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his Book called MEDICAL Talk Show is the most unique book about any and everything involving sicknesses, doctors, hospitals, beliefs, etc. This is a Talk Show and the 4 made up characters on the show debating are described at the beginning of the book. Most of the Topics discussed are:–Do Hospitals and Doctors do more harm than good for sickness and diseases such as Cancers?    What Information Can You Give Us About The Disease CANCER?    Are CT Scans or X-Ray Imaging beneficial or harmful?    Are Mammograms beneficial or harmful?    What about MRI Scans?  Are Prostate DRE Exams, PSA Tests, Biopsies, Gleason Scores, Prostate Removal  or Killing it, good or bad  things for men to do?

Is Hormone Replacement Therapy good to have?  Does it cause any kind of cancers? What About Birth Control Pills?      Are Radiation Treatments for Cancers good or bad?– They cause cancers, Nightmarish Side-Effects.     Is Chemotherapy a good or bad Treatment to have?      Is Thyroid Screening a good thing?    Is a Colonoscopy helpful or harmful?    What is the current status of STD diseases in America?      Is the war against Diabetes getting better or worse?      Are Heart Tests good or bad?      Are Antibiotics good or bad?     Are Statin Cholesterol lowering Drugs good or bad?      Are Blood Thinners good or bad?     Are Psychiatric Drugs good or bad?  What is ADHD? 

Are Chiropractic Treatments Good or Bad?    Why do so many people wear Glasses and can they ever get better or perfect eyesight?      How does God heal?    What about Faith Healers?    What are the Side-Effects of many popular Pharmaceutical Drugs?

What about the Covid-19 Pandemic? 

The reader will get blown away and informed, and chuckle from time to time, while reading this one of a kind very unique book. 


Introducing the 4 Panel Members for the Medical Talk Show:


Doctor Hubris: He is a Cancer Doctor and is on different medical boards of directors. He is for any and everything done by any medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and doctors. He is proud to be an atheist. He hates Reverend Loose Cannons.


Nurse Gushing: She always gushes about anything done by and for medical institutions as how they are the greatest, and doctors and medical personnel are super dynamic people. She has breast and ovarian cancers that come and go away and is currently in remission. She is an agnostic. She despises Reverend Loose Cannons.


Pastor Lukewarm: He says God heals through doctors and hospitals in this modern age and currently is taking insulin for his diabetes. He had his prostate gland removed after a high PSA and Gleason Score. He loves the medical establishment and gets angry at anybody who says they can be healed without medical help and intervention. He says Jesus Christ could do healing and miracles back in ancient Bible times but nowadays God works 99% of the time through miracle medical procedures, tests, and pharmaceutical drugs. He and his wife and congregation hate faith healers. He loathes Reverend Loose Cannons.


Reverend Loose-Cannons: He has been healed of different sicknesses and diseases by believing in the Name of Jesus Christ and healing promises in the Bible. He believes in a strong efficient Immune System, is healthy, has great eyesight, and praises God for his health and healings. He has also prayed for others in private and some have been completely healed. He is constantly criticized, mocked, and put down for his opinions but he Forgives Everybody and lives in God’s Peace that passes all understanding. He is known for not holding back on criticisms and being a Loose -Cannon. 


Talk Show Host: So ladies and gentlemen there is our panel for our Medical Talk Show discussions. The panel has purposely been stacked against Reverend Loose-Cannons and anything he says will be hotly disputed by them. This has been done to correctly reflect the current general population feelings in the USA regardless of religious beliefs which are 90% for doctors and healings done by them only. And nothing to do with God only healing them. 


This 90% majority looks at people who believe Jesus Christ can Heal them from any sickness, disease, paralysis, eyesight problem, or accidents without medical help as being a bunch of loser nut cases. Whatever Reverend Loose Cannons says will always be refuted and put down by the other 3 panel members Doctor Hubris, Nurse Gushing, and Pastor Lukewarm. Doctor Hubris and Nurse Gushing hate Reverend Loose Cannons. Pastor Lukewarm can’t stand him and always sides with the other two panel members to beat up on Reverend Loose Cannons. 


Talk Show Host:     Can Hospitals and Doctors do More Harm than good for sickness and diseases such as Cancers?


Reverend Loose-Cannons: Doctors and hospitals are good for setting broken bones, and doing other good things to help people heal. When it comes to diagnosing and treating Cancers they fail miserably. Diabetes and Thyroid Problem Issues are also diagnosed and treated with a lot of over diagnoses and unneeded treatments. Almost all Hospitals and Doctors charge way too much money for any thing they do for a patient.


Here’s a question to consider as I answer your question, “Whose voice and words are regarded and Feared More than anyone else on planet earth?” Their words carry more immediate weight to more people than a king, queen, president, or a person’s family or friends. To most people who claim to be a believer or Christian their words are feared and respected more than God, Jesus Christ or the Bible. This person of course is any cancer doctor, clinician, radiologist, or  oncologist, who tells a patient “You have Cancer!” In most cases the person hearing this diagnosis believes it without any doubt because a doctor is telling them and then they have fear and trembling–Fearing they will die soon. They almost immediately Sign consent forms–and have every kind of test, and treatment for their cancer diagnosis. 


“The life of the flesh is the Blood” Leviticus 17:11  Since Blood circulates to ever part of the body including the brain, heart, lungs, muscles, arteries, organs, veins, capillaries, etc. Any drugs, dyes used in scans, radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and CT scans, PET scans, Mammograms, and MRI scans 

are all Poisons that entering a human body attack it and the results or Side-Effects, are anything from–headaches, aches and pains, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, hot flashes, dizziness, nasal discharge, and profuse sweating as the Human Body–tries to get rid of these unwanted Poisons and Toxins. 


Worse Side-Effects can be bumps, bruises, blood clots, and cancers or tumors appearing or breaking out inside and/or on the body. During these Side-Effects caused by treatments, drugs, and procedures the Immune System is in emergency mode to all these Poisons and unwanted Toxins attacking it. And desperately tries to get rid of them. Unfortunately the Immune System most of the time can’t get rid of all these poisons and toxins coming into it and it is overwhelmed and rendered useless over time. Going to a hospital for diagnosis and treatments can make a person worse off and give them lots of life long chronic pain and then kill them prematurely.


If a person either eats a poisonous mushroom, gets a poisonous snake or spider bite, or a tropical disease they will have the same or similar Side-Effects as a person treated by doctors with drugs and treatments that are supposed to heal them. Why?– Because the Immune System –is attaching the Poisons that have come into the body. 


When I was a kid we were told by our parents and school teachers to never touch or go near anything labeled Poisonous. Usually a can or bottle with poisonous harmful chemicals in it would have bold letters XX POISON on the label. No one except a crazy deranged person would drink the contents of these labeled poison bottles. But nowadays, Guinea Pig Patients willfully put–any drug, chemotherapy, or dyes into their systems knowing they are Poisonous a. They will have  any kind of  radiation scans or treatments, MRI scans, mammograms, or biopsies done to them that doctors recommend. 


They either Block Out the Side Effects or say to themselves and others my doctors told me these drugs/procedures/tests/operations would cure or help me, 

and they Believe it’s my only hope and I don’t want to die because I’m a fighter and the doctors and procedures are my weapons. The real untold story behind the closed doors of hospitals and medical offices where diagnosis and treatments are done is that–way too Many Unnecessary Tests are done. Too much Over Diagnosing is done. Treatments for cancers and diabetes are making people more sick and Not better overall. 


–Years ago, Medical Personnel/Doctors took an Oath to always treat a

Patient by–First Do NO Harm–

–Nowadays–The Medical Establishment including Drug Makers/Pharmaceutical 

— are making gigantic Greedy Profits by 1st doing Harm to millions of patients..


Doctor Hubris: Reverend Loose Cannons–You are obviously unlearned and a mental midget compared to my knowledge of everything medical. I like it when people kiss up to me because I’m a doctor and I can’t help it if they get so scared when I tell them they have cancer. We have great radiation treatments for them . We have chemotherapy medicine/therapy for them and we are winning the battle against cancers with our treatments, and gene and drug trials. We carefully explain to patients all their cancer treatments options and they make the choices with no pressure from us. We are saving lives and how dare you call any of my patients Guinea Pigs!


Nurse Gushing: I can’t stand you Reverend Loose-Cannons and your put downs of doctors and hospitals. I thank all the medical personnel for discovering my cancers and professionally treating me successfully. I may still have lots of painful side-effects but I am in remission until my next scan in 6 months. I don’t believe in all your Jesus freak healing rhetoric just look at all the phony faith healers that just want people’s money and they couldn’t heal a frog. You are just a fake like all the rest of them.  


Pastor Lukewarm: Reverend Loose-Cannons you are a disgrace to all believers talking bad stuff about all our great doctors and hospitals and their miraculous treatments for cancers, sicknesses, and diseases. Paul the apostle had bad eyesight or was blind and God gave him that affliction. God does the same to all us believers. He gives or allows sickness. and diseases to come on us to teach us so much. I thank God for my diabetes, and the doctors and treatments even though I suffer painful side-effects all the time. Prostate Cancer has been a blessing for me and taught me so much and made me closer to God. 


Reverend Loose-Cannons: Thanks for the warm reception and all the compliments! Sometimes I feel like the guy who said, “It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it.” So it’s part of my lot in life to take on the medical establishment that hates me and my Beliefs–that Jesus Christ and your own Immune Systems are far Greater Healers than the medical establishment and pharmacy companies. If a person gets caught for dealing illegal drugs to people who willingly want them they get arrested and are tried and sent to prison. But Doctors, Pharmaceutical Companies, and other Medical Personnel can Legally main and kill a person with–drugs, treatments, operations, scans, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments as long as the patient consents to these procedures.


Most Believers will say it is God’s will–for them to have cancer. There is even a Cancer Prayer–that thanks God over and over again for them getting cancer and being so blessed to go through the cancer journey. And many cancer patients say they are really lucky and fortunate that the doctors found cancer in them and they look forward to defeating the cancer with radiology beams and chemotherapy and any drugs or other treatments their cancer team recommends. 


If a person even suggests that their Cancer Diagnosis may be flawed, a false positive, or the cancer is so small the Immune System will destroy it like it always does. The person with the cancer diagnosis will either get mad at them and say something to the effect of –“I believe the doctors and don’t talk to me again about it!” 


Most Christian or Believer persons with a Cancer Diagnosis—Don’t Believe–that God and Jesus Christ can Heal Them Completely without any medical treatments IF– they will believe, and confess the Bible verses (Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:24) that say “By Jesus’s Christ’s Stripes” (The Whipping he took of 39 whip lashes on his body), Visualize–Jesus being Whipped for Your Healing and see those wicked lashes coming on his back and imagine the blood, and pain with each blow of the whip to his body and he did it for you! So you could be Healed! You are Healed (spiritually, mentally, and Physically by his whippings/stripes he willfully suffered so you could get Healing by Your Faith for your body). 


“He (Jesus Christ)–took our infirmities and bare our (Sicknesses and Diseases) in his Body” Mathew 8:17. “Jesus Christ went about doing good and Healing All who were oppressed of the devil” Acts 10:38. 

“According to Your Faith be it (Healing) done unto you” Mathew 9:29.  And “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8. 


Most medical/hospital/doctor’s patients will say “Do not talk to them anymore and that they are trusting the doctors and medical system. And God if he wants to heal them he will do it through all the tests and procedures they have already had and any more the doctors recommend.”


Doctor Hubris: You have a lot of nerve saying we in the medical establishment do any kind of harm to patients. You have lost your mind. We are the greatest healers and you are lying and exaggerating about painful side-effects from treatments or procedures. Chemotherapy isn’t that bad and we give patients powerful pain killers and even morphine so their side-effects are on cloud nine. Radiation treatments have minor side effects and does so much good. We are saving people’s lives from cancers and diabetes and making them live longer. If it wasn’t for doctors and insulin therapies Diabetics would die earlier.


Nurse Gushing: I don’t mind the painful side-effects for all my treatments I am alive and not dead thanks to all the wonderful medical personnel. No doctor, medical personnel, or pharmaceutical company is a criminal and you are disgusting to say they are bad people deserving of prison time. They all deserve medals and more money for all the good they do.


Pastor Lukewarm: Dittos for Doctor Hubris’s and Nurse Gushing’s excellent comments. I think the very popular Christian Cancer Prayer is perfect and Jesus, apostle Paul, and all the other apostles in the New Testament would endorse this prayer. 


Talk Show Host:     What Information Can You Give Us About 

The Disease CANCER?


Reverend Loose-Cannons: About a 100 or so years ago Cancer was not very common with about 1 in 90 persons then getting a diagnosis for some kind of cancer or tumor. Nowadays, about 1 in 3 men or women may get a cancer diagnosis. One thing that is never told by doctors to patients and maybe 1% of the population knows and that is everybody’s bodies produce hundreds of thousands of cancer cells on a daily basis and these cancer cells are destroyed by a person’s powerful Immune System. Over 1,800,000 new cases of cancers are diagnosed yearly in the USA. There are over 15 million cancer survivors in the USA. 


This dramatic and climbing increase in cancer diagnosis begs the question “What  happened?” 

Many doctors and authors will say that it’s because of the foods we eat. And that this or that food or supplement or vitamin will increase or decrease the chances of getting cancer. There are no factual studies that prove this. But I’m sure the people who make money off books promoting cancer preventive eating, most doctors, and Pharmaceutical companies like it that people believe foods cause cancers. It’s a smokescreen for the real reasons people get cancers.


Some poisonous chemicals and substances such as asbestos have been linked to causing cancers. I believe that the Unnecessary Tests done for cancers and the Treatments for False Positive cancers have increased cancer diagnosis significantly. The abundance of prescribed pills that patients take cause cancers and tumors to occur. The test and treatments for cancers can cause other cancers to appear as the immune system can’t get rid of them because it is bombarded with carcinogens and chemical poisons and overwhelmed. The whole body becomes a Toxic Bomb full of harmful Poisons.


Extreme Rage, Hate, or Bitterness can cause a person’s Immune System to become ineffective in fighting off cancer cells and as a result a tumor is formed. The extreme Fear and Paranoia in a person’s constant thinking– I will get cancer or I have cancer– can short circuit the immune system and thus a tumor can be formed. Insolent cancers such as naturally occurring ones in men’s prostates and women’s breasts that are harmless and will come and then go away are instead treated with Poisonous Treatments and Harmful Surgeries and mentally and spiritually the patients are Scared to Death the rest of their lives thinking they will Die soon from Cancer.


Most Cancer patients are the most unbelievable people–who like a Clinical Guinea Pig consent to any and every cancer treatment and actually believe they will get cured by Poisons put in their bodies that destroy the one thing that can destroy cancers and that is their Immune System. Thus their Immune System needs some Prayer of Healing Faith by Jesus Christ’s Name and his sacrifice for their sicknesses/diseases/cancers.


Here are some brief Sad Cancer Stories and the patients thoughts about their cancers and treatments. I met an elderly man at a men’s Bible study named Richard and he requested prayer from the group assembled for his recent cancer diagnosis. He was in pretty good health but just got a cancer diagnosis and was going to start chemotherapy treatments soon. His best friend had died recently after a long battle with cancer and had used his cancer as a testimony before lots of groups of people of how blessed he was to have cancer and what a great journey it was. 


The men in the Bible Study laid hands on Richard and prayed the Prayer of Faith as written in the book of James in the Bible. 


The men praying all claimed he was healed and told him to go back to the doctor and have another test done to see that the cancer was gone and he was healed. He said “I thank you for the prayer but I am going to have all the chemotherapy treatments and I look forward to my cancer journey and time with the Lord in it.” –Upon hearing this I almost fell out of my chair.   


Two months later he came to the Bible study again and he was so haggard and weak looking and could barely walk with a cane. He was in great pain and wincing from time to time but he was the nicest guy and cordial and gave away a nice compliment to you if he shook your hand. When asked how he was doing he would said “Some days of his pain were worse than others but he would continue Chemotherapy treatments.” 

 A month later he was Dead.


