coffee, energy drinks, sodas, or tea. Their skin color doesn’t have that healthy glow to it. .Kidney stones may also be formed from not drinking enough water all the time. Purified chilled waters with a little bit of squeezed lemon, orange, grapefruit, or lime in them are always good drinking choices. 

Talk Show Host: Would you give us some general information as regards ANEOREXIA & BULIMIA 

Bob the Bodybuilder & Health Nut: Bulimia is basically eating all the food you want and then sticking your finger down your throat and vomiting or purging all the food out. This constant practice rots the enamel of the teeth from the powerful stomach acids coming up and scorching the teeth. I saw on TV a Bulimia person and he did it to maintain his weight and he had spent over $8,000 at the dentist for eroded damaged teeth. In ancient days the wealthy Romans and Greeks would have large lavish feasts and people would gorge on one entrée and then go outside to the troughs were they would throw up their meal. Then they would go back to the feast gorge again on some other new entrée being offered and then go outside again and purge it out.  

A Bulimia philosophy is basically ‘having your cake and eating it too’. They may reason “I can eat anything I want when I want and as much of it as I want and on top of that not gain weight or get fat, or feel guilty about pigging out”. A person wanting to overcome their bulimia addiction should consider spiritual and mental help with their past involving possible molestation or sexual abuse and deep anger or bitterness towards themselves or other people. Sexual molestation is a terrible thing to have happen to a

child or teenager.  

Many people that have been abused suffer all throughout their lives from it and never get free from the memories or the hurts. I’ve seen and met people who were sexually abused 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, years ago and it still affects them negatively and they never get completely over it. Some women claim the reason they are so fat is they are afraid if they lose the weight and look good that some man will molest them again just like when they were molested when they were younger and not fat. 

Anorexics are basically people who are real skinny or frail from either not eating at all and/or eating hardly anything. An Anorexic can look in the mirror and say to themselves I’m so fat when they are as skinny as a toothpick and weigh less than a potato chip. Years ago there was a young singer who had it all great family and friends, made millions of dollars from record sales, a singing career still going real strong, and a good looking face and nice figure. Her name was Karen Carpenter. What a unique singing voice God gave her! Critics that were jealous of her said in the media how she was a little overweight and she sings all those love songs and she can’t even get a man and keep him.  

She wasn’t overweight unless you want her to look like a skeleton or twiggy the toothpick waif model. She could have gotten the man of her dreams if she just would have been patient as lots of good quality men would have been happy to date her. She let the critics get to her and became bitter and angry. She started thinking she was so fat when she wasn’t and started believing she would be an old maid and never find a true love and a lasting marriage. 

She went into a deep funk and became Anorexic and just wouldn’t eat or would fake eating maybe having just a spoonful or two of food at mealtime. Family and friends, fans, and counselors couldn’t get her to eat more. After a long time of being anorexic and looking really gaunt, and skinny, on top of being all spaced out she finally ate a normal dinner meal with her family. After eating she went upstairs to rest and sleep. Somehow because her body wasn’t used to digesting all that food in such a long time she died in her sleep. Nowadays there is so much help for Anorexics and Bulimics from churches, synagogues, counselors, rehab places, doctors, nutrition counselors, books, and wellness centers that support and the means to get healed are right now available to them. 

Talk Show Host: Would you give us your views on Alcohol & Alcohol Drinking

Bob the Bodybuilder & Health Nut: Alcohol is a colorless clear liquid called either ethanol or ethyl-alcohol and is mankind’s oldest pain reliever and all around medicinal panacea. For instance a person in the old cowboy days with a real bad toothache would

get wasted on booze and become drunk as a skunk feeling no pain. Then he would bite down on a big bullet while someone pulled his tooth out with a pair of pliers. 

Nowadays, people enjoy alcohol for the escape from problems, stress, drudgery, boredom, etc. of their lives. Studies have shown light or moderate drinking decreased the risk of a heart attack in some people. Drinking alcohol is used to loosen up conversations, inhibitions and feel some physical euphoria. Alcohol has been called ‘the Social Lubricant’ and ‘Liquid Courage’.  

What Hollywood party doesn’t have lots of booze, wine, champagne, and beer to keep the guests happy, Chatty-Cathy, and lovey-dove with hugs and kisses flowing everywhere? Evel Knievel the former daredevil guy who jumped over lots of cars and trucks with his motorcycle said to get his courage going he would down a couple shots of whiskey before mounting his motorcycle and jumping. Dean Martin the old debonair actor would ask someone who didn’t drink, “Is that the best you are going to feel today?” 

Alcohol lowers inhibitions so a person can feel like they can eat anything they want and as much as they want and rationalize to themselves, “Hey, I’ll work it off later, or eat better tomorrow.” Beer of all the alcoholic beverages or drinks put a gut on someone fast when they drink lots of it with high fat foods. There are lots of beer bellies but when was the last time someone with a big beach ball midsection was called a wine belly or cocktail belly? 

Because of more body fat and generally weighing less than men women get tipsy faster and stay drunk longer than men. Birth control pills make metabolizing alcohol a little harder. Some younger women college and career types will combine an Anorexic lifestyle with drinking alcohol. They drink as much as they want then almost starve themselves for the day or night to offset the alcohol or beer calories. Some call this condition Drunkorexia. This is a deadly practice that can destroy and tear down the body fast outwardly and inwardly and should never be done. 