There was a famous actress who had an infection or sore in her anus. She went to the doctors and they diagnosed her with anal cancer. Other than this little HPV sore she was vibrant and healthy. One wonders what would of happened had she never had a diagnosis or after the diagnosis had Healing Prayer by the Name of Jesus Christ and No Treatments. Perhaps the HPV virus sore she had would have been healed naturally in time like so many are, and/or the Prayer of Faith would have Healed her.  


She was Scared and Frightened when she heard the cancer diagnosis. The doctors huddled together and then told her that she needed Chemotherapy Treatments right away. She started the poisonous Chemotherapy Treatments and within months got much worse and weaker. She even went to other countries and got similar or different treatments and continually got worse and worse until her body that was so attractive and full of life was now like a dead person’s and so sickly looking. She continued different cancer treatments and did her rosary prayers all the time but got worse and worse and Died.


There was a famous movie critic and he got some kind of cancer in his jaw area. The doctors recommended having surgery to remove it and said they could get it all out and he would be okay and the surgery would not be very invasive or leave him disfigured. He instead started reading about different treatments for his type of cancer on the internet. He read an article where the doctor who wrote it said that Massive Radiation–administered to his cancer would cure him. 

Note: This was standard Cancer treatment for most of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Millions of gullible Patients suffered Unnecessary overwhelming pain and then died prematurely.


The movie critic columnist went to his doctor and told him he wanted the powerful radiation treatments that the article had recommended. His doctor tried to persuade him to Not do the radiation treatments but have the surgery instead. The doctor told him of all the harmful side-effects of so much unnecessary radiation being done on him but he adamantly insisted on the radiation treatments. So they did the high dosage radiation treatments to him. 


Later on after the treatments his jaw bone got destroyed by the Radiation and he had to have a lot of his jaw removed and a disfigurement of his face was the permanent result. He suffered in lots of pain and took strong painkillers. He didn’t believe in God and said he was not afraid of dying because when you die you are dead and that’s it, there is no afterlife of a heaven or hell. He said he was a happy person even though he suffered so much. He never got better and died.


There was a 64 year old guy who claimed he was a prophet from God and he would interpret people’s dreams and also give prophecies of world events he said God told him would happen. None of his prophecies were true. He was a healthy person who jogged regularly. One day while jogging he noticed a quarter size sore on the back of his leg where he got pain shots for his lumbar back problem. 


He went to his doctor and he told him he had a cyst. The doctor informed him that the cyst was cancerous and recommended Radiation therapy.  He agreed to have aggressive High Dosage Radiation done to the cancer cyst and just blast it away and destroy it. 


After the Radiation Treatments–a new Cancerous Tumor kept growing and growing where the radiation treatments were done and it grew and hung on the back of his leg and reached 12 pounds in weight. 


He was in excruciating nightmarish Pain all the time writhing on the ground. Since he had a soft tissue tumor, pain medicines could not take his excruciating pain away. This went on for months and he claimed the devil did it to him. A medical team was able to remove the whole tumor and he was able to walk with a slight limp. He claimed God had healed him of what the devil had done to him. He Never Repented of all his false prophecies, dreams interpretations, sorcery, and all the money he took from his disciples and followers. Months later he was Dead from cancer that the doctors said had come back.


There is one former NFL pro player who as far as I know has suffered more pain from cancer treatments than anyone I have ever read about. This person no matter what the doctors tell him or his family about what treatments to do he will do them and always says that God is putting him through these tests and wants him to do his cancer journey.  


Here are some of the things he has endured for his Cancer Therapy: He has had multitudes of CT Scans and MRI’S done to him. He had major back surgery with metal plates put in at the top and bottom of his spine. He has had cancers in his jaw twice and had surgeries for them which removed most of his jawbone. He has had a cancer in his nasal cavity. He has endured months of high dosage chemotherapy and been blasted with high levels of radiation. 


He had a muscle and ligaments taken out of his leg to make a new jaw piece for him. He has had 8 root canals. He has had most of his other teeth pulled. He has had a painful prosthetic fake jaw piece put in his mouth. He has been on high dosage pain medicines and lots of antibiotics for years. He nowadays uses a cane and looks like a beat up dead man walking. 


He says all his doctors are so wonderful and he is so Blessed to have them do all the surgeries and treatments on him. His family and close friends actually believe the cancer treatments he has had are God’s Will and he will get better or healed.


 Just think what if  he had Never Went to the doctors for his back pain originally–which is where he started his nightmarish journey of pain with doctors and hospitals.  He probably got his 1st cancer from CT Scans done on his neck before his back surgery. The CT Scans of his neck areas caused cancer in his nose and jaw.


What if he and his family had done what it says in this book and the Holy Bible to get Healed by Jesus Christ? And what if they believed the Word of God regarding healing and used all their incredible faith in the doctors and treatments and put it instead in healing by God’s divine way? 


Even though I live in great health and divine healing: 

This man and his family have 10 to 20 times–More Faith than Me–

–to endure all they have and believe it’s God’s perfect will for them.


It is so simple and easy to Get Healed completely by believing and having your Faith only in the Word of God and in the Name of Jesus Christ and then just Keep Believing it, Confessing it, and one day–the sickness, paralysis, or healing is gone! 


Doing that is so much easier for a person. Than instead Putting their Faith in all the nightmarish painful treatments and hoping they will get better or healed. 

All the Money and Time spent with the doctors/hospitals etc. could have been time and money spent for helping out spread the Gospel and helping poor people out and then they also would have treasures in Heaven! Plus they would now have the right powerful Faith in them to either pray for someone’s healing or if they need healing again for themselves.


Joel Osteen’s mother Dottie years ago was diagnosed with liver cancer and the doctor. recommended chemotherapy and other treatments. She chose instead to Not have any medical treatments.    She daily 24/7 would quote all the Healing Scriptures and say by the Name of Jesus Christ and the stripes/whippings he paid for my healing I Am Healed. Nothing manifested overnight but through constant persistence/faith/Believing/Confessing she was Completely Healed 

–and the liver cancer–didn’t come back.


There was an evangelist a while back named Kenneth Hagin Sr. and as a teenager he was completely paralyzed and bedridden with a bad heart and lung and organ problems and was told by doctors he would never get better and die soon. One day he read the scripture “Whatsoever things you desire believe that you receive them and you shall have them” Mark 11:24. He believed what Jesus said in this particular scripture and quoted it daily. He couldn’t ever get out of bed by himself as he was Paralyzed so he willed himself to somehow roll out of the bed and fell on the floor. 


Somehow he just Kept Believing he could Be Healed and tried to move more each day on the floor. One day while doing this he was able to get up for the first time, and then walk over to the kitchen and sit down at the table and have something to eat. He still was real skinny, tired and frail but he kept Believing and Confessing I Am Healed according to Mark 11:24– and just kept getting better every day and week, until after a year he was completely divinely Healed and never was paralyzed or had a bad heart again.


God has Not given us a Spirit of FEAR. 2nd Timothy 1:7.  Fear activates the devil just like Faith activates God. 


Without FAITH–it is Impossible to please God.

— According to YOUR FAITH–be it unto you. 


A famous christian singer who used to be so healthy and vibrant and who wrote and sang great christian worship songs thousands of times to audiences all over the world went in for an annual mammogram. Tragic Mistake! After her mammogram the doctors told her that she has a suspicious spot on her breast but that they don’t know yet if it is cancerous.

The Spirit of Fear took over her and she prayed and said the Holy Spirit told her to get the results now. The doctors did some more evaluations and told her she had breast cancer. She tried to have faith in Jesus Christ to heal her but got double-minded and instead apologized for thinking God would heal her without any medical treatments and that it was God’s will for her to have this cancer journey.


During 6 years she has had both breasts removed, had chemotherapy, had radiation treatments, and is currently taking Tamoxifen. All the treatments, tests, and drugs she has taken have left her–bloated, in constant pain, and she cries all the time and unbelievably she still says this is God’s Will for her life.

 “The devil comes to steal, destroy and kill” John 10:10. 


The other day I was watching a Christian talk show. And the pastor of the talk show host and his wife were teaching from his newest book. Which was about how it is God’s Will to Heal a person by their belief  and faith in Jesus Christ’s healing provisions etc.


 All of a sudden the talk show host gets a little upset and stares him in the eye and says “But it isn’t always God’s will to heal!” “Our daughter died of cancer and she believed very strongly in healing and she got worse after prayer and died at a young age!” The surprised intimidated pastor then said he agreed it wasn’t always God’s will to heal Christians.


After the show was over I did research on the death of his daughter who had died of throat cancer and I found out she put all her faith in the doctors and hoped God would heal her through her treatments. She had excruciating painful, destroying, and killing chemotherapy and radiation treatments done to her. Her Faith was Not in divine and miraculous healing by Jesus Christ only,

— but Her Faith–was in the doctors and their cancer treatments hoping she would be healed by them. 


The average Cash Cow Cancer Patient– brings in over $300,000 in revenue.


Doctor Hubris: Reverend Loose-Cannons I think you are jealous of us doctors because we make the big easy bucks and most patients kiss our butts like you should be doing likewise. Your weird facts on cancers are all rubbish! There are some bad fast foods and processed foods that cause cancers. Pharmaceutical Drugs are little miracles and never cause any cancers. Doctors don’t do unnecessary tests on patients, well maybe once in a blue moon. False Positives for cancers seldom happens.


All insolent cancers are harmful and can get bigger and spread throughout the body so we must get rid of them ASAP! Patients should hug and buy their doctor(s) expensive presents for finding early cancers in them and aggressively treating them and saving their lives! I don’t believe in all your stupid dumb irrelevant Jesus Christ phony baloney healing stuff. Patients are so damn lucky we found their cancers and treated them. You are just a religious quack and we are the real legitimate healers that everyone should go to and do everything we say. Everybody should put their faith in hospitals and the personnel for healing not in that stupid nut-case Reverend Loose-Cannons crazy babbling faith healing. 


Nurse Gushing: Oh Dr. Hubris I just love your beautiful words of wisdom as usual. Reverend Loose-Cannons you need to apologize to Dr. Hubris who is head and shoulders above you and your ignorance and the best thing for you to do right now is assume the position and kiss Dr. Hubris’s buns just like we all do!  Reverend Loose-Cannons your facts and supposed real cancer stories are all just a bunch of bunk. The best thing anyone can do for their health is see medical professionals for checkups even when there are no symptoms of ill health. They will diligently look for cancers and other problems and when they find them give the good news that with proper treatments the patient(s) will get better just like everybody else does that is treated. 


Nobody should ever second guess anything a doctor says or recommends as 99% of the time they are right. Reverend Loose-Cannons I am so tired of your crazy untrue completely fabricated Jesus heals jargon that is untrue. Jesus and his disciples if they were alive walking around today would run to the doctors for all their healing needs just like most church or religious people do and they would be singing the highest praise for hospitals and doctors.


Pastor Lukewarm: Reverend Loose-Cannons you are a disgrace and embarrassment to all believers. You should be ashamed of yourself with your comments and say you are sorry and don’t know what the heck you are talking about! Everything Dr. Hubris and Nurse Gushing said is full of enlightenment and help for a patient, and everything you say is not true. It is not God’s will to heal everybody and when he does it is 99% done by hospitals and doctors. The patients you mentioned with cancers did the right thing going to doctors and hospitals for their healing, and the cancer journey they had or have is such a beautiful thing with God. 


I believe you are deceiving people telling them to get healed by Jesus Christ instead of the medical establishment. God created doctors for all our healing needs nowadays, I also concur that the Disciples, and Apostle Paul  if they were walking around today on the earth would go to the hospital and doctors for their healings. Reverend Loose-Cannons you are a sad person without any credibility for healing and are so lucky that you even get to sit or hear Dr. Hubris and Nurse Gushing speak!


Talk Show Host:    Are CT Scans or X-Ray Imaging beneficial or harmful? Are Mammograms beneficial or harmful?   What about MRI Scans?


Reverend Loose-Cannons: One of the unnecessary ways a guinea pig patient can mess their body up is to put unwanted and harmful X-Rays (not dental x rays which are low radiation doses) into their bodies by having CT (Computerized Tomography) Scans or Imaging. Almost any medical institution, medical doctors or medical health personnel will either not talk about CT Scans and their potential Side-Effects or they downplay them as minor and nothing to even be concerned about. 


CT Scans harmful effects are not usually manifest at the time of getting them or even a week later. –But months or a year or so later the Side Effects kick in such as having lymphoma, leukemia, damaged DNA, or some kind of tumor or cancer. It’s so sad to see the unnecessary CT scans or imaging done to children and then later down the road some of them develop brain tumors from having CT scans of their brains done. 


CT Scans are most likely to cause tumors in soft tissue areas such as that found in the head, nose cavity, neck, lungs, and stomach areas. CT Scans of bones and muscles are safer. Pediatric CT Scans increase the risk of getting Leukemia and Brain Tumors. In fact one study done said children under 15 who get 2 or 3 CT scans of the head have tripled their risks for getting Brain Cancer! 

— Children have so much soft tissue in their growing bodies that they should Never Have a CT Scan unless their condition is life threatening and/or they have to have one. 


CT Scans were first introduced in 1970 and were hailed  by all media as a medical miracle machine able to help doctors now see clearly into the human body. In 1980 about 3 million CT Scans were done yearly in the USA. Nowadays, over 80 million CT Scans are done annually! Sadly, 1/3 of all CT Scans are Unnecessary. They are given either because of paranoia of lawsuits, or greed. Radiation Levels of CT Scans can be one to ten times more at different locations of them. CT Chest Scans/X-Rays can harm lungs and cause pulmonary fibrosis–where the lungs are damaged and it is like a person’s lungs drowning in water.


Mammograms are X-Ray Screenings or Radioactive Imaging done by a real expensive high tech machine that takes internal pictures of the breasts for the purpose of detecting tumors, bumps, cancers, or suspicious spots. When Mammograms first came out they were touted as the best cure for cancer because of the ability to find cancer at an early treatable stage and most of the gullible public still believes it without any questioning of the many harms these high levels of radiation do to a person.


The medical establishment from the beginning in all it’s Ads to the present has touted that Mammography and Early Detection are the most effective weapons in the fight against Breast Cancer. And from the past to the present over 90% of women and girls believe it completely. I saw a Christian TV show and they had a segment about the dangers of having Mammograms when you don’t need one and even the main host agreed with the findings. But the younger co-host lady said she would continue to have mammograms regardless. This is a modern tragedy how many otherwise smart women think that Mammograms are harmless and they better have one. After all they save lives.


Most doctors say for women to do screening for Breast Cancer with Mammograms after age 40 and then have annual ones thereafter. Some doctors say for women to do screening for Breast Cancer with Mammograms after age 50 and then have annual ones. Some women with dense breasts have mammograms and ultrasound together, or they use newer mammogram machines that are designed for dense breasts called 3D Mammograms. It’s almost like—Get enough Mammograms and either a Cancer/Tumor is detected in time or–one is created.


Mammograms cannot tell the difference between a harmless benign cancer or an aggressive cancer. Some critics of Mammograms believe they cause over 70 new cases of breast cancer for every 20 they actually identify.  The powerful radiation from the Mammograms mutates healthy cells to change into cancerous cells. These critics also say that the crushing of a breast with cancer already in it under a mammogram spreads the cancer out and makes the person worse off. 


Powerful mammograms blast out way more horrendous radiation  than a typical chest x ray does. And maiming and/or killing radiation levels can be more at different Mammogram Machine locations. 


Even though it is common knowledge about the Dangers of having Mammograms. Most Doctors and Medical Personnel recommend them highly and tell their gullible guinea pig patients that they must have a Mammogram regularly and that they are harmless.


After a woman has a Mammogram no matter what the results or additional procedures are she will experience Constant Fear and Worry about getting or having Cancer and dying from it the rest of her life on planet earth!


There are critics of  Mammograms who say all  Referrals after the testing are about 90% False Positives. Bur regardless most women have expensive painful Biopsies (that can cause collapsed lungs), and costly treatments that are not needed. The more Mammograms a women gets the much greater chances she will get a False Positive Test Result. 

Or a few months or years down the road they get a Cancer or Tumor  from all the powerful radiation blasted into them that has mutated healthy cells into cancerous ones.


MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Scans are used extensively and all doctors and hospitals consider them as an imaging machine they have to use. Since their original usage to the present they are widely considered harmless by hospitals with no adverse effects and all patients who have an MRI feel the same way. An MRI machine works by creating strong magnetic forces that pull apart a contrasted dye in the body and as a result a clear intricate picture of bones, organs, etc. is produced. 


Some people who have had MRI scans of their head or brain areas believe they have gotten bleeding and/or a tumor from them. They believe the incredible strong pulling on their tiny blood vessels during an MRI caused bleeding in their head or brain to occur. Others say the Dyes used in an MRI scan stayed in their bodies too long and caused a lump or tumor to occur.


There is one Dye used in MRI Scans called Gadolinium that some patients are suing hospitals and doctors over because of bad side-effects they have suffered from it being injected into them. About 1/3 of all MRI scans use this dye because it improves the clarity of a scan. Gadolinium is a Heavy Metal Ore that remains in the kidneys, bones, and head areas. Doctors and hospitals have known this for a long time but they never tell a patient this. There are no consent forms for Gadolinium Dye because it is considered completely harmless by all medical personnel. 


Gena Norris the wife of actor Chuck Norris went and had several MRI Scans of her head using Gadolinium Dye and was told MRI Agents (Dyes) are harmless and will be out of your body in a few hours. There were no Dye Usage consent forms for her to sign before her MRI scans. 


Not long after the MRI Scans she had numerous adverse health effects such as burning pain throughout her body, violent shaking, numbness, tingling, weakness, cognitive defects, kidney damage and trouble breathing. 


Chuck and Gena Norris have since went overseas for some kind of experimental stem cell treatments and have paid over 2 million dollars out of pocket for these treatments. They are also suing the hospital for the MRI Scans done to them and the nightmarish side-effects as a result. Some say they have little chance of winning their lawsuits as they can’t prove their case, and the hospital can’t let them win or the entire medical establishment will be flooded with thousands of additional similar lawsuits.


Doctor Hubris: Don’t call my patients gullible you are the ignorant gullible follower of suspicions and unfounded bad lying information! Don’t try and be a real doctor or pretend you are one you. You are a dumb stupid person! Mammograms don’t cause 70 new cases of breast cancer for every 20 they identify.


 Mammograms are harmless and so are CT Scans and all Imaging and X-Rays. Mammograms don’t crush or press down on breasts and spread out cancer cells that is ridiculous. All my patients sign off on a consent form so they know the possible minor side effects of having mammograms or CT Scans. CT Scans are wonderful and they save lives and once in a while maybe they cause a little problem here or there.


MRI Scans are all harmless and all patients are extremely fortunate that we can so clearly examine them inwardly with clarity from head to toe. There are no side-effects from MRI Scans that is a bald-faced lie. There should never be consent forms for MRI scans or the dyes used in them. Gadolinium is a miracle contrasting dye for achieving great clarity in MRI scans. It is completely harmless. The small amount of people suing over it’s supposed detrimental side-effects are just stupid and lying! What about the millions of people who have MRI scans and never complain of any adverse effects from them? Chuck Norris should shut up and stick to his acting job and leave all the medical issues to us professionals. We always know what is best for the patient.  


Nurse Gushing: Reverend Loose-Cannons you don’t know what you are talking about. I am so happy through my having annual Mammograms for 10 years that they found a speck of cancer in a biopsy and gave me life saving chemotherapy and radiation miracle treatments for it. I hugged the mammogram machine after my breast cancer diagnosis and kissed it. I love getting CT Scans and trying to find something wrong in my body such as a new tumor. 


Your supposed negative aspects of having Mammograms and CT Scans are so wrong. Mammograms don’t crush cancers and spread them. Mammograms are harmless and I urge every women over 40 to get one annually and after they get a cancer diagnosis thank all the medical personnel that contributed to their cancer diagnosis and hug and kiss the Mammogram machine, the CT Scanner machine, and praise the doctors and medical personnel for helping you out so much and saving your life! 


MRI scans are miracle machines. The dyes used in MRI scans leave the body quickly and do no harm. Chuck and Gena Norris should just shut up and instead donate 15 to 20 million dollars to hospitals and medical research that is increasing the quality of everybody’s lives and extending lifespans!


Pastor Lukewarm: Reverend Loose-Cannons your facts and information are ludicrous. Doctors and medical personnel are always right and you are just so wrong and out to lunch on your supposed facts. I thank God that my wife went in for annual Mammograms and they found a small speck from a biopsy breast sample under a microscope in her that was cancerous and thank God she had her breasts removed. 


She had chemotherapy and radiation treatments and is currently taking Tamoxifen to prevent any cancer from forming. She says it’s God’s will for her having cancer and she is closer to God because of it. There is nothing wrong with CT Scans, MRI Scans and Mammograms. They save lives through early detection. 


I thank God for them and the doctors who gave me and my wife cancer diagnoses. Chuck Norris and his wife are delusional and should zip their lips and instead be thinking of how many millions of dollars they can give to hospitals and medical research.


Talk Show Host:    Are Prostate DRE Exams, PSA Tests, Biopsies, Gleason Scores, Prostate Removal or Killing it– good or bad  things for men to do?


Reverend Loose Cannons: The most Controversial cancer diagnosis for Men is whether or not they have Prostate Cancer? Currently over 200,000 men annually are told by their doctors that they have Prostate Cancer. Around 27,000 men die yearly from prostate cancer or from the treatments done to them for it. There are symptoms of prostate cancer such as slower urination or flow but this is expected in men as they age into their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. If older persons are diagnosed with prostate cancer they need no treatment because it is growing real slowly. 


Because of constant Fear and Worry about Dying from prostate cancer or that the cancer will spread outside their prostate gland and kill them–Most diagnosed prostate cancer patients usually have some sort of irreversible tragic unnecessary treatments or procedures for it and as a result suffer painful side effects the rest of their lives. 


Most men when they get a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis have extreme Fear and Worry that they will die if they don’t do something soon about it. Within a few days after a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis guided by the Spirit of Fear over 80% of them will sign on for some kind of treatments to kill or remove their prostate gland.


The constant stressful thinking of 50% of men doing Active Monitoring (which is No further tests or treatments except regular PSA blood tests) elected to have prostate surgery removal within 5 years because of the constant unbearable spirit of fear and anxiety of living with a cancer intolerable. Warning: Once a man decides to have a PSA Blood Test no matter what the results are he will have a Spirit of Fear and Worry of Prostate Cancer all the rest of his days on planet earth! 


A study was done on thousands of men who had high PSA scores. They were divided into 3 equal number of men in groups that were observed for 10 years. In one group the men all had their prostate glands removed by surgery. In the second group of men they all killed their prostate glands with some form of radiation. And the 3rd group of men had no procedures done but did active monitoring of their PSA levels over the 10 years. The AMA and all National Cancer organizations hate the results and try to either dismiss them as untrue or to cover them up. The Results on all these men after 10 years were that none of them died. 


All the Cancer institutions and hospitals boast all the time that because of early detection of prostate cancer and treatments they are saving lives. And of course most of the gullible public believes it hook, line, and sinker.


Over 50% of men don’t even know what a PSA Test for prostate cancer is. Over 90% of men don’t even know how incredibly important the function of their prostate gland is!. Doctors downplay the significance of the Prostate Gland as though it’s no big thing living life without one. It’s just a minor inconvenience. A healthy Prostate Gland holds back urine until it is ready to be released. 


Without a prostate gland a man cannot hold back his urinary flow. Many times when urinating I inwardly praise and thank God for my healthy prostate gland! The almond size prostate gland is vital for sexual intercourse. It produces an erection, semen flow and ejaculation, and gives that pleasurable physical feeling. Without a prostate gland a man can’t have a natural normal erection, has no semen flow or release, and doesn’t get that intense physical sexual pleasure. 


The PSA Test was originally invented for checking to see if the specific Protein called Antigen was high in a man’s blood test after he was already diagnosed with prostate cancer problems, and treated. PSA stands for Prostate-Specific Antigen. Most doctors and clinicians feel that if a man’s blood tests are high for PSA levels that he has prostate cancer. 


A PSA Test cannot tell if a tumor is aggressive or if it is slow growing and means no harm and this uncertainty causes unwanted problems. The person who invented the PSA Test later renounced it in his book as unreliable. Much more harm than good is done by PSA tests to healthy patients with no prostate problems.


Over 70% of  high scoring PSA tests are False Positives but most men through the Spirit of Fear (2 Timothy 1:7)  will quickly have treatments done to them regardless. Most men don’t know that a PSA level can fluctuate by as much as 30 percent from day to day for no identifiable reason. In fact a somewhat quick rising PSA level may be scary but most of the time it is caused by normal variations in PSA levels. Sadly, 90% of men who have prostate gland procedures  don’t know this and most doctors and clinicians won’t tell them. Recent sex times before a PSA blood test can cause elevated PSA levels.


Some men have a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) examination where a gloved doctor puts a hand up their rectum to feel the prostate gland to see if it’s enlarged. Most of the time this gross test is unnecessary as cancer is usually not detected. But for decades this test has been advertised and touted by the medical establishment as necessary for most men over 40.


Every man that has a high PSA test gets a Biopsy. The Biopsy is a painful test where a doctor inserts through the rectum opening a large core needle into the prostate gland and takes usually 8-13 samples. Some doctors take even more samples. The more samples taken the more likely some kind of cancer will be found no matter how small it is. After this painful Biopsy a man can have blood coming out of his urine for 3 days or sometimes for weeks.


Usually the next test is what’s called the Gleason Score. Gleason Scores are from the prostate core biopsy samples taken. A pathologist looks at the biopsy samples of different groups of cells under a microscope and appoints one number for how fast the cancer appears to be growing or spreading. A Score of 1–would be to the pathologist a tumor that is least likely to spread. The highest score of a 10–would be a tumor that is aggressive and most likely to spread. 


Most scores of Score 6 or under are considered to be low grade cancers. Score 7 is a mid grade tumor. This Gleason Score 7 number is the most controversial in that some doctors will advise for additional treatments and some won’t. Most men with a Gleason Score 7 driven by Fear and Worry that their prostate gland tumor(s) will grow bigger and kill them elect/decide to have their prostate gland killed by radiation or removed completely.


A famous radio and tv pastor had his prostate gland destroyed by radiation and afterwards gloated that he was so smart to do the killing of his prostate gland by radiation. He said he was being pro-active and now it’s a miracle from God he has a low PSA score. Sometimes when I listen to him on the radio I wonder why he gets so mad and angry all the time and yells. I wonder if he still feels it was a miracle he had the radiation treatments and now suffers great discomfort and pain from time to time.


Maybe he gets so angry because down deep in his heart he knows he got duped and should have Never had a PSA Test in the first place. And since he knows the Bible and about Jesus healing everyone why didn’t he go to Jesus for his complete healing instead of what he did with the medical establishment and now suffers the rest of his life from?


Looking at Biopsy Slides one pathologist sees a Gleason Score of Score 3 and other pathologists sees a score 2, or score 4. What the patients don’t know is that what one pathologist considers normal tissue may be deemed cancerous by a different pathologist –and unbelievably they put all their Faith in these doctors.


It’s estimated that over 3 million men who either had their prostate glands removed or killed Currently–wear diapers or use a catheter to deal with urinary incontinence (can’t shut off their urinary flow). Before a man elects to have his prostate removed or killed he should consider the lifetime painful Side Effects he will have to endure with–all his life.


Over 20% of men have high PSA levels occurring After they get rid of their prostate glands. This clearly shows that a PSA Test is not accurate all the time as the bloodstream has PSA levels in it independent of the prostate gland. Rather than admit this doctors tell patients with high PSA levels after their Prostate gland is removed or killed that the cancer they had in their prostates has spread throughout their bodies and they need radiation or chemotherapy treatments to get rid of it. Hormonal Treatments nowadays are used commonly after the prostate gland is destroyed or removed to get rid of Testosterone. The Side-Effects are nightmarish.


The following are all possible painful Side Effects of Prostate Gland Removal or the destroying of the Prostate Gland through Radiation:–terrible sex life/performance, diaper rash, yeast infections, dermatitis, itchy painful skin irritations, bed sheets become wet all the time, pants become wet from time to time, wearing diapers all the time 4-5 diapers a day, 2-3 diapers a night, continued constant moisture in the crotch area, urinary tract infections from catheters, hospitalizations, withdrawing from social situations, being angry, depressed, and in pain or discomfort all the time. Mental Pain of constant torment of –“Maybe I was better off not getting rid of my prostate gland?!” And frightening scary thoughts and emotions of extreme Fear and Worry –that the Cancer will come back! 


Doctor Hubris: Reverend Loose Cannons your so called facts are so distorted and wrong! We have been winning the war on prostate cancer and through early detection we are saving so many lives and our patients praise and love us. Our patients thank us for finding cancer(s) in their prostates and treating them.


We have so many treatment options with more advanced therapies and accurate surgeries. PSA and Gleason Scores are 99% right and are miracle tests for men to have and know the status of cancer in their prostates. PSA levels never fluctuate by more than 2% so they can be completely trusted as amazingly accurate. Digital Rectal Exams are done quickly and with no pain and every man over 40 years old should have one right away. Side-Effects of prostate gland removal or irradiation are minor and go away in time or we can treat them successfully with many treatment options. Hormonal Treatments are safe and have mild side-effects.


Nurse Gushing: As usual Reverend Loose Cannons you are living a delusion with your prostate gland and cancer so called facts. Doctor Hubris has proven you wrong and set the record straight on prostate gland tests and treatments. Every man should have a PSA Test the sooner the better so they can know their personal base score and then watch actively to see if it starts to rise. 


Once a PSA Score rises they should see an oncologist and have a Biopsy which is harmless. If their doctor(s) recommend a treatment option they should do it right away and thank their lucky stars for early prostate detection and getting rid of it and the cancer in it before it has a chance to spread to other parts of their bodies and kill them prematurely! The best thing a man over 40 years old can do for his health is have a DRE Exam and a PSA Test!


Pastor Lukewarm: It seems to me Reverend Loose Cannons that your prostate gland cancer facts have been soundly refuted by Doctor Hubris and Nurse Gushing as utter hogwash! I love and thank all the medical personnel and doctors who found my prostate gland cancer and treated it successfully. This prostate cancer journey of mine has been a blessing from God and his divine will for my life! I watch the famous pastor on TV you mentioned and he is a lucky dog like me to get diagnosed with prostate cancer and what a blessing for us both of us to get to suffer all the time and get closer to God.


Talk Show Host:      Is Hormone Replacement Therapy good to have?  Does it cause any kind of Cancers? What About Birth Control Pills?      


Reverend Loose-Cannons: There are lots of medical studies done that show an increase of the chances of getting either Breast Cancer or Ovarian Cancer from HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Lots of women take HRT for menopause symptoms. Since hormone replacement therapy started there has been a spike or surge in breast and ovarian cancers diagnosed. Any kind of foreign progesterone or estrogen hormones introduced into the body cause bloating, swelling in different parts of the body, nausea, leg cramps, headaches, indigestion, and vaginal bleeding. 


These foreign hormones over time can increase the risks of getting horrendous conditions such as heart disease, stroke, blood clots, and breast cancers. In view of these terrible side-effects of introducing foreign hormones into their bodies called Hormone Replacement Therapy you would think women would run away from doing HRT. Sadly these lemmings like patients do this risky therapy and I guess block out any bad side-effects happening to them.


The most common source of HRT comes from pregnant Horses Urine. Unbelievably over 750,000 Mares or female horses are impregnated every year for the sole purpose of getting urine from them for HRT! Those poor horses what happens to them after they are exploited? Do they become dog food? Where are the so called animal rights people not investigating this inhumane treatment of  horses? Most likely they are intimidated by the greedy HRT Pharmacy companies.


Premarin is the most used HRT brand used. The Side-Effects of Premarin HRT usage are: nausea, vomiting, bloating, breast pain, swelling in places, changes in appetite, lost of scalp hair, vaginal itching or discharge. 