Alcohol is processed by the liver and the byproduct is water and carbon-dioxide gas. It takes the liver around an hour to process one small beer, glass of wine, or cocktail. A person who doesn’t want to be over the legal limit for alcohol inebriation should not have a beer, glass of wine, or cocktail before one hour of drinking their last one. I know try to tell that to a bunch of party animals getting down at a frat party or glitzy Hollywood bash. 

Distilled Liquors such as vodka, scotch, whiskey, rum, etc. are made from condensing pure alcohol vapors into a liquid so that is why they are so strong with high alcohol content. They are about eight times stronger than most beers.

Women in their twenties and thirties have more problem drinking than older women overall. Depression and Sexual Abuse when they were younger are the biggest reasons given why they over drink all the time.  

Popular saying in the Orient for not drinking too much–“First the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man”. I personally like having a little Pinot Grigio and mix it with a little club soda and ice cubes. The danger is it tastes so good and refreshing so I have to have a strict allotment of how much to drink. 2 glasses of wine is my limit. It is better to drink after 4, 5, or 6 pm then before. 

Sometimes I don’t drink for a week, or a month and it’s no big deal to me if people drink around me I could care less. Some people can’t have any alcohol around them or people drinking around them or they get offended. That shows that they can’t control their not drinking even though they aren’t drinking. I think a person who has to constantly go to meetings and say I am an Alcoholic hasn’t really overcome their drinking completely. If they go back to drinking and have one beer, glass of wine, or cocktail they want ten or more of them and claim they are powerless over alcohol. Granted such a person should Never Drink again but they should Never Judge or put down others who can indulge when they want to. It’s their problem not everybody else. 

Prescription drugs and alcohol used together are very popular nowadays with the downside being over 1/4 of emergency room admissions involve Meds (drugs) and alcohol problems. Some people believe they can have all the Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, etc. they want and it’s no problem. I had a friend who went to the emergency room for stomach bleeding and the cause was his large consumption of Tylenol. Longtime use of prescription pills, over the counter medications, with or without alcohol consumption can eventually cause kidney and liver damage.  

More people than ever before are awaiting or getting kidney or liver transplants because of massive use of illegal and legal pills with or without alcohol drinking. At the average pharmacy about 90 or so over the counter drugs and also most prescription drugs have warnings of mixing alcohol with the medication. I wonder what would happen if they put on these drugs warning labels: “Continued long term use of this product in large doses can lead to serious liver and kidney problems such as the need for a transplant, especially if heavy alcohol drinking is done also!” 

It is a good idea to ‘Never drink any alcohol on an Empty Stomach’. Drinking on an empty stomach will get a person high quickly and also to getting drunk and over the legal driving limit in a short amount of time. If a person knows they are going to be drinking and maybe more than what is moderate they should eat a big meal with lots of protein, and vegetables. If a person isn’t worried about dieting than they should eat

bigger amounts of fats also with their high protein meal to slow down the alcohol to be consumed.  

For those that drink to much here are some Hangover Cures: drink lots of water, eat or drink the juice from oranges; lemons, limes, or grapefruits to replenish lost vitamin C; Eat eggs with yolks and eat some meat to replenish lost B vitamins, thiamine, and amino acids; Eat a banana for potassium lost; take a small dose of Ibuprofen to sleep better, think positive thoughts towards yourself, God and others. And vow to yourself Never Again will this happen! 

Most Beers are around 3-6% alcohol with malt liquors, ales, and ice beers having the higher amounts. Wines are around 8-15% alcohol and ports, sherries, and fortified wines having brandy added to them are around 16-20% alcohol. Distilled Spirits such as most vodkas, whiskeys, etc. are around 40-45% percent alcohol or 80-90 proof. A 12 ounce beer, small glass of wine, and a martini are all around 100 calories and no fats. If a person has five or six of any of these drinks or beverages they will consume 500-650 extra calories. An old drinking saying is “Drink either beer or wine and you will be just fine, drink booze you lose.” Been there done that. 

Talk Show Host: Bob–got some final thoughts for us

Bob the Bodybuilder & Health Nut: Thanks for having me on the show. I will leave you now with some Positive Sayings that have helped out lots of people to do better in their lives and stay motivated.  


—–To Help Anyone Achieve Their Personal Weight & Fitness Goals— ‘You only really fail when you give up or quit trying’ 

‘Try and keep on keeping on and success will be yours’ 

‘What you think about all the time will become your reality’ 

‘Be like a gardener with your mind keep the overeating thoughts out like they were weeds’ 

‘No Pain, No Victory’ 

‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me’ 

‘How bad do you want it?’

‘Persistence is Faith in action’ 

‘Quit saying if only, instead say This Time’ 

‘Coulda, shoulda, woulda, but now I Will A’ 

‘I am the master of food and my body and not the other way around’ ‘Don’t have pity parties for yourself as the guest of honor’ 

‘Bigger snacks equal bigger pants and bigger slacks’ 

‘Don’t whine and say to yourself poor baby’ 

‘Forgive, bury the hatchet, let it go, it’s water under the bridge and that was then this is now and things are going my way’ 

‘Always have time to laugh at yourself and at life and relax and recharge your batteries’ 

‘Don’t let anyone rain on your parade; You were made to be happy and successful’ ‘It’s not what people think of you but what you think about yourself all the time’ –END of the Health Talk Show— 

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