Women who take Birth Control Pills or Injections have a greater chance of getting a cancer than those who don’t take them. Some Birth Defects can be caused by hormones that woman take for Birth Control.


Doctor Hubris: All your supposed studies are all wrong data and facts. Hormone Replacement Therapy doesn’t cause any cancers and is relatively safe with maybe a mild side-effect. Birth control pills are safe with maybe some minor side-effects. My wife took birth control pills for a few years and has been having hormone replacement therapy treatments the last year and she doesn’t have cancer from it. Screw the horses that are bred and impregnated to get HRT from. They are no different from the millions of mice and rats that we injure, main, and kill to test drugs on.  


Nurse Gushing: Hormone Replacement Therapy and Birth Control Pills are some of the best treatments women have ever gotten for their physical bodies needs. I recommend them to all women with either menopause or who don’t want to get pregnant. They don’t cause cancers and the side-effects are minimal at the worst. 


Pastor Lukewarm: My wife took birth control pills for a few years and she didn’t complain of any major problems with taking them. Thank God for these modern new wonder working therapies of taking hormones for menopause or stopping unwanted pregnancies from occurring with birth control pills. I recommend to all my parishioners to do these therapies if a doctor tells them that they need them. Jesus wouldn’t care whether someone took any hormones or birth control pills as this is not ancient biblical times and in this modern age these added hormones therapies are needed and kinda like magical helpers. 


Talk Show Host:      Are Radiation Treatments for Cancers good or bad?


Reverend Loose-Cannons: Radiation Treatments are called ‘Radiation Therapies’ to make the patient having them think this is going to cure their cancer and help them get healthy. It has been well known for a long time that Radiation Treatments use dangerous high damaging levels of radiation to eradicate a tumor or cancers. Most doctors and medical personnel ignore or greatly downplay the devastating effects of radiation therapy to a patient. 


Instead the patient is usually told that this is their only hope to destroying their cancer or tumors. After all the highly expensive radiation treatments are done unfortunately most of the time even if the cancer or tumor is killed off the devastating painful Side Effects of the Radiation Treatments are worse than if they never had the radiation therapy to begin with! And on top of that new cancers or tumors are created by the radiation treatments.


The following are most of the possible Nightmarish Side Effects of Radiation Treatments: chronic pain, damages normal healthy cells, fatigue, diarrhea, trouble eating, hair loss,  pain and redness at the sight of the radiation treatments, skin around the treated breasts or other areas becomes harder or becomes dead, must stay away from sunlight, can cause blot clots, damages the liver and kidneys, good chance of getting more new cancers especially brain cancers, wreaks up arteries around the heart and can lead to a heart attack or other heart related problems later, Fibrosis (restricted movement due to the replacement of normal tissue that is destroyed  with scar tissue), infertility, and accumulated fluid in the areas of where radiation was given become a permanent deposit there.


Radiation Treatments of the Head, Neck, and Throat areas can do damage to salivary glands, and cause hair loss. And can create New Cancers in the soft tissues and bones. Radiation Treatments in the Stomach or Abdominal areas can cause chronic urinary problems, bowel problems, nausea, and new cancers in organs and/or soft tissues can form.


You would think that if a parent or patient really knew and understood the nightmarish constant Side-Effects of having radiation therapy that they would never have it themselves and it would be unthinkable to put their children through this grossly painful long term ordeal and then they can even die from the damage done by the radiation. 


Sadly, if a doctor(s) recommends radiation treatments the gullible guinea pig patients or parents actually believe it will make them better or their child and they quickly sign the consent papers and either get blasted with radiation beams themselves–or have their children submit to it. In the Saint Jude Hospital begging for donations cancer commercials you see all the kids that had radiation/and or chemotherapy treatments and they are suffering painful side-effects, their immune systems are destroyed by the radiation/and or chemotherapy, and they have a good chance of dying soon or suffering painful side effects all their lives. And they want more money to keep perpetuating this nightmare for these and additional innocent poor defenseless kids.


Doctor Hubris: You are so full of distorted facts Reverend Loose-Cannons. All the studies show that Radiation Treatments are great to have and they destroy cancers and any side-effects are minimal and go away in time. You are disgusting saying Saint Jude Hospital does more harm than good to children with their miracle life-saving CT Scans, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, and that they beg for money with heart wrenching pictures of kids damaged by their treatments and procedures. 


Nurse Gushing: Saint Jude’s Hospital doesn’t harm any children patients and they are not begging for donations in their commercials. Radiation therapy is a wonderful life-saving treatment and it destroys cancers and doesn’t cause new ones. And the minor side-effects are worth it because you will be cured of your cancer.


Pastor Lukewarm: Anybody who I counsel or pray for–that a doctor has told them to have Radiation Therapy for their cancer is always told by me that it is God’s Will to have it done to them. And then we pray that God and Saint Jude will guide the radiation beams to destroy the cancer cells and then we thank God for the cancer he gave us and we look forward to the cancer journey. 


Talk Show Host:  Is Chemotherapy a good or bad Treatment to have?


Reverend Loose-Cannons: The injecting into a person of super powerful Poisons such as Mustard Gas and highly toxic chemicals to destroy cancers is usually called Chemotherapy by Doctors and the Medical Community. They also call it Life-Saving Chemotherapy. It should be called Chemo-Poison Killer. It makes people real sick and then kills them prematurely. Mustard Gas like poisons are what people have injected into their bloodstreams with these Nightmarish chemical Hellish Concoctions. 


Chemotherapy kills any rapidly developing cells such as hair cells and that is why people become bald when doing this treatment. It does kill cancer cells especially in big or long term uses of it. But it also kills good healthy cells everywhere in the body and also causes some healthy cells to mutate and become cancerous and form tumors. This is easy for it to do as it also destroys the Immune System that fights cancer cells and kills it and  thus as a direct result prevents the Immune System from killing rogue cancer cells like it always does on a daily basis. Most people would rather have costly killing procedures done to them than trust Jesus Christ and their immune system to heal them and keep them healed!


Chemotherapy can make existing cancer cells even worse by turning them into Stem Cells (which are master cells from which others are birthed). Consequently they add more cancer cells and these destroy healthy cells.        


Cancer Patients don’t know–that the nightmarish maiming and killing Chemotherapy Poisons they willingly take and actually believe they will get better and cured: That over 80%  of Oncologists Wouldn’t Take the same Chemotherapy drugs they give their patients!


Chemotherapy Side Effects can be any or all of the following:

 the destroying of good cells in the heart, kidneys, bladder, lungs, and nervous system, destroys the healthy immune system, causes chronic diarrhea, vomiting, damages healthy cells in the intestinal linings and stomach, loss of pubic hair and, eyelashes, becoming bald, painful sores inside the mouth and mucous lining of the throat, causes infections everywhere and outbreaks of sores, causes easy bruising, no appetite (foods don’t smell appetizing), cold flashes, nephropathy, fatigue and nausea constantly, tiredness, lungs become weak, blood clots, chest pains, tinnitus, PSTD, dry skin, sexual dysfunction, fertility problems, eyesight not as good, periods not the same, sex not the same or as enjoyable, low or no libido, Chemo Brain (slow or dulled thinking, forget things,and repeat things twice) nightmares, finger and foot numbness, serious ADD, asthma, tinnitus, and eyes water all the time. 


Unfortunately all these possible Side Effects don’t go away permanently. Most chemotherapy patients endure their side effects as the price they have to pay to get cured of their cancer(s). Sadly, most of them are Never Cured and would have been better off Never getting a cancer diagnosis and having all the nightmarish chemotherapy treatments and permanent excruciating painful side effects. Most cancer patients are like the woman who had chemotherapy treatments and for years afterwards still suffers from painful hurtful Chronic Diarrhea and she says, “Cancer has been such a Blessing for me and I have learned so much spiritually from it that it is the best thing that happened to me!”


 And as if all these side effects weren’t a bad enough nightmare to endure.

— The cancer patient has constant Fear and worrisome piercing punishing thoughts of –“I will get more cancer–and die from it!”


Dr. Hubris: Chemotherapy is a modern chemical miracle that kills cancer cells and shrinks tumors. The side-effects are not that bad and then they go away. A cancer patient is lucky and should be glad that we discovered cancer in them and gave them chemotherapy treatments. We saved their lives! I love giving my patients highly profitable chemotherapy treatments and we have lots of strong painkillers we give to our patients to cope with side-effects. You are such a liar Reverend Loose-Cannons, stem cells with cancer are not created from chemotherapy. And all oncologists if they had cancer would gladly take chemotherapy for it.


Nurse Gushing: I’m so glad I had life-saving miracle chemotherapy treatments that saved my life! I still have painful side effects from time to time but so what I’m cured. I do fear and worry about getting cancer again and dying so I sometimes drink too much alcohol and take too many pain killers. I live scan to scan with constant anxiety about the results. I appreciate my life more because of my chemotherapy treatments and what that taught me and oh how wonderful were all the medical personnel who administered and coached me during my months of chemotherapy treatments. 


Pastor Lukewarm: All my parishioners who have had chemotherapy treatments just rave about how they were the best thing for them to go through in their cancer journey. In their weakness and pain during treatments they were strong in their faith and thanked God for the life-saving chemotherapy treatments. Anyone who comes to me for counseling about chemotherapy treatments for their cancer I will tell them that it is God’s will for them to endure the treatments. And God will heal them if it’s his will as God uses hospitals and doctors to do his healing in the modern age. The side effects are not so bad if you put your trust in the Lord–and his will for you to have the life-saving cancer treatments.


Talk Show Host:        Is Thyroid Screening a good thing?


Reverend Loose Cannons: Thyroid Screening is done in increasingly greater numbers every year and consequently as a direct result more people are being told you have Thyroid Cancer. Most of these diagnosed cancers are so small and slow growing (such as papillary thyroid cancers) that they will not cause any harm. Most patients however when hearing they have cancer will be so full of the Spirit of Fear and Worry–that they will either have their cancers destroyed by radioactive iodine (which can actually create a cancer or tumor), or they will have their thyroid gland removed and then have to take thyroid hormones daily for the rest of their lives to try and regulate heart rate, metabolism, and how fast calories are burned up.


Graves Disease is where too much thyroid hormone is made for the body than what doctors determine is needed. Most doctors contend this is an immune system disorder that attacks the thyroid gland and makes it go haywire and not put out correct amounts of thyroid hormone. So because of this diagnosis doctors recommend removal of the thyroid gland and a daily dosage of hormones taken to make the body do what the thyroid gland is supposed to do normally. 


I read in a Evangelical magazine about a Christian women’s testimony that she gives to groups about how she was diagnosed with Graves Disease and she considers it a gift from God. She recently got in an accident and has a lot of pain but since she still runs marathons and can get around and do speeches she says she is living a great life and that God told her that she is living the abundant life found in John 10:10 that says: “I (Jesus) have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” If that’s the abundant life Jesus was talking about she can have it I rather be completely healed and live the abundant life that way.


Critics of Thyroid Gland removal or the killing of it through radioactive iodine say that the patient shouldn’t panic because of a scary diagnosis but instead calmly wait for the Graves Disease to go away naturally in a year or two. Others say to also–Pray in the Name of Jesus Christ and command the Graves Disease to go away and then believe it so no matter what and you will get healed even faster! 


Critics of thyroid removal contend that only 5% of thyroid nodules (bumps) are malignant cancers that need to be removed and that most of the nodules found are benign and are not harmful. Most patients are willfully ignorant that thyroid nodules (lumps) are common in all adults. Doctors who want thyroid removal done ASAP won’t tell their patients this news.


Critics of Thyroid Removal say the operation to remove a thyroid gland can cause damaged nerves and trouble swallowing. Sadly for the patients some doctors take advantage of them and can’t resist the easy big money to be made for surgically removing their thyroid glands, and then they have a cash cow patient for life who needs checkups, tests, and monitoring, and the hormones and medicines prescribed for them.


Doctor Hubris: Thyroid Screening is a great procedure to do. If any doctor finds a nodule on a patients thyroid gland or they diagnosis the patient with Graves Disease the thyroid gland should be removed or destroyed by radioactive iodine and the sooner the better. Taking hormones to regulate what the thyroid gland did works well and patients can live a normal life. Removing a thyroid gland or killing it doesn’t damage any nerves or cause any trouble swallowing for the patient. How dare you Reverend Loose Cannons say some hospitals and doctors are greedy and want a patient cash cow for life. No doctors, hospitals, or pharmaceutical companies are ever greedy, you ignoramus!


Nurse Gushing: Everyone should have a Thyroid Screening just to make sure there are no bumps or nodules that need medical attention. If they find a nodule how lucky that patient is to get modern helpful treatments for it and live a normal life. Thyroid Screening is always accurate and the treatments enhance the value of the patients lives. Having your thyroid gland removed is no big deal as doctors can through drugs and treatments make it an easy way to live the rest of your life with.


Pastor Lukewarm: I agree with Doctor Hubris and Nurse Gushing that everyone should schedule an appointment right away and have Thyroid Screening just to be on the safe side. Some of my parishioners are like the women speaker you mentioned Reverend Loose-Cannons and have been diagnosed and currently doing treatments for Graves Disease and as far as I am concerned are living the abundant life Jesus spoke about. They are blessed of God.


Talk Show Host:   Is a Colonoscopy helpful or harmful?


Reverend Loose Cannons: When a person over 40 has a Checkup one of the things that is routinely recommended is to have a Colonoscopy: Which is a procedure that has instruments and a camera that via a snake like tube go through the gastrointestinal track looking for things such as polyps and cancers. People who submit to this procedure usually are Scared of Dying from Colon Cancer so they want to find it at the earliest stages and then treat it. A person should be aware that Problems and Side Effects can occur from having this Invasive procedure done and if they don’t really need a Colonoscopy then why have one? Unfortunately, even if there is No reason  to have a risky Colonoscopy Procedure most patients if their doctor tells them they should have one done to them they will trust the doctors and block out any side effects that might occur and submit completely like a good lemming and have the procedure.


Side Effects can be getting poked holes in your colon during the procedure. Sometimes the instruments and camera are Not cleaned good enough and powerful Bacteria form on them and then they are inserted into the patient. As sterile as hospitals strive to keep clean and kill all Bacteria: Some powerful Bacteria Strains survive from the thousands of treatments and surgeries done in hospitals. Some unfortunate people have contacted flesh eating bacteria in a hospital where they were having a procedure or test.


Doctor Hubris: Colonoscopy is a procedure that everyone should have sometime in mid life to check for whether or not they have cancer. It’s an easy procedure with no pain or chance of damage to your colon by putting poked holes in it, and no one gets Bacteria infections from a Colonoscopy. That is absurd! Quit trying to scare people Reverend Loose Cannons with your imagined bad side-effects and flesh eating bacteria!


Nurse Gushing: One of the best things a person can do pro-active for their health is have a regular Colonoscopy during checkups. Colonoscopy saves lives by detecting cancers and polyps at early stages. They do so much good and I can’t wait to have another Colonoscopy at my next checkup and who knows they may find a new cancer or tumor!


Pastor Lukewarm: Myself and my wife have a Colonoscopy from time to time and we thank God for them because if we have any cancers in our bodies we want to know about them and get healed from them by prescribed treatments and drugs.  Everybody who goes to a doctor for a checkup or gastrointestinal problem should beg them to give them this wonderful life-saving procedure. I counsel and tell all my older parishioners to not delay but go to your doctor and get this test done because it may save your life!


Talk Show Host:   What is the current status of STD Diseases in America?


Reverend Loose Cannons: There is an Epidemic in the USA of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) that are like a raging wildfire that is getting bigger and can’t be stopped, The HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is the most commonly sexually transmitted Infection. Many people catch this Infection from their first sexual affair. Over 75% of people who are sexually active and do fornication, immorality, or sexual sins will get Infected with the HPV one way or the other. 


Over 75 million sexually active people currently have HPV and most of them don’t even know they have it. So it is easily passed on. There are 2.300,000 new cases of STD every year in America. This unbelievable sexual disease Infection pandemic should be in all media headlines and stories from time to time to warn and educate the gullible public. Instead in most media outlets it is never brought up or exposed and when it is ever brought up medical professionals downplay it and pass it off as no big deal.


 Most people get Genital Warts from HPV Infections and this is a wake up call from God–to quit doing immoral sexual acts or debauchery. Most people don’t quit their sexual affairs and then they get Oral or Genital Herpes that never goes completely away but stays dormant and then erupts in gross sores from time to time. Over 45 million people have Genial Herpes! 

HPV Infections can also cause cervical, vaginal, anal, and penile cancers. Some people can get bumps in their throats that are cancerous from having done oral sex and catching the HPV virus.


If a person never wants to get a STD or HPV Infection then they should do as the Bible says and that is to Never Do fornication, sexual immorality, or any debauchery. 

The Bible says, “Flee (as in terror of consequences) Fornication/Sexual Sins for all sins are committed without the body but whoever commits sexual sins against their own bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:18


Doctor Hubris: No one can deny the facts that we have a very serious STD problem here in the USA that is getting out of control. Use a condom always and get tested for STD’S and if you catch one then come to us and we will treat you and cure you or alleviate your pain. Reverend Loose Cannons there is nothing wrong with consenting humans having whatever kind of sex they want in private. You and your fake God and Bible have no right telling people what is right and wrong or what they can do with their own bodies.


Nurse Gushing: I concur with Dr. Hubris and we all must band together and fight this growing raging STD pandemic that is completely preventable. Reverend Loose Cannons I could strangle you for your preaching against sex and fun times. People are just humans doing what they enjoy.


Pastor Lukewarm: Dittos to all the alarming information and I from now on will do what I can to tell and warn people of the dangers of getting an STD. I admit it’s a wake up call for me I never knew it was so bad and out of control. Reverend Loose Cannons keep your moral preaching to yourself! Judge not that you be not judged!


Talk Show Host:    Is the war against DIABETES getting better or worse?


Reverend Loose Cannons: When Diabetes was first discovered and for the next 50 years it was known as ‘Sugar-Diabetes’. The powerful Sugar Industry through grants and  donations etc. to prestigious medical institutions and magazines got the medical institutions to say that Diabetes is caused by a gene problem and that it it is hereditary. They call this Type 1 Diabetes and say that whoever has this disease must daily take shots of Insulin the rest of their lives. Type 2 Diabetes doctors say is caused by obesity, and not walking or exercising enough, and other lifestyle choices. Because so many people are so fat today the obvious result is an abundance of young kids, teenagers, and adults waddling around with Type 2 Diabetes.


Most people who become Diabetics eat lots of White Sugars and this obviously is the main reason for their disease condition. The average American consumes through drinks and foods over 160 lbs of white sugars a year! If you are addicted to white sugar try eating honey instead which is made by bees  and what God intended for people to eat instead of white sugar. 1 in 10  people in the USA suffer from diabetes in some form or condition of it.


The unfortunate Side Effects of Type 1 Diabetes from a person injecting Insulin (which comes from pigs pancreases) daily into their bodies are: glaucoma ,blindness, rotten teeth and gums, amputations, blackouts, and strokes.


Since more people than ever before are getting fatter and fatter every year and in the process consuming way too much sugars and thus making their blood sugar levels, and insulin amounts secreted by the pancreas go out of whack. Type 1 and Type 2 diagnosis are skyrocketing as a direct result.        


Losing weight and keeping it off is a hard thing to do or maintain all the time. In fact regardless of the diets or exercise programs people do to lose a certain amount of pounds. 90% or more of them will put most or all the weight that was lost back on within a year or so. So, it’s no wonder that a fat or overweight person who is told they have type 2 diabetes will try to reverse their condition by taking a magic weight loss pill such as Victoza, Ozempic, Ozala,  or Trulicity. They feel taking either of these pills will cure their Type 2 Diabetes problem and in the process they lose some weight and keep it off. 


Here are some things for a person diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic to consider before getting a prescription for Victoza, Ozempic, Ozala,  or Trulicity: No doubt about it their Ads are all slickly done and gives the feeling that their drugs are a panacea for Type 2 Diabetes. What these drugs do  is slow down food leaving the stomach, and prevent the liver from making too much sugar, and help the pancreas make more insulin when blood sugars are high. These drugs are taken by an injection device. 


Their Ads show fat people happy and seeming to be controlling their lives by being pro-active and are excited about losing weight while taking either Victoza, Ozempic, Ozala, or Trulicity. 


Here are some of the Side Effects of taking Victoza, Ozempic, Ozala,  or Trulicity: headaches, dizziness, upset stomach, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, stuffy nose, sore throat, back pain, skin rashes, and a tired feeling. In light of these horrendous Side-Effects you would think an intelligent fat person would rather lose weight by not overeating, walking a lot, and quit eating or drinking white sugars. And by doing so they would lose the weight and feel better with No Side-Effects!  Instead most gluttonous fat people would rather  take a Type 2 Diabetic drug and believe it will get them better and endure the terrible side-effects all the time.


When I was a kid from the ages of 2 to 14 I was a Sugar Addict. Candy bars, sodas, and ice cream were 5 to 12 cents a piece. So whenever us kids got 5, 10, or 25 cents we would buy sweets with it. We would even collect soda bottles for 2-5 cents a piece and use the money for sweets. And I didn’t brush my teeth until I was 12 years old. I paid for it with lots of cavities later on. 


My dad had a sweet tooth and he was very sedentary and in his sixties he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes but back then it was called Sugar Diabetes. He never took any medication for it but used saccharin instead of sugar and took the sugar off of his pastries in the morning. He lived to be 95 but along the way he had a colostomy bag installed and got glaucoma. His Not Eating Sugar got me to start cutting down on sugary snacks and sodas. Eventually I quit drinking all sodas or drinks with added sugars, quit eating candies, pies, cakes, and ice creams. 


If a food product has the first 1-3 ingredients of white sugar, or any other added sugars I usually don’t eat or drink it. If I want something sweet I eat some kind of fruit such as grapes, cherries, strawberries, bananas, oranges, and sweet melons.  I personally feel that if a person had to give up one food or food substance that more than any other would benefit their health the most that would be White Sugar (also cane sugar and brown sugar). Once a person gets off the White Sugar for months or years and takes a drink of a high sugar laden soda or drink, or takes a bite of a piece of candy, or ice cream with white sugar they will spit it out as their body can’t take all the high sugars coming into it all at once, and it will taste so sweet that it will taste and feel like consuming pure sugar.


I once met a lady at a Bible Study who was 21 and she shared with the group about her pain and problems with her Diabetes. After the study was over I asked her about her diabetes condition. She said she had been a Diabetic during her teenage years and then she got weaned off of Insulin a little at a time every week lessening the dosage gradually and she got completely cured of Diabetes and was off of Insulin injections. 


She said her doctor and her mother constantly told her that she was a Diabetic and must take her medicine or insulin or she could faint and/or become unconscious and die. Because of the Fear and Worry this caused her after 9 months being free of insulin injections, She went back to injecting Insulin into her body daily. I said, “Why don’t you now just gradually lower your dosage of insulin 10% each week until you are weaned off of it again and have God heal you again?”  I almost fell out of my chair with her reply, “I just can’t do it I am too Fearful!” 


I wanted to pray for her in the Name of Jesus Christ to be Healed but she was so into Fear from her mother and doctor and the Spirit of Fear that I just said “Wow that is amazing you were healed but through Fear you are back and dependent on Insulin and having problems with it, but with prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ you could wean yourself gradually off the Insulin again.” She said, “I know but I just can’t do it.” I said “God bless you and nice talking to you” and left kind of blown away by her words and actions after actually being off Insulin and Healed Completely by God. She gets so Fearful and Worried of dying that she goes back to taking Insulin daily and suffering the painful side effects. As the real old saying goes: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it.”


Doctor Hubris: Diabetes is caused by hereditary gene factors and never by eating too much white sugar. Insulin is a miracle cure and all diabetics should praise their doctors for giving them Insulin. Without medical intervention and Insulin injections Diabetics would be dying prematurely. The Sugar Industry has not influenced any medical institutions or medical journals to say that–Diabetes is hereditary and that Diabetes has nothing to do with being caused by eating too much white sugars. What utter nonsense to even think that doctors and clinical studies could be influenced by the Big Sugar industry.


 Victoza, Ozempic, Ozala, and Trulicity are miracle drugs and all Type 2 Diabetics should be taking one of them. Reverend Loose Cannons how dare you be so insensitive to say that fat people should eat less portions, and walk a lot to get rid of their diabetes condition. Those poor people it’s not their faults they are so fat, why it’s hereditary and genes. They can’t help themselves. Their only saviors are us medical professionals, Victoza, Ozempic, Ozala, Trulicity, and Insulin injections.


Nurse Gushing: I agree all overweight and obese persons should go to their doctors and get diagnosed for Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and start injections immediately of either Victoza, Ozempic, Ozala, Trulicity or Insulin. The minor side-effects they may have are well worth it for getting their lives saved by these healing injections. 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating all the white sugar you want. To say that the Sugar Industry has in any way influenced the medical institutions and downplayed white sugar excess consumption for getting Diabetes is unfounded.  Reverend Loose Cannons people who have Diabetes or are obese can’t help themselves from overeating all the time. They have a genes problem it’s not their faults and you are so stupid to even suggest otherwise!


Pastor Lukewarm: I am so thankful I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and have daily injections of Insulin to take. I can’t resist eating white sugary desserts sometimes but I don’t eat near as much of them as before I got my diabetes diagnosis. I have had my left foot amputated and wear thick glasses because of glaucoma but it’s a small price to pay for the insulin injections keeping me alive. 


My Diabetes condition is a blessing given to me from God to suffer just like Apostle Paul did with his blindness and thorn in the flesh. I praise all my doctors and medical personnel who have helped me on my diabetes journey.  Reverend Loose Cannons the girl you thought shouldn’t have gone back to taking Insulin did the right thing by taking her Insulin again and putting her faith in the excellent care of the doctors and medical personnel.


 I am suffering for the Lord just like Joni the lady in the wheelchair and also like brother Job in the Bible. My daily afflictions keeps me more mindful of God so that’s why he gave Diabetes to me. And in no way did my constant overeating, sedentary lifestyle and eating desserts and drinking sodas all the time have anything whatsoever to do with my getting diabetes. You are out of your mind and there is no hope for you.


Talk Show Host:         Are Heart Tests good or bad?


Reverend Loose Cannons:  A person should be careful about having Heart Tests (such as EKG, Stress Test, 3D CT Scan) when they are getting a regular checkup with No symptoms of  heart problems. These Expensive Tests can give false positives, anxiety and fear to the patient.


A Healthy Person shouldn’t even have a Checkup because of the high probability of being intimidated or talked into having expensive unnecessary tests and the scary false positives that might come up. But if a paranoid patient feels they have to do a Checkup even though they are healthy then they should consider just having a standard blood pressure check, and maybe simple blood work for cholesterol testing. 


I once went to a doctor to get some low dosage pain pills for a pulled muscle. After checking my blood pressure and doing an EKG test the doctor said I think maybe your heart is not beating right. I was a little tired and nervous because of not sleeping well the night before and had just drank coffee. The doctor keep insisting on wanting to schedule me for a cardiologist and have heart tests and also have her start blood work on me right now. I got over the pulled muscle in a few days and never had the blood work or went to the heart doctor and that was12 years ago and I and my heart are in good shape. 


Doctor Hubris: All Heart Tests are relatively harmless and a patient should do any and all of them when their doctor recommends having them. They are not expensive but a great bargain for all the good they do. Heart Tests don’t give false positives or results. They are very precise and accurate in diagnosing heart related problems. Everybody should not be an ignoramus like Reverend Loose Cannons and never have annual checkups! Instead be smart if you are over age 30 and have regular checkups annually. And be pro-active and do all the tests and procedures your doctor recommends for you.


Reverend Loose Cannons you need to have a Check-Up right after this show is over. Us doctors need to find, I mean look for something wrong with you and start immediate treatments.


Nurse Gushing: I can’t say enough good about having regular Checkups annually. If I hadn’t had all my checkups, tests, and procedures I would have never known about all my health problems and then be proactive and do everything the wonderful doctors told me to do. Reverend Loose Cannons I agree that after this talk show we need to get you over to the medical clinic and do lots of tests, procedures, CT Scans, MRI Scans, blood tests, and PSA tests on you. And lets look to find something wrong with you and start immediate treatments.


Pastor Lukewarm: My wife and I are happy for all the Checkups we had and how fortunate we are to have found all our health problems that we didn’t even know we had. And we are glad for all the care we have received for them. We look forward to our checkups and maybe finding something else wrong with us that we didn’t know about but God does and he uses our doctors to find these health problems and then treat us for them. I also feel Reverend Loose Cannons that you need a checkup right after the show and hopefully they will find something wrong with your health and body just like they did with us and then give you life saving treatments just like we have all had.


Talk Show Host:         Are  ANTIBIOTICS  good or bad?


Reverend Loose Cannons: Antibiotics such as Clindamycin, Penicillin and Amoxicillin are wonder drugs for killing many kinds of bacteria and infections. They should not be used for Viruses such as a cold. 


The problem with Antibiotics is the over use and over taking of them. I went to a dentist for a toothache infection and got 28 amoxicillin pills and was told to take 2 pills a day until the pills were all gone. The toothache,  infection and pain were gone in 2 days but I took the rest of the remaining 24 pills as instructed. The Antibiotics destroyed the good bacteria in my gut and as a result I had the most painful bowel movements for 3 weeks and I wanted to die. Fortunately, I fully recovered.  By the way, Clindamycin is the best Antibiotic I have used–for getting rid of a toothache infection.


Most doctors and dentists unfortunately still tell all patients and put it on the prescription label to–take all Antibiotic pills until gone. I didn’t need all the extra antibiotics and neither do most people. Antibiotics will make a person dizzy or tired and have diarrhea. Crohn’s Disease and other serious gastrointestinal problems may sometimes be caused in whole or in part by over use of antibiotics. 


There appears to be a link between babies and toddlers given too many Antibiotics and later having life long serious Allergy problems. I feel sorry for so many babies, toddlers, and young kids who are medically treated like guinea pigs by their parents and given so many unnecessary medical procedures, tests, operations, drugs, and antibiotics. 


There was a  healthy pastor who was in his early forties who had sinus stuffed-up nose problems and he used over the counter nasal sprays and got no better. I used a nasal spray one time for two days and it would clear my nose up but then it would get stuffed up even worse. So I quit using the nasal spray and my nose got badly stuffed up for a day and a half. I claimed Healing for my stuffed up nose in the Name of Jesus Christ–and after 2 days my nose cleared up nicely. Nasal Sprays may work temporarily but the user becomes dependent on them quickly to keep their nasal passages open. 


–So back to the True Story. The pastor goes to his doctor and the doctor tells him he has an infection in his nose and gives him a prescription for an Antibiotic Nasal Spray. The pastor was told to use the antibiotic nasal spray until the infection went away. He used the nasal spray for about 30 days. And he got worse not better. Unfortunately shooting so much nasal Antibiotic spray up your nose for that long and doing it intently will cause a tumor to occur. So the pastor goes back to the doctor and says he is getting worse not better. The doctor says lets do a CT Scan of your nose cavity just to make sure there is not something else causing your pain and problems.  


After reviewing the pastor’s CT Scan the doctors find a large tumor in his nasal passage. The pastor and his wife upon hearing this news are extremely scared and frightened. The pastor undergoes 37 radiation treatments and the tumor gets shrunk down but could come back any day.


From the nightmarish Radiation Treatments the pastor suffers greatly–with constant pain, damaged nerves where he shakes all the time, damaged organs, diarrhea, uncontrollable crying and depression, and can’t balance himself even when walking with a cane. He looks like a sick man in his nineties ready to die.


He lives in constant Fear and Worry the cancer will come back and kill him but believes this tragedy happened–because it is God’s Will for his life. Everybody at most churches (around 90% of all kinds of different churches and denominations) Believes the same way. And they Never have a Healing Service and pray in the Name of Jesus Christ for someone but rely completely on hospitals and doctors for all healings. 


What if the pastor when he had the original stuffed up nose would have done what I did to get healed from sinus problems and Never Went to the doctor. One thing is certain he would be a healthy completely healed person and would also have the Faith to pray for others to be Healed. But the pastor choose the doctors and did the wrong treatments instead–and reaped a completely avoidable medical nightmare for the rest of his life!


Doctor Hubris: Everybody should thank us Doctors for giving them Antibiotics. I always tell my patients to take the entire amount I prescribed to them. You are stupid as usual Reverend Loose Cannons blaming the antibiotics for your bowel problems. Actually for once you were smart obeying your doctor’s orders and taking all the antibiotics. Antibiotics are as safe as can be and I gladly give them to children for many cures. Over use of Antibiotics doesn’t cause Crohn’s Disease. Neither do they cause allergies in children, but maybe once in a blue moon they cause a little stomach or intestinal discomfort. The pastor you talked about did the right thing in going to his doctor instead of your mystical Jesus Christ healing bunk. 


Nurse Gushing: Antibiotics are miracle drugs. I’m sure you had other problems that caused you some bowel pain and problems and it was not the antibiotics. I take antibiotics all the time and I don’t get dizzy or tired from them or have an upset stomach. I enjoy giving antibiotics to adults and children and see them get better. Doctors never over prescribe Antibiotics that’s just your imagination of deception and malice. The pastor was doing the smartest thing going to his doctor for his sinus problems and the side-effects he suffers are well worth the pain because we saved his life! Reverend Loose Cannons all your name of Jesus Bible thumping healing stuff is just a bunch of lies and garbage.


Pastor Lukewarm: My wife and I take Antibiotics all the time and we nickname them our miracle medicine candies. Reverend Loose Cannons, you are all wrong thinking antibiotics have any bad side-effects. They don’t do anything but goodness. The pastor was so wise to go to his doctor and find out he had a giant tumor in his nose cavity. The antibiotics he snorted up his nose constantly for 30 days had nothing to do with him getting that tumor. He had it before any treatments. 


Your wrong again as usual Reverend Loose Cannons 99% not 95% of all christian denominations or churches don’t have healing services and don’t believe they can be healed by the name of Jesus Christ and their Faith in the Word of God. Because why should they–Doctors and Hospitals were ordained by God for everybody’s healings. Modern churches parishioners like ourselves go to doctors and hospitals and do whatever they tell us because that is God’s will for all of us. Your complete ignorance is a marvel to behold.


Talk Show Host:   Are STATIN Cholesterol Lowering Drugs good or bad? 

Are Blood Thinners good or bad?


Reverend Loose Cannons: Statin Drugs such as Crestor and Lipitor are marketed in ads as miracle lowering cholesterol drugs that prevent heart attacks or strokes. Critics say Stains do Not lower the risk of getting a Heart Attack but can increase it with a condition called Statin Cardiomyopathy that can occur. The most common Side Effects of taking Statins is joint and muscle Pains in the body constantly, and a feeling of weakness. 


Millions of people take Statins. And their doctors swear by the benefits of them. Critics say that all the Perks from Big Drug Corporations doctors get from prescribing Statins such as money and vacations are part of the reason why there is so much over-prescribing of them.


Crestor is a Statin cholesterol lowering drug that has been popular for many decades. Statins/Crestor work by reducing the amount of cholesterol made by the liver. Crestor took off in popularity when people were obsessed with lowering their cholesterol numbers and low-fat diets were all the rage. Nowadays Crestor is still used widely. Crestor ads or commercials usually show someone so happy their cholesterol numbers are down. 


Other times ads or commercials will show someone who says I eat right and exercise and my cholesterol levels are still high so my doctor recommended Crestor and now my cholesterol levels are down. When diet and exercise don’t work take Crestor is the message. Side-Effects are: headaches, depressed mood, muscle pain, joint pain, insomnia, nightmares, constipation, nausea, stomach pain, memory loss, confusion. Long term usage will most likely Varicose Veins, Blood Clots, and cause kidney and liver problems.


Lipitor is a Statin cholesterol lowering drug. The Side-Effects are: muscle pain, tenderness, weakness, confusion, memory loss, fever, dark colored urine, swelling, weight gain, and urinating less than usual or not at all. A man taking Lipitor could go to a doctor and be diagnosed with prostate cancer because of their urinary problems caused by Lipitor. Long term Lipitor use can cause varicose veins, blood clots, liver problems, increased blood sugar levels or Type 2 Diabetes.


Any brand name of Statins can all cause blood clots, damaged muscle tissues, kidney and liver malfunctions, memory loss, depression, 50% more chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes, bruising of the skin at various spots, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, and unbearable muscle pain. 


Blood Thinners–such as Xeralto and Wayfarin  are marketed as reducing the risk of a stroke in patients with A-Fib, treat and prevent DVT’S (Deep Vein Thrombosis (Blood Clots) from traveling and lodging in a cerebral artery, and prevent the clotting of heart valves.

 Most people who take these Blood Thinners stay on them regardless of the Side-Effects because they are petrified by, and constantly worried about getting a Stroke.


Side-Effects of Blood Thinners can be real painful and life threatening such as blood gets too thin and cant’ be reversed or it takes a real long time to get back to normal. I’ve seen Patients Blood who have been on blood thinners for a long time and–it has a thinned-down orange like color to it instead of a normal healthy red look. They also have outbreaks of blood hemorrhages on their bodies.


People who take Statins and Blood Thinners together risk having even worse bad side-effects.


Doctor Hubris: Reverend Loose Cannons your so-called facts are crazy just like you and full of misguided lies and utter rubbish! Statins are miracle drugs for preventing heart attacks from occurring and any side-effects they might have are minor or just a little inconvenient. 


Doctors never over prescribe them or blood thinners or get any perks from pharmaceutical companies for doing so. Blood Thinners prevent strokes from occurring and that is just fantastic. Blood Thinners and Statins taken together is a life saving treatment for patients.


Nurse Gushing: Hooray for miracle drugs such as statins and blood thinners. They do so much good and have minor side-effects compared to the good they do! Every patient taking any of these drugs should always thank their doctor for giving them and pat them on the back and give them more money and perks for helping them out so much with these wonderful drugs.


Reverend Loose Cannons you are so out to lunch and crazy with your distorted information!


Pastor Lukewarm: I tell all my parishioners I counsel to always take their statins or blood thinners and just thank God for these miracle drugs He gave to us through doctors and pharmaceutical companies. 


Talk Show Host:             Is TAMOXIFEN a good or bad drug?        

What about Verzenio?


Reverend Loose Cannons: In the fight against Cancer there is a powerful expensive drug taken by many called Tamoxifen and it is used to treat Breast Cancer, and also to treat those at risk for getting breast cancer. It stops and prevents the hormones estrogen and progesterone from entering a tumor and feeding a tumor and thus preventing it from growing.  Cancer Cells need these hormones to develop or grow bigger. It is marketed and sold as lowering the risk of breast cancer recurrence and/or preventing the opposite breast not removed from getting breast cancer. 


Those women who are scared of getting Breast Cancer because of cancer in their family tree or having genes in them that are determined by doctors to put them at high risk for getting breast cancer take Tamoxifen. These patients pride themselves in being pro-active with their health. Most cancer patients who are paranoid of having cancer return take Tamoxifen on the advice of their doctor(s). 


Some women are so Scared of getting breast cancer after gene testing that they have their breasts removed even though there is No Cancer in their breasts. Talk about extreme fear and paranoia.   2 Timothy 1:7 says “God has Not given us a Spirit of Fear”. Fear can come from 3 sources. Fear or Terror can come from Ourselves and constant thinking of fearful outcomes. Fear or Terror can come mentally and  spiritually from the devil similar to the feeling of terror from scary music. Fear can come from other people telling you fearful things. 


Tamoxifen has Horrendous Nightmarish Side Effects such as vomiting, nausea, skin rashes, hot flashes, vaginal discharge, constant discomfort, irritations, heavy and irregular periods for weeks, loss of sex drive, cramps and stiffness in legs and feet, and brain fog. It can cause uterine cancer, stroke, and blood clots.


Even though there are all these scary Bad Side Effects from taking Tamoxifen most patients take it every night for 5 years and others for ten years. They are so terrified and worried about getting cancer or having cancer return that they put all their faith in their doctors and in Tamoxifen and they usually say, “The prevention of cancer is worth the pain of the side-effects and/or it is God’s will for me to take it in my cancer journey.” It’s impossible to reason otherwise with anyone who believes like this. As the old saying goes: “None is so blind as those who will not see.”


Verzenio is a powerful cancer drug for certain kinds of Breast Cancer that have Metastasis (spread to other parts of the body as cancerous tumors). It has Side Effects of chronic diarrhea, severe dehydration, low white blood cell counts, painful infections, liver problems, no appetite, anemia, headaches, abdominal pains, vomiting, hair thinning, fever and chills, constant nausea, blood clots in veins, arteries, and lungs. It can also cause Birth Defects. So many take Verzenio and say “I trust my doctor(s) and never second guess them.“  


Doctor Hubris: Tamoxifen is a miracle cancer prevention drug that is a little pricey but worth every penny and so much more. Women who take it for breast cancer prevention should praise their oncologist and thank them all the time profusely for giving them this wonderful drug. Don’t put women down Reverend Loose Cannons for having their breasts removed because of their high likelihood by way of their genes of getting breast cancer. They are being intelligent and smart something you don’t know about because Reverend Loose Cannons you are so ignorant! 


These smart women who either take Tamoxifen or have their Healthy Breasts Removed are being pro-active. The minor side-effects of Tamoxifen that go away in time are well worth the price for taking it for 5-10 years. Verzenio is a great drug in the arsenal of the war on cancer that we are winning.


Nurse Gushing: I have been taking Tamoxifen for many years and I hug and kiss my oncologist all the time and thank her for giving me this marvelous miracle working drug. I have had most of the side-effects of Tamoxifen and still suffer somewhat in some kind of pain or hurt all the time. But I have great painkillers for my side-effects and I love Tamoxifen. 


To all the who have had their breasts removed or are thinking of removing them because of gene or hereditary reasons–I encourage you to do so and you will feel better. I look forward to taking my life-saving Tamoxifen every night and though it is pricey it is well worth it many times over because it is saving my life! Hooray for Verzenio I have heard so many wonderful things about it.


Pastor Lukewarm: Tamoxifen is a proven miracle drug sent to us from God. My wife has been taking it for years and still suffers daily side-effects from it but she takes her pain killers and puts on a happy face. 


I counsel woman who are thinking of having their breasts removed and being pro-active against breast cancer. I tell them that the genes testing they had and the doctor(s) recommendations for breasts removal is God warning them to do something pro-active about it now–and have their breasts removed. Then we thank God for the doctors and gene testing that tells us to do the smart wise thing and remove the healthy breasts, and we ask God to guide the surgeons doing the operation. 


Talk Show Host:  Are Psychiatric Drugs good or bad? What is ADHD? What are Adderall and Xanax Drugs?


Reverend Loose Cannons: Psychiatric Drugs do more harm than good and I did a lot of research on them so I can briefly talk about their usage and effects.


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is what doctors describe as a chronic condition that interferes with a person’s ability to pay attention. There is no concrete evidence of what causes it so the general consensus among psychiatric institutions is that it is genetic and can’t be cured but can be controlled by drugs. After office visits involving different tests, and dialogue with a psychiatrist(s) and/or psychologist(s) a person is diagnosed as ADHD and becomes a cash cow guinea pig patient for life. A Cash Cow psychiatric patient can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. 


The psychiatric patient will be dependent on their prescription drugs and believe or be Brainwashed that they will always be mentally or physically challenged or sick. And of course it’s not the patient’s fault in any way because of the Choices they made. If it’s the patient’s fault then they can make different choices to get set free and Not be dependent on psychiatric drugs and counseling sessions. My counsel is go to God and the Bible for all your answers and admit you are wrong and Repent and then have Faith in Jesus Christ and the Word of God 

–and Not faith and dependence on psychiatric drugs and office counseling sessions.. 


There is an epidemic of children being diagnosed with ADHD. I think a lot of these supposed ADHD kids may be also having too much White Sugar and possibly also too much gluten products. They may also need some firm Discipline for their wrong doing and actions from time to time. “Spare the spanking and Spoil the Child” Proverbs 13:24. Nowadays, lots of parents don’t discipline or spank their kids but give them lots of freedom to misbehave all they want and eat all the candy and drink all the high sugar sodas/energy drinks they want including ones with lots of caffeine in them. These undisciplined kids become insecure and hyperactive. They don’t need psychiatric drugs that can exacerbate the situation.


–Mostly children between the ages of 4 and 17 are diagnosed with ADHD by a psychiatrist. Over 6 million children in the USA have been diagnosed with ADHD and most of them are on psychiatric drugs every day! The most common drugs given to them are Anti-Anxiety Drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Dexedrine. These are strong stimulants and they are similar to cocaine and methamphetamine. Ritalin can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic attacks, psychosis, heart failure, trouble sleeping, vomiting, and headache. 


Prozac is a prescribed drug for anxiety. 

The terrible Side-Effects are– insomnia, headache, dizziness, strange dreams, pain, weakness, tired feeling, upset stomach, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, sweating, hot flashes.


Welbutrin is a largely prescribed drug for depression. 

The Side-Effects are–insomnia, mind races, vivid dreams or hallucinations, increases anxiety, easily angered, appetite gone, memory loss, hair loss, hives, unbearable itching, and pain throughout the body.


Adderall (legal prescription Speed) is commonly used in ADHD Therapies. It is similar to illegal methamphetamine or Speed and is available by prescription. Adderall is a potent central nervous system stimulant Drug and is the most commonly prescribed Amphetamine. Interestingly, most parents won’t give their kids coffee or tea when they are real young. But they will give them a powerful grownup speed Adderall if a Doctor recommends it and writes a prescription for it.


College students are big fans of Adderall and use it the most when studying and taking exams. Many commodities and stock traders take it to stay hyped up for longer periods. Lots of people also use it for losing weight.


The long term Side Effects of Adderall are–paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, tremors, depression, lethargy, hallucinations, and suicide thoughts. You would think with Side Effects like these that no one would take any strong speed pills legal and illegal such as methamphetamine, crack, or cocaine. And on top of that illegal speed products have long jail times for repeat offenders. But the people who take these speed substances whether legal or illegal. They apparently like the upper speedy buzz or jacked-up high so much that it is just part of the price to pay for their pleasures and kicks.


You can’t help but wonder with Bad Side-Effects like these why do so many parents give their children these powerful damaging drugs?!


Over 35-40 years ago I would sometimes take speed pills with different street names such as Black Beauties, Christmas Trees, White Crosses, Dexees, and Benzees. I also would snort a line of cocaine sometimes but because I always had a stuffed up nose for a week afterwards I quit snorting it and would instead put it under my gums and dissolve it that way. I only did Cocaine about 20 times and didn’t do it anymore because I am basically a naturally stimulated person and don’t need cocaine or crack to make me feel so jacked up. Once in a while I drink lightly caffeinated coffee or tea and I get a stimulant off of that and find it sufficient for my needs.


People like or desire crack or powdered cocaine for the euphoria physical rush or jacked-up feeling, super confidence and all powerful feeling, and sexual stimulation. I watched an interview with a former methamphetamine speed freak and he talked about how he would stay up for 3-5 days at a time on methamphetamine and watch pornography for all day and night and pleasure himself. How disgusting and gross is that kind of lifestyle. Not only do you rapidly destroy your body but you pollute your mind with satan’s crap of pornography.


Unfortunately for the Crack or Cocaine User their intense high only lasts about 20-30 minutes and then it just fizzles away and disappears. The person comes down from it and is back to their normal self. They want that superman or superwoman feeling and euphoria and rush so they do more crack or cocaine but now they have to take more of them to get the same desired recent high. With continued constant usage the person eventually has to do lots of crack or cocaine to get their original 20 minutes or so of jacked up euphoria buzz or high. 


Xanax is basically the same drug as Valium and is the single most prescribed psychiatric medicine in the USA. It is prescribed mostly for Depression, but also for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and for people that feel their life is just too much for them to handle. It is marketed and known for the ability to produce a calmness and a relaxed feeling. Xanax takes several days to leave the body. Xanax has over 40 known Side Effects. Some can be–drowsiness, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and loss of muscle control. Xanax has so many bad side-effects of continued use that you would think people would get off of it but instead it keeps getting more and more popular.


I once 40 years ago took 5 milligrams of Valium a day for 2 weeks. Sometimes I took 10 milligrams of Valium. At first I really liked it because I felt so calm, relaxed, and confident. But I started to mix alcohol drinking with it and I got a drunk high real fast. One day I foolishly drank lots of hard stuff like whiskey with some friends I was visiting. I took a 10 milligrams pill of Valium and then left the house about 30 minutes later. I was going to drive away and thank God I didn’t because had I drove away I would have been in a bad accident as I wouldn’t have been able to control or turn the steering wheel. Valium or Xanax and alcohol together make a person not able to move their muscles even though they want to.


I foolishly walked out of the house and as I walked down the stairs I lost all muscle and body control and fell down the stairs into a thorny bush. I was stuck laying in the thorny bush and bleeding and I couldn’t move my hands or legs for 20 minutes. Finally, I made my way back up the stairs and went back into the house and cleaned up my cuts and bruises and went to sleep. The next day and to the present I thank God for giving me a wake up call about not taking Valium or Xanax and then mixing it with alcohol. I haven’t taken Valium or any Xanax since that day. I could have injured or killed someone else and/or myself in a car accident. And it is also a miracle I didn’t fall headlong down the stairs and suffer major injuries, or death. Thank you Lord for helping me in my stupidity partying days.


Dr. Hubris: Reverend Loose Cannons you are such a puritan holiness goody two shoes religious mentally deranged person saying pornography and pleasuring one’s self is a bad thing. Pornography is a good outlet for a person to look at in private. It is a normal human activity by millions of law abiding citizens in private and it doesn’t hurt them or anybody else. My wife and myself enjoy pornography from time to time, and it’s harmless. 


There is nothing wrong with children consuming a lot of white sugar all the time. Sugars are good for you and they have nothing to do with causing mental or physical health problems such as hyperactivity or diabetes. Children don’t need discipline from their parents that has nothing to do with their being out of control, having ADHD, and not respecting their parents or teachers. What foolish conclusions!


Reverend Loose Cannons how dare you insinuate that any kind of Psychiatric doctor, Cancer doctor, or a hospital is happy or benefits big time financially from some kind of Cash Cow patient. Such utter nonsense. All doctors, medical personnel, and hospitals are above reproach and never overcharge or are greedy. 


Ritalin, Adderall, and Xanax are all good wonder drugs and the problem is not over prescribing them but instead more children and adults need them desperately for their mental health. These drugs are better for people with diagnosed mental issues than your crazy Repent of sins nonsense, trust in Jesus stuff, and have faith in what the Bible says. The Bible is a fictional book written by a bunch of ignorant people and has no merit whatsoever especially in a medical or scientific discussion or situation. 


Nurse Gushing: Super dittos to Doctor Hubris and I couldn’t agree more with your excellent answers. Reverend Loose Cannons you are some kind of fanatic for God and that’s your main mental problem! All psychiatric drugs are good and there is nothing wrong with a little pornography viewing in private by adults. It’s just part of being a normal human being which obviously you aren’t. You are a weirdo and not normal and need counseling from a board certified psychiatrist. 


Pastor Lukewarm: Doctors and hospitals are doing their best for everybody and I agree they are above reproach because they are sincerely trying to help patients out with what they feel is good or best for the patient. Reverend Loose Cannons you are too fanatical and judgmental you should get counseling as suggested and become more normal like the rest of us. I will pray for you to become a more normal human being like most people are.


Talk Show Host:   Are Chiropractic Treatments Good or Bad?


Reverend Loose Cannons: I have never been to a Chiropractor but have seen them do manipulations of bones in person and on videos and the sounds and popping of bones is something I don’t like watching. When they adjust someones neck. The person will later keep needing adjustment sessions with the chiropractor and thus it is a lifelong scenario played out for the patient. Some people swear by treatments from chiropractors as so wonderful and others say they got damaged by the adjustments in their nerves and bones and would never go back to a chiropractor. 


I have read some horror stories of people who are permanently damaged by chiropractors. But there are millions of adjustments done by Chiropractors yearly and most of the patients like their adjustments. But myself personally I will never go to a chiropractor and risk major permanent damage to my bones and nerves. If I ever need a chiropractor I will go to Jesus Christ through Prayer and get adjusted perfectly and Healed completely.


Dr Hubris: As far as I am concerned Chiropractors are all a bunch of quacks and are not even worthy to be compared to us real Doctors. Only ignorant uninformed dumb people go to chiropractors instead of to us the real genuine doctors and healers. I have seen too many people in my practice damaged by chiropractors that I just hate and despise them.


Nurse Gushing: I agree with Dr Hubris, Chiropractors are quacks and do more damage than good. People should avoid them like the plague and go to real doctors and hospitals for all their health or joint, or bones problems.


Pastor Lukewarm: My wife and I go to our chiropractor all the time for therapeutic adjustments and we feel so wonderful afterwards. I can’t say enough good about our chiropractor. I urge all my parishioners to go to chiropractors for all their bone and nerve pains. They definitely are not quacks but instead are natural healers that relieve so much pain for people. We always hug and kiss our chiropractor and bring him a present before each consultation and treatment. Reverend Loose Cannons you need to go to our chiropractor and have him adjust you all over and maybe he will take that chip off your shoulder that you have. Ha, Ha! 


Talk Show Host:             Why do so many people Wear GLASSES? 

Can they ever get better or perfect eyesight? 


Reverend Loose Cannons: I have read thousands of books, newspapers, and magazines etc. over the years and I don’t need glasses. One of the strangest things to see is a person who claims God can heal anyone of a sickness or disease but they depend on glasses to see. They can’t even get their own eyesight healed but depend on glasses to read or see afar off. Pat Robertson claims on his 700  Club shows that God can heal people of sicknesses and diseases and they have reports of healings all the time on the shows. Yet he wears thick glasses and had his prostate gland removed and has other health problems that are not healed. Rheinhart Bonhke a deceased healing evangelist from South Africa had huge healing and evangelism services and he prayed for people and they were healed of blindness and deafness and other healings etc. Yet he wore thick glasses all the time and had his prostate gland removed and died later.


Most people who when younger didn’t need glasses but had 20/20 perfect vision but wear glasses nowadays got their vision problems from any or all of the following Reasons: People need Glasses because of bad reading positions,

staring too close to read something,

— reading or staring at something and Not stopping when their eyes start to hurt. They need to let their eyes get rest and rejuvenation just like the rest of their bodies when eye muscles get sore or tired. 


Watching a computer screen, video, or TV when your Eyes Hurt is detrimental to ruining your eyesight. 

Never Read in Bad Lighting where your eyes strain or hurt when doing so. Glasses make it so a person’s eyes don’t have to strain but in the constant process of doing this the eye muscles adapt to the lenses and never go back to how they were normally before straining so much and when the person could read normally without straining.


If a person desires to be Healed of their bad vision it is so simple and easy to get Healed and never need glasses again. However, and unfortunately most people are so dependent on their glasses for seeing that they can’t Believe they can live without using them. And their eyes are permanently adjusted to needing glasses to see whether they are near or far sighted. 


To get Healed of depending on glasses to see a person needs to have anywhere from 2-7 days off where they can take their glasses off and give their eye muscles time to heal. Then they need to  have someone who knows how to pray the prayer of faith in Jesus’s Christ’s Name for them or if they are strong enough in faith to do it by themselves.


If they pray the Prayer of Faith and really mean it and don’t put their glasses on they should be completely healed in 1-30 days and never need glasses again. Don’t try this Healing of your Eyesight if you don’t really believe you can be Healed or you will just waste your time and possibly injure yourself because your vision isn’t healed.


Dr. Hubris: I’ve heard some strange weird stuff in my life but your analysis of why people need glasses and your claim that people dependent on wearing glasses can get back normal vision is the delusions of a mad man!  Your ophthalmologist is your best friend if you wear glasses and not this nut-case Reverend Loose Cannons. Nobody can take off their glasses and pray your stupid prayer of faith and never need glasses. Are you on magic mushrooms? Or is it LSD or cannabis? I love my glasses and I couldn’t live without them. 


Nurse Gushing: I also love my glasses and my ophthalmologist and can’t imagine my life without wearing glasses. None of your reasons for why people need glasses is even close to the truth. People need glasses because evolution made them to need glasses sometime in their lives. 


Pastor Lukewarm: My wife and I are so fortunate we found a good ophthalmologist and got our thick glasses to see with. I encourage all my parishioners to get their eyes checked and do what their ophthalmologist recommends as regards wearing glasses.  Reverend Loose Cannons you are a dangerous person who needs to shut up about God can heal people of wearing glasses. 


Talk Show Host:     How does God heal?      What about Faith Healers? 


Reverend Loose Cannons: Modern church and most Christian ministries encourage and tell people to go to the doctors or hospitals for getting healed. The reasons they do this are: They are willingly ignorant of God’s Word regarding Jesus Christ healing people yesterday and today; They are afraid of being labeled a Faith Healer; They are scared of getting a Lawsuit; and are afraid of offending doctors and medical personnel in their church or ministry and then they leave and don’t support them financially anymore.


Believers or church people who don’t believe it is God’s Will to heal them physically use arguments such as Paul the Apostle had a “Thorn in his Flesh” a Messenger of satan to Buffet him. 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. They say his Thorn was that he had bad eyesight or was blind and God wouldn’t heal him so it’s not always God’s will to heal us. 


The Bible says, “Jesus Christ went about doing good, and HEALING ALL who were Oppressed of the devil.” Acts:10:38. 

Paul’s Thorn in the flesh was Not a sickness, disease, or blindness. Because he went to heaven and saw great glories of God and because he was given visions, and was taught personally by Jesus Christ he had a tendency to be puffed up and think of himself more highly than he should. So God gave him a Messenger of satan to Buffet him from time to time. In Old Testament times a countries Enemies– were considered: Thorns in their sides.


Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh was: That no matter where Paul taught satan would stir up the people against him and he would be buffeted or hurt by persecutions, whippings, and imprisonments. 

2 Corinthians 12: 9-10  “My grace is enough for you, my power is made perfect in Weakness, therefore I am content in Weakness 

The Thorn  or Messenger of satan to Buffet him was: insults, troubles, persecutions, and difficulties he endured for the sake of Christ, 

for when I am Weak (by the Thorn in the Flesh or Messenger of satan Buffeting him), I am strong.” 


–Modern believers contend that since Charles Spurgeon had Depression and so do many Christians then it’s normal and okay for a Christian to have depression or any sickness or disease. 

90% of people don’t know that –Depression– is inward mental and spiritual Hate for either yourself, and/or someone else, or God. No wonder someone would be Depressed with this mental and spiritual disease of inward hates.


The Bible says, “Rejoice in the Lord Always and again I say rejoice.” Philippians 4:4   

Charles Spurgeon like any other human who has unforgiveness for others, or themselves, or is mad at God will never be able to get rid of Depression no matter how many psychiatric drugs they take or counseling sessions they have. 


Every person (even Charles Spurgeon) has to Repent of Unforgiveness and Anger towards others, themselves, and towards God and like a miracle their Depression will be gone or healed. “You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” John 8:32.  

“Let God be True and Every Person a Liar, that you might be Justified in what you say and Might Overcome when you are Judged.” Romans 3:4.


 Sometimes when I think of people who will be judged in heaven and they ask or complain as to why they or a loved one wasn’t healed? 

That God or Jesus will ask them What did I tell you in my Word about how I would heal you?  Why didn’t You Believe it? 


–Many Believers say it’s not God’s Will to Heal Christians all the time because a woman named Joni has been in a wheelchair paralyzed from the neck down for 50 years. She has asked God to heal her if it is his will to do so and he hasn’t for 50 years and she also has cancer nowadays that isn’t healed by God. Christians reason and then say “See there you have it Joni isn’t healed so nobody else can say it’s God’s Will to heal them.”


The only person that seems to be God’s will Not to heal is a person named Nick Vujicic who was Born Without arms or legs and has witnessed to millions about the Gospel and many people have repented and gotten saved as a result. He says God made him the way he is for the purposes of God through his ministries. He says he would rather be without his arms and legs if given the choice today as he believes he is in God’s perfect will and purposes.


So let’s examine whether it is God’s Will to heal you or me? I can’t speak for you but I am in great health today because of being healed by Jesus Christ from colds, flu skin cancer, pains, and polio. Most Believers will say if God wants to heal me he will and if he doesn’t than it’s not his will to heal me. Many will try to get healed through the medical establishment and when they get worse off from the treatments they say it’s not God’s will to heal me right now. But they keep trying nevertheless to get healed through the medical establishment. 


If it is Not God’s Will to heal them and/or it’s God’s will for them to suffer than why don’t they Pray for More sickness, diseases, or cancers to occur to them –to suffer more for the Lord and be in his will?– Then why do they keep  trying to get better or healed through more drugs and treatments? They should pray and believe for more pain and suffering since God Will is for them to suffer is their core belief. 


For instance since they believe God’s will is for them to have cancer and suffer than they should stop all treatments to try and get better and instead pray for more tumors and suffering. Such a confused Double-Minded person can’t have it both ways, so their thinking is such babel and utter chaos. “A Double-Minded person is Unstable in all their ways, don’t let this person think they shall receive Anything from the Lord.” James 1: 6-8


Believers say if God wants to heal me he will and if he doesn’t than that is his will. “I don’t need any faith to get healed if he wants to heal me than he will do it.” This is what Joni believes and for 50 years she hasn’t been healed but gotten worse. 


“Without FAITH –it is IMPOSSIBLE to Please God–for whoever comes to God must believe that He is and  that He is a Rewarder of those who Diligently Seek Him.” Hebrew 11:6. To get Saved by Jesus Christ a person can only get saved by Repenting of their sins and believing that Jesus died for their sins and rose again. If a person doesn’t Repent of their sins (Luke 13:3 and Luke 13:5), or Believe that Jesus Christ arose from the dead and was the sacrifice for their sins, and confess him as Lord (Romans 10: 9 & 10) they can’t get saved. They can say for 50 years everyday all the time that if God wants to Save them he will, and 50 years later they will still –Not be Saved. 


To get Healed Physically: A person has to Repent (be Sorry for any Sins and quit doing them); and Believe that it is God’s Will to Heal them; and Say (and mean it) by Jesus Christ’s stripes/whippings he took for me–I am Healed–and he took my sicknesses and diseases in his body so I could be Healed by Believing, and then say this louder and really mean it “In the Name of Jesus Christ (the name that is Above Every name) I command (Name the sickness, disease, paralysis, or affliction you have) –to leave my body and– it is so now!” 

My personal experience is that Healing will start during or after praying that is sincerely done in real faith and expectation that it will all come to pass as prayed and confessed. Sometimes it is spontaneous healing right then but most of the time I have to keep believing and saying I Am Healed by Jesus Christ’s Name and also quoting the Word of God about Healing sometimes for days, weeks, and even months but somehow, someway, one day I am healed and the physical problem is gone just disappeared.  Praise God.


Pastor Lukewarm:  There are Fake Faith Healers that come in the name of the Lord. Most people when they think of phony faith healers they think of Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts. Oral Roberts might have been some of the time a legitimate faith healer during the 1950’s but he lost  any healing gift he may of had and started loving money and possessions more than having an honest true ministry. He started telling people that if they sent in money for a Prayer Cloth he prayed over and put that cloth on their sickness or disease they would be healed. If they put his anointed prayer cloth on their bills they would have a financial miracle. 


He also told his disciples to send him Seed Money and whatever their need was whether healing, a child getting off drugs, or a financial miracle it would be met. This guy would say that God told him to tell his partners to send in a Seed (financial offering) for your Need and presto your need will be met whether healing or a financial miracle. Then in the early 1980’s he told his followers to send in as much money as they can for his City of Faith Hospital. He said a 50 foot Jesus appeared to him and told him to get money from his partners and build the City of Faith Hospital. He said Jesus told him that the City Of Faith would find a cure for cancer. 


His gullible followers sent in over $180 million dollars and the City of Faith Hospital went down the tubes and they never found a cure for cancer. Oral Roberts and his son Richard Roberts spent millions of dollars on homes, country club memberships, and extravagant living and Never Repented of their lying and stealing money from the people of God. Oral Roberts eyes were never healed and he wore thick glasses, and had surgeries in his nose and elsewhere on his body. Most of his disciples and his son Richard Roberts followers still believe and say that these are real men of God with a prophetic word of knowledge gift and healing anointing from the Holy Ghost. Talk about ignorance gone to seed. 


There was woman named Katharine  Kuhlman who was a humble healing evangelist who had some kind of healing gift as many documented cases of healing were verified during her ministry healing services. After she died different so-called healing evangelists came out and claimed that they had her healing anointing passed on from her to them. The biggest and most popular healing evangelist to this day is a charlatan  and a disciple of Oral Roberts named Benny Hinn. He choreographs his healing meetings to be just like Kathryn Kuhlman’s were right down to the same worship songs which he leads with his frog singing voice. Over the years Benny Hinn and his phony healing anointing and seed for your need offerings have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars from his gullible disciples and followers. He has expensive homes, cars, and spends extravagantly all the time. There is not one doctor verified miracle healing from all the healing services he has done.


I don’t believe in faith healing or faith healers. God in this modern age heals by doctors, hospitals and miracle drugs. How dare you say anything bad about Charles Spurgeon, he is one of my heroes. I have all his books and I kiss his picture from time to time. His Depression and other health problems prove that it is not always God’s Will to heal. Joni is another of my heroes and I have all her books and listen to her on the radio. She asked God to heal her if it was his will and God told her it wasn’t so that proves it’s not God’s will to heal everybody. 


All the modern scholars and Bible teachers believe and say Paul’s Thorn in the flesh was a sickness, disease, or blindness and he asked God to take it away and he didn’t so it’s obviously God’s Will to put sicknesses, and diseases in our bodies and afflict us with these Thorns in the flesh. The best course of action for a believer to do if they are sick or afflicted is go to a hospital or doctor and do everything they say for that is the Will of God for everyone. 


Doctor Hubris: All faith healers are fakes and phonies including you Reverend Loose Cannons. I am an atheist and the only verified healings are through medical science, hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and medical personnel. 


Nurse Gushing: I am an agnostic or maybe an atheist and I think all faith healers are just like Oral Roberts and Benny Hinn and will sell their souls to the devil if there is one to get money from their audiences. Jesus Christ was a good rabbi but all his healings are just made up and can’t be proven. It’s real simple we live in a modern world where faith in Jesus or God is pie in the sky thinking. Anybody who is sick or hurting should go to real healers like hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies!  


Reverend Loose Cannons: Most people will say run to the doctors for all your Healing needs because all healing evangelists are phonies and Jesus healing someone nowadays is a misnomer. 


Just because Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, and Benny Hinn have been greedy money-hungry lying phony baloney healing guys coming in the name of the Lord doesn’t mean that Jesus Christ can’t or won’t heal a person. 


Put your Faith for Healing in the Word of God and in the name of Jesus Christ the Name Above–all names.


The 700 Club TV show has a daily segment where Pat Robertson, Gordon Robertson and whoever is their co host while praying call out people they say–the Holy Spirit is telling them are healed. It’s great some of them got healed but they could have gotten healed anytime–by believing that Jesus Christ wanted them healed and then claimed it by Faith. 

They didn’t have to suffer for 1, 5, 10, 20, years physically and mentally waiting for someone to say on a Christian talk show that God told them they are healed. 


It’s so easy and simple for any Christian or Believer to do: “According to your Faith be it done unto you.” Jesus Christ said, “In My NAME cast out devils and Heal the Sick.” 


That’s easy to believe and do but 98% of all believers or Christians won’t believe it or do it. Why is this so? I don’t know why it’s Not Like–it isn’t crystal clear in the Bible how to get healed. God has dealt to everyone a measure of Faith but who or what a person puts their faith in will determine their reaping the results thereof. Whatsoever a person sows whether unbelief or faith– God is not mocked they will reap what they believe or have faith in. It’s not God’s fault!


— I have found the last 4 or more times I got healed that even though I was using the name of Jesus Christ to rebuke my pain from leaving and/or sicknesses or disease. And also claiming and saying, I am healed by his stripes (whippings) and he himself took my infirmities and bare my sicknesses in his body. And then I am still not completely healed or out of pain.


 Here’s the biggest secret and solution that I didn’t do.–

— I didn’t ASK,–“The Lord to Please Heal me.” So nowadays, I immediately say to the Lord, “God I am sorry for any sin or thing I did to offend you, Would you please Heal me now? 


I say this in the most Humble Contrite Spirit and breaking voice that can include crying. Then it seems instantly the pain starts to leave and the Healing then takes place rapidly. I then find it real easy to believe with all my heart I am healed. I can’t explain it all but it works every time now. 


I believe God speaks in a still small voice. And when we Want Healing from him he wants us also to speak in a fearful but loving still small voice to him in our request and prayer Asking for his Healing.  James 4:2-3–“You have not Because–You ASK Not.”


Talk Show Host:           What are the Side-Effects of many popular

 Pharmaceutical Drugs?


Reverend Loose Cannons: It’s mind-boggling to think that how influential and powerful Pharmaceutical companies and the medical healthcare industries are as they spend more money on lobbying congress than the defense and oil industries combined. And how in the heck do they get all their Drugs approved by the FDA when so many of them are more harmful than beneficial?  It’s been proven that the medical establishment somehow and someway through financial grants and payoffs to researchers and clinics testing their drugs–that the statistics and effects of the drugs they are testing is manipulated to show how beneficial they are. Clearly Big Pharmacy has the FDA in their Back Pockets and totally manipulates them for their profit. 


More people Die annually from Prescription Drugs than from all illegal drug deaths combined!


I will now comment on different popular drugs and their general uses and side-effects.


Prilosec and Nexium are strong Anti-Acid type medicines that prevents heartburn and neutralizes acids. It’s a glutton’s dream drugs so they can gorge on foods and drinks and not get heartburn. These drugs can cause: osteoporosis, kidney stones, and kidney failure. Kidney Stones are definitely linked to having taking these drugs all the time.


Prednisone is a multi-prescribed powerful Steroid Drug used to treat asthma, gout, arthritis, blood disorders, and diseases of the adrenal glands. Prednisone reduces the healing power of the immune system so that it slows down a bodies response to a disease or injury. It is considered a miracle drug by those that prescribe it. It is a common treatment for inflammations of the skin, lungs, joints, and organs.


It has horrendous Side-Effects such as: blood disorders, breathing problems, bad allergies, skin diseases, creates cancers, eye problems, immune system disorders, bad headaches, nausea, vomiting, acne, and thinning skin. It’s amazing to think that millions of patients have used this drug with all the terrible side-effects associated with it. Are they totally ignorant of the nightmarish side-effects?


There was a pro football player and after he was extremely stressed out by his recent football performances and developed pain in his abdomen area. He had flu like symptoms that didn’t go away. He probably only needed some counseling and encouragement, sound sleep, and healthy bowel movements. He told his dad who was a prominent cardiologist of his stomach pain and discomfort. His dad told him it was just Stress and he needed to calm down and not be so mad at himself. He adamantly told his dad he was wrong it was a medical problem and not stress related. He rebelled against his doctor dad’s advice and admitted himself into the hospital. 


The doctor examined him and told him he had  Crohn’s Disease and prescribed Prednisone and kept him in the hospital. His condition worsened and he vomited a lot and had worse pain. The doctor said he needed bigger doses of Prednisone and they proceeded to give him mega unneeded wrongly prescribed higher doses of Prednisone. This football player foolishly let them do this to his body. He then had lots of nightmarish side-effects including frequent violent painful diarrhea and vomiting. After a while the doctor decided he needed exploratory surgery to see what was wrong in his gastrointestinal track and stomach areas. The surgery was botched and six days later he had another surgery.


During the 2nd surgery they found that the Prednisone had damaged his intestines beyond repair and they gave him a colostomy (where a bag is attached to the body and the body’s stomach wastes go into it.) So there he was now permanently screwed up with a colostomy bag in his early 20’s for not taking his dad’s advice. And as a result of his stubborn pride he trusted completely a terrible stupid doctor who misdiagnosed him and destroyed his intestines with massive amounts of Prednisone. 


Before he left the hospital he thanked the doctor and told him he made an honest mistake and that Prednisone is a wonder drug for people with Crohn’s Disease and does a lot of good. He never sued the doctor or the hospital. Later on he contacted hepatitis from the blood given to him during surgery. This Christian former football player believes and teaches that God –gave him these health problems because that is His will for his life. 


Otezla is a popular drug nowadays because so many people have redness, rashes, and splotches on their faces from either extreme stress or anger, putting on too much foundation and makeup, or  side-effects of different drugs they are taking. People with breakout redness and or splotches on their skin don’t want anyone to see them like that so they are desperate for anything that promises to take their redness, rashes, or splotches away. 


And Otezla commercials do just that and show happy and smiling people who take Otezla showing their skin in public and as a result they can have a romance and not be skin conscious, or go swimming in a pool. The bad news is Otezla has Side-Effects such as: severe diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, upper respiratory tract infections, runny nose, congestion, abdominal pain, tension headaches, depression, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it can also cause suicidal thoughts! The commercials must be working as Otezla is getting more popular and used widely.


Humira is a drug taken for Crohns Disease which is a terrible gastrointestinal condition that causes chronic inflammatory pain in the gastrointestinal track and/or persistent bowel bleeding. Doctors say Crohns Disease can never be cured. Some studies suggest that chronic use of antibiotics, radiation treatments, chemotherapy, some drugs, and constant stress or anger

— can all cause –Crohns Disease. 


Humira is also used to reduce the signs and symptoms of moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is given to kids 2 years and older for juvenile arthritis.

— In all the Ads for Humira the slogan is “Remission is Possible”. In Humira Ads as with all drug company ads on TV the people taking the drug are enjoying their lives, families, and appear not sick but healthy. While the Ad runs the Side Effects are listed and talked about and most people don’t notice them or block them out. 


Side Effects of Humira: open sores, lumps, it lowers the ability of your immune system to fight infections so it increases the chances of your getting cancers such as Lymphoma and open basal and squamous cell cancers,  sinus infections,  Hepatitis B, swelling of face, tingling nerves, heart failure, and liver problems. You would think with all these possible horrendous Side Effects patients wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. It is a popular drug and apparently the people that take it don’t mind the nightmarish side effects.


Ibuprofen usually marketed as Motrin and Advil is widely and commonly used for muscle and joint pains. Some use it for headaches and also for a feel good mild effect throughout their bodies. Almost everyone using it thinks it has no side-effects and is completely harmless largely because it is sold over the counter. It always causes some constipation and bloating as a side-effect. Other Side-Effects can be: upset stomach, constipation, gas, dizziness, rashes, itching, headache, nervousness, blurred vision, ringing in ears. Long term usage can lead to a Damaged Liver.  Alleve is the same as Ibuprofen only it lasts longer because it is in time released.


Tylenol or Acetaminophen are very popular over the counter drugs and most people taking them don’t even think of any possible side-effects. It’s a proven fact that either taking a lot of Tylenol and/or mixing it with alcohol drinking can cause bleeding in the stomach and/or somewhere else in the body. 

Side-Effects from taking Acetaminophen can be: loss of appetite, itching, rashes, headache, dark urine, clay colored stools. Over 110,000 visits are made to hospital emergency rooms because of Acetaminophen health problems.


There was a famous running back football player who contracted a bad fatal liver disease and died from it in his forties. He for years took lots of Vicodin and Tylenol pills and destroyed his liver in the process. Some said he took steroids also. This football player like too many professional athletes got used to taking so many Tylenol, Advil, and Vicodin for pain in their bodies and to get a feel good sensation that they don’t even care about the potential long term heavy usage of these not completely harmless pain killer medicines. The liver can take a lot of abuse and is very resilient so a person can take these painkillers for a long time and think their livers are just fine but then all of a sudden they start to lose weight and muscle mass and look haggardly and their skin turns an ugly yellowish color and pimples and infections break out all over their bodies as their liver is unable to filter all the toxins coming into it.


Talk Show Host:           What do you feel about the 

Covid-19 Pandemic?


Dr. Hubris:  Everybody should be forced to wear a face-mask in public or go to jail for not doing so!  I have a statue of Dr Fauci my idol and I bow down to it everyday.


Nurse Gushing: Do everything we the medical establishment/news media/ and Dr. Fauci tells you to do. I also have a statue of Dr Fauci and I worship him and kiss his lips.


Pastor Lukewarm: It’s God’s will for us to do everything the medical establishment/news media and Dr Fauci my idol also says to do. And if you don’t the police need to put you in prison.


Reverend Loose Cannons: You folks and the media have made this Covid-19 Virus over-hyped and caused massive fear and paranoia in most USA citizens. Closing down the economy and sending the country into a recession and printing money out of thin air by the trillions of dollars will cause the worldwide USA’s Dollar-Hegemony to collapse faster, and bankrupt the entire USA. Rampant Inflation is out of control. Covid-19 is a bad flu virus but it has been Overkill with all the mandatory rules from big brother/Govt.


Talk Show Host:    What are our Guest Panelists Final Comments?


Dr. Hubris: Thank you for having me on the show. I have tried to educate everybody on how great hospitals, medical personnel, and us awesome doctors are. We are everybody’s best friend if they have a medical problem. We can fix any medical problems and make you better or completely healed. We are the best thing that ever happened for cancer patients and we have the super drugs to help or cure all your sicknesses or diseases. We never get perks from any pharmaceutical companies or chemotherapy drug makers. 


We are always right with our diagnoses or prognosis. We never overcharge or are greedy. We never order medical tests that are not needed. We are the real saviors for any medical problems and not that stupid phony Jesus can heal you garbage. Reverend Loose Cannons you are the dumbest stupidest person I have ever met and everything you say is utter nonsense and has no truth or merit whatsoever! 


Nurse Gushing: Thank you for having me on this one of a kind show. Dittos to Doctor Hubris for everything he said on the show and his closing comments. Everything Dr. Hubris and I said is really the truth and not all that stupid made up stuff from  Reverend Loose Cannons who is the dumbest most ignorant person on the planet! 


He believes in some kind of healing from God and the Bible instead of seeking medical help where it is proven that we make our patients much better and so many are cured or healed. 


Nobody should believe even one word that Reverend Loose Cannons says as he is always wrong. We have and will always be the only salvation for healing for anybody and our track record says it all. Reverend Loose Cannons you need your head examined by a team of psychiatrists to find out why your are so crazy and ignorant. 


If you don’t get help you should be locked up in a mental ward forever because you and your insane ideas and thinking are so wacko and a threat to all of society!


Pastor Lukewarm: Thanks for having me on the show. I adamantly 100% agree with Doctor Hubris and Nurse Gushing on just about everything and Reverend Loose Cannons you are a disgrace to anyone claiming to be a Christian or Believer. 


I urge everyone not to believe anything that Reverend Loose Cannons says as he is mentally deranged and a chronic liar. The best advice I can give anyone is immediately go to the doctors for any and all your medical needs and get annual checkups even if you are healthy and have every test or procedure that your doctor(s) recommend. 


There are no better healers than hospitals and doctors. Reverend Loose Cannons go to a psychiatrist and get the help you desperately need. 


Reverend Loose Cannons: I enjoyed the show. I feel sorry for all of you panel members who love putting me down. That’s how you get your kicks. 


One day at the Great White Throne Judgment you will meet God and Jesus Christ and every idle word you will give an account of in the Day of Judgment and then we will all see who was right and who was a liar and wrong. 


And the Hell you don’t believe in or are not afraid of will be your final destination—unless you get right with God and ask His Forgiveness. I forgive you all and hope that maybe someday you will see the errors of your ways and see the real light and truth that you don’t care about now. But you will at the Final White Throne Judgment Day. And unfortunately for you people it will be too late then. Thanks for having me on the show.


END of the Medical Talk Show Debate


